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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Aris found himself in a quandary. There was no enemies in the area, and it seemed that the other two paths each had a rather big threat. However, if they all left the right flank undefended, that would be the perfect time to send in more forces. Overwhelm the flank. So it was with a split-second of thought and a heavy heart that he focused his attention on the right flank, backing towards the center with dual pistols raised, so he would at least be able to offer support.
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Proceed with your plan!" Dominus ordered over the vox, Severus unleashing his Volkite weaponry. If the Sergeant would be questioned later on, he simply would be able to say he could not bring it over himself to order the kill of a potentially malfunctioning or confused brother - doubt filling his mind where earlier he was determined it would be no brother daring to attack another. Where he had aimed for the cockpit, he joined Severus aim on the legs instead.

    Severus' strike was true but yet the Dreadnought was not immobilized, absorbing the shot and while damaged it was miniscule. The mighty entombed warrior moved further, bringing it's unarmed claw up to slam it down on the heavy armed warrior who only in the last split second managed to roll away from the blow.

    The Sergeant growled as the Plasma Gun had done no additional severe damage either and rolled away opposite of Severus, being divided by the Dreadnought which now brought it's massive Autocannon around, shooting in a wide arc at the Sergeant who rushed off behind the Ultramartian vehicle. But the veteran within was quite well on his reflexes and turned faster than one might expect not being used to fight one of them. Dominus was caught in surprise, various shells filling his chest plate and forcing him to hide behind one of the pockets in the hallway.

    Severus could've only wished the Dreadnought stopped, but instead it kept turning and bringing the cannon down on him as well. But he dived under the shots. The ammo feed ran dry, although without giving Severus a slightest break, he had to roll while still laying to avoid a mighty stomp of the undamaged leg. Adrenaline was kicking into overdrive as any single blow could mean death as the ruined flooring showed clearly.

    "Shoot on the damaged leg! Bring it down!" Dominus re-iterated his order, bringing his Plasma Gun around from the cover and aiming on the leg, melting a layer of defensive plating. Maybe just enough for Severus to finish it off with the Volkite weapon of his.

    The Bolt shells fired by Julius in the meanwhile were too inaccurate to cause any significant damage, causing only minor superficial damages over the chassis of the veteran.

    In the center however, the fight was a much different sight. As Augustus charged into the Xeno, he expected his chainsword to tear it apart. But instead it just went through as if the Alien wasn't there at all. A metallic tendril shot forth from the robe. Not piercing it, but as if it was part of the material itself. It would have impaled the son of Claudius, was it not for his brother Remen.

    The son of former rebels brought his chainsword down on the tendril before it reached his brother, cutting it clean with brute strength. This action was very unpleasing for the alien, the hissing making it quite obvious. Yet it seemed unaffected by the two and moved on.

    Claudius learned from his first mistake and re-engaged, bringing one blade now around where the metallic tendril shot out from, while having the second ready to cut another one down he was certain would shoot out for him. But the alien learned too and instead of going for the wielder, the tendril shot for the blade. This tendril was a hybrid of liquid and solid, like a very thick glue. The foreign obsidian black material wrapped around the chainblade, causing it to clog up and the motor to burn out as it attempted to still turn the blade. Then came a bladed tendril, aiming for the head of Claudius. Luckily the second blade was still ready and cut it off before it reached him.

    Remen noticed in time that the two cut-off tendrils were in fact not lifeless pieces of metal but instead started to wiggle and bounce. Each was quickly ended with a shot of the bolt pistol, causing them to shatter. Yet the awkward thing about the whole ordeal was that they turned into metallic dust after their last life was taken, rather than break into major pieces.

    Then there was a loud beep and the light above the data room turned green. "Come on!" Kalydos shouted. "Let us get the data and then escape! Scorpio won't keep our ride warm forever!" There was clear frustration in the Forgemasters voice, maybe it was the disgust of seeing a former brother turn against them. Maybe it was disappointment in his own abilities of having struggled with the door so much.

    "Julius, Aris! After Kalydos! Severus and I handle the Dreadnought and then will be right behind you! Remen, Augustus - finish the alien and get moving!"

    However just as the order was given, Aris had to unleash both of his bolt pistols when cybernetics enhanced massive felines came around the corner at high speed. The animal could remind one of an Espandorian Mountain Lion or a Macraggian Jaguar - it was hard to tell with the heavily amount of mechanical pieces added to them. The only thing that was natural appeared to be the tail, eyes, ears and parts of their chest. But all four legs had been reinforced allowing them speed of what an Astartes had to guess at 20 miles per hour as well as most likely more dangerous claws. Their teeth had metallic alloy on them and the backs were reinforced by a harness armor that looked strapped-on, rather than being surgically added.

    Julius brought one down only after unloading his whole clip as it moved too fast in a zig-zag motion for him to get a good move on, also he might be mentally still with the dreadnought.

    Aris downed three of them, but was unable to claim more as they had retreated back around the corner until they heard the reload of his pistols. Only then they rushed back in, closing in quickly. Both Space Marines could see and hear at least five that were going to be in melee range within seconds, even if they started running and following their Sergeants order.

    Left: Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus
    Center: Remen ( @dx144 ) & Augustus ( @matt23 )
    Right: Julius ( @Vulpas ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and moved into the data center.

    Dominus orders:
    Severus: Immobilize Dreadnought
    Remen & Augustus: Kill Xeno, then get after Kalydos
    Aris & Julius: Get after Kalydos

    Left - Ultramarine Traitor(???) Dreadnought
    Center - Masked 9ft. Robed Xeno
    Right - At least 5 Cybernetically Enhanced 6 foot long felines, roughly 4.5 foot high.
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  3. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus felt a strange sting in his pride as he was taken off guard by the speed and strange fluid movements of the xeno. It caused an increase in frustration that Augustus had to check in order to keep a sound mind on the small duel in which he had engaged. The cloak seemed to mask the xeno's movements and allow each attack to become a surprise. But Augustus had grown tired of the xeno's tricks and decided to try and finish this new enemy off just as quickly as it appeared. Charging forward, Augustus again unleashed both of his chainswords upon the body of the xeno. One of his chainswords he sent high, towards the head of the creature, but the true attack was masked by this action, as Augustus lashed out his other chainsword across the torso un an attempt to split the xeno in half.

    OOC: All out attack with duel chainswords
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    “Acknowledged” replied Severus as he put shot after shot down range and into the legs of the approaching dreadnought. He saw some shots be absorbed by the armor while others punched right through it but as he had expected they failed to do much damage to the purely mechanical parts. Still, he kept firing even as the distance between them shortened each breath. It was with reluctance that he jumped away a second before the dreadnought smashed its fists where he once held ground.

    As he got up from his roll he brought up his weapon just in time to see the sergeant rush behind the dreadnought. However, before he could even start firing the dreadnought turned faster then he could have thought possible for such a lumbering machine, faster than even what the sergeant had anticipated. Even as the sergeant was hit by the autocannon shells Severus already started moving to dodge the incoming hail of shells and rolled just in time to avoid being squashed by the dreadnought’s legs.

    With the sergeant’s orders still ringing in his ears, he moved to avoid a kick from the dreadnought and positioned himself right next to the damaged leg. Knowing it was now or never Severus mouthed a short apology to the machine spirit and the forge master before switching his gun to automatic fire mode. A scant second later he brought up the weapon to within a foot of the damaged section and pulled the trigger unleashing a veritable torrent of volkite energy bolts into the damaged section.

    OCC; All out attack on the damaged leg section.
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  5. "Sergeant! Unidentified quadrepidal xenos coming up the right flank. Heavily modified! Recommend I hold position while Julius links up with Kalydos!" Aris voxxed the sergeant after receiving his orders. His pistols had served him well, but unlike humanoids he thought that using his dual pistols on beasts would be less efficient. So he quickly stowed them and drew his blade once more, readying himself for battle. Though should his sergeant overturn his reccomendation he would turn to run after Kalydos.
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Stoicism brother, do not let the Xeno confound your attempts." Remen mentioned as he prepared himself for another possible response from the Xeno, Augustus struck out against it again.

    "Understood, Sergeant, should we recover the Xeno corpse when finished? The enemy is an unknown and harder to predict. An unknown enemy is a dangerous enemy, the Apothecaries and Tech Marines might be able to make sense of this creature." Remen voxed back as he got his chainsword and bolt pistol ready again.

    Remen stood watching the Xeno for any movement it might make against his brother.

    Defence on self and Augustus
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Spotted xenos making a tactical Withdraw to Kalydos and giving suppressing fire on xenos to aid in the retreat. " Julius said another bolter clip smacked home into his bolter, Julius grimaced as he began realizing he was running low.

    One attack on cyber Felines and one movement towards moving with Kalydos as the withdraw begins.
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    The Masked Xeno did not even flinch as Augustus lashed out, or maybe it was surprised that it's prey was not dead yet? Both hits connected truthfully, slashing mask and body. As it dropped to the ground, the Ultramarines could tell something was off. As they looked at the face of the alien it was not... Solid. It looked liquid, bubbling. Almost as if it was cooking. The rest of the body fell under a similar condition, the clothes-robes being eaten up by the awkward liquid.

    In the light it seemed to be at first silver, but as the black cloak was absorbed it turned darker and darker. Although once it was all absorbed it stopped moving. That was until Augustus took a closer look and the liquid suddenly formed a spear, shooting forward. Once again Remen was there to save his brother, shattering the metal that had solidified out of nowhere with a critical blow into the center. Metal shards scattered against the chestplate of Augustus without doing any harm, simply falling to the ground.

    It was clear that the two were better off leaving this unidentified lifeform and make a run for it.

    "Courage and Honour, Aris! Retreat, now!" The Sergeant commanded, growling under his breath. Not out of anger or frustration, but to aid him in his shot as if to fuel his weapon with the power of a true cobalt avenger.

    "As for the Xeno-corpse, I care little. Our mission is to retrieve the data, after we accomplish that goal, we will extract. Your ambition is appreciated, but I won't allow us to get distracted, Remen!" Dominus followed up, rolling under an attack of the Dreadnought as the crates before him were shattered.

    But it was Severus who would put the Dreadnought to a stop, the over-used weapon hissing in displeasure and a jolt of anger that jerked through the heavy-weapons specialists muscles even beneath his power armor. Whether that jolt was to teach Severus a lesson, or a side-effect of it's extremely effective firing mode, was unknown to the applicant. The result however was undeniable, almost disintegrating the weakened leg of the Dreadnought and eating its support up. It did not fall gracefully and instead the entire weight of it came down and forward, having lost balance in the middle of a step. The Autocannon still fired, but was lodged into the ground. The hallway was eventually so filled with holes and torn by the thrashing Dreadnought that it fell into the deck below, leaving a gaping hole.

    Dominus leapt wounded over it, put a swift hand on the shoulder of Severus and gave him a nod of approval before heading towards the comm center. He fired a few shots into the Feline-esque mechanoid warriors along with the retreating Aris and Julius. Many bolt and plasma shots only hit the floor and walls due to their extreme speed. In the end, each of them felled two - more having had emerged from around the corner.

    The remaining two charged together on Aris, one leaping after the other. Aris sidestepped from the biting leap of the first one, but the second one bit right into his left wrist, teeth digging through the Adamantium and piercing the flesh. This caused not only pain but also a significant wound. The beast did not shake off easily.

    However when Julius stopped to look after Aris, not hearing his steps any longer, the first beast caught up with him and bit into his ankle, clamping down like a vice. Similar to Aris' situation, the teeth pierced the adamantium plating almost too easily and dug into his flesh.

    "Beginning data transfer now. My access seems to have triggered a silent alarm. Prepare for reinforcements soon." Forgemaster Kalydos in the meanwhile warned the group.

    Left: Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus
    Center: Remen ( @dx144 ) & Augustus ( @matt23 )
    Right: Julius ( @Vulpas ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and moved into the data center, data transfer has begun. Silent alarm was triggered - reinforcements arriving next turn!

    Dominus orders:
    Severus: Get to Kalydos!
    Remen & Augustus: Xeno is dead??? → Get to Kalydos!
    Aris & Julius: Free from Felines & Get to Kalydos

    Left - None
    Center - Xeno silver-black goo
    Right - 2 Cybernetically Enhanced 6 foot long felines, roughly 4.5 foot high. 1 each engaged in combat with Aris and Julius.
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  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius had turned to not hearing his steps he feard him getting tied down only to receive a bite to his ankle, Seeing Aris in a similar condition his mind game up in a moment what was going on. Overwhelm and take apart with smaller units. A simple grunt came out of julius mouth. This situation required a more refined weapon from the current age. Grabbing his chain sword Julius would stab down in an attempt to kill the beast or cause it to disengage. Moving Towards Aris Julius would grab his combat knife, A more delicate cut to make sure he did not cut Aris was required. "Beast Get off of him!" Julius said stabbing away from Aris and into the beast, Julius would attempt to stab the beast within its neck and sever it from the body and kill it. "We need to move now before they overwhelm us," Julius said offering his brother a hand as he attempted to get them moving towards Kalydos

    OOC one Attempt to free Eris from beast One attempt to Free Julius from the beast.
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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen looked at the shards of the Xeno, whatever they attempted to use to kill this Xeno, was obviously not working. As it fell, who knows if it was taking another form or these were the remains of it's inners, perhaps it was just some kind of machine the Xenos used, its not unheard of.

    For good measure, Remen took his frag grenade, prepped it and planted it within the bubbling liquid.

    "This might be a waste of a good frag, but I'd prefer not to meet this Xeno again." Remen mused as he pulled back and voxed to their sergeant, "Xeno corpse appears to have turned into some liquid, so any attempt at retrieval of a corpse seems improbable. Place frag grenade to ensure destroy of the Xeno." Remen reeled off his report as he moved back. "Falling back to your position now."

    With that Remen keeping his eyes on the centre pulled back in case the Xeno somehow got up after the frag detonated.

    Defensive retreat from the centre.
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