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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    As traitor after traitor fell, Augustus could not help but feel as if these humans did not merit Astartes to be dispatched of. Their training and organization showed through slightly, but it was clear they had had no training for an enemy like the sons of Macragge. However, even though Augustus felt their slaughter was a minor waste of his skills, there was a mission to be complete and these traitors had turned their backs on the Imperium. This treacherous choice would be the foolish action that sealed their fates.

    Augustus knew that the advantage was currently to their favor and to take their foot of the gas could be a tactical error. So, with that thought in mind, Augustus continued to use overwhelming offense as the perfect defense. Leaning forward once more, Augustus used his jump pack to launch himself back into the next wave of enemies. His chainswords would once more roar to life as they carried out the Emperor's judgement upon the humans whom put their faith in the xenos.

    OOC: All out attack!!!
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus put shot after measured shot into the oncoming foe killing them as he could. Despite his initial impression, the ultramarine was finding that the enemy was either trained enough or skilled enough o avoid most of his shots making him only kill 4 of them. While this irked him, he was mostly content to keep this up as it would still fulfill the objective of keeping the enemy at bay.

    This contentment only lasted until he heard mechanical noises coming from further down the corridor, noises the resembled engines. To make matters worst his culverin’s temperature was nearing the red necessitating him to stop firing with the weapon. The enemy noticing the sudden ceasing of the deadly rays of energy quickly pressed the assault.

    Although partly blinded was the las fire Severus used his memory to put down the culverin behind cover to let it cool and keep it from being hit by the enemy fire. Once that was done he pulled out his pistol, closed his eyes and amplified his auditory sense to both confirm the engine noises and try to discern the movement of the enemy. Severus quickly said to the others

    “Sargent enemy vehicles approaching from the left tunnels, unknown if armor or transport. Culverin on cool down switching to bolt pistol.”

    OCC: Put heavy weapon behind the barricade to cool down in cover. Use bolt pistol to attack the enemy utilizing his hearing instead of sight.
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  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    If the devastation from an Astarte wasn't to another living thing, they could seem almost humorous.

    A night and day difference between the standards of mortals and Astartes so apparent, it was like sending full grown men to fight children.

    The Lascannons were no longer operation, no doubt they'd be attempting to get some fresh heavy weapons brought up, they must have realised by now that their las weaponry was ineffective and they'd need to fire the heavier weaponry to even have a hope to take down an Ultramarine.

    But these mortals were still as determined as one would expect from fanatics and madmen trying to protect something they claim as holy.

    The mortals would fall quickly now, their heavier weapons were disabled or unmanned. This was simply a mop up for the moment, these Humans or their Xeno masters knew they'd not stop the Astartes, they must be trying to stall the advance, prepare some defences further ahead or even be trying to delete as much data from this station before it falls.

    However, his cousin was clearly outnumbered to a rather skewed degree. "Right flank needs support, Sergeant." Remen voxed as he began firing bolt rounds into the centre area, taking mortals down as fast as he could with the bark of his pistol, his chainsword still whirling should any of the mortals decide that charging him was a good idea.

    All out attack on the centre
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  4. Aris was deep in the wave of humans, standing over the remains of one of the lascannons. Silently he cursed himself for being too late in his mission, but after a moment's hesitation he centered himself. There was no time for that! Revving his weapon, he once more began to swing and cleave through the mortals, cutting a swath back to the crossroads.

    Assuming that he made it, the youngest Ultramarine would then change to his pistols, moving to assist the right flank - thinking the center already had plenty of firepower.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    More and more they came, Julius held, with a calmness to it, as danger came he would adapt to the flow like the master of forge said as a ultramarine, he had to stay his postion and hold the line due to the amount of mortals being thrown at him, finishing of the last human he kept aim and kept firing at the on coming mortals, "Atleast 10" Julius said adding more info to the vox to aid his brother as he saw Aris come he would do what Julius looked to add preasure to the right flank.

    OOC all out attack on the right
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Almost, Ars Bellica." Kalydos updated the squad, mechadendrites swirling and working as he hummed in the martian tongue what could be interpret as joy.

    Dominus saw that Augustus was taking control of clearing out the center and heard Severus' warning. Dominus arrived shortly after Severus killed the remaining humans that tried to take him on, believing to have had a chance after the fear invoking heavy weapon was stowed away. "Dare not to back down." The Sergeant growled at the Devastator, not in disdain against him. But probably due to the pain on his pride from the inflicted wound of the Las Cannon. The experienced non-Macraggian held the Plasma Gun tight and aimed down the corridor, awaiting for the foe to show itself.

    "Then get into the gears, Remen. Support Julius." Dominus replied right after Remen warned about Julius' position getting compromised. He would not have the perimeter fall, not again. Just then however, he saw Aris get into motion. "Well thought, young Aris. Fluid as water, furious as fire! Remen and Augustus, hold down the center aisle. Julius, Aris, if the right flank falters I shall see you punished!" The Sergeant said enthusiastically, clearly light-hearted and glad to see how well the Ars Bellica was operating in the field.

    In the centerfold, Remen and Augustus cleaved apart the enemy. They might be tossing themselves into the fight, but their skills were more than lacking now that the cannons were gone. Body parts got thrown all about as their numbers diminished quickly at the destructive efficiency that the legionnaires of Ultramar unleashed. But just as the sixteen human mortals were annihilated, one of the Xeno such as the one they spotted earlier - if it was not the same - came around the corner.

    It was hooded and wore some sort of mask, while standing nine foot tall, hands hidden within the robes that were so long it hid every feature including the feet. The giant of a creature simply walked, possibly hovered, straight forward into the Astartes at a slow pace, masked eyes focused on the Forgemaster as it simply said. "No." in what sounded like a thousand different voices speaking at once, distorted and echoing from every single wall. The high gothic flawless besides that it sounded alien.

    At the same time, the machine came into sight and to the horror of Dominus it was an Ultramartian Dreadnought, the signage of the name having been obscured to hide who he once was. It simply stomped forward, accelerating in speed as it made for Dominus and Severus. There was an audible gulp from the Sergeant before he unleashed the plasma gun, shooting straight for the cockpit. "Bring it down! I doubt one of our kin would assail us!" He ordered.

    Julius' flow of combat would change from being at the disadvantage of being at clear advantage, with the close quarter combat aid from Aris with his dual pistols. The enemy clearly did not calculate for a second Astartes and was smashed into smithereens. There was a hard blow of a Las Carbine against the side of Aris' helmet, but the power armor absorbed the shock completely before the young Space Marine delivered death upon the fool and continued his killing spree. Julius who finally broke free from the engagements did as he desired and mowed down the remaining attackers who attempted to take at least one of the Ultramarines with them into their graves.

    Julius' armor at this point was most beat up and some hydraulics did get damaged, but nothing that would risk his servos or Larraman cells could not keep up with. For the moment this meant that Aris and Julius were free to do as they saw fit. However, them moving away to help elsewhere would mean that if reinforcements were to come from the right flank, that Kalydos would be completely exposed.

    Left: Severus ( @Tamu ) & Dominus
    Center: Remen ( @dx144 ) & Augustus ( @matt23 )
    Right: Julius ( @Vulpas ) & Aris ( @BadDo9 )

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and is working on opening the door.

    Dominus orders:
    Severus: Kill Dreadnought
    Others: None

    Left - Ultramarine Traitor(???) Dreadnought
    Center - Masked 9ft. Robed Xeno
    Right - Nobody
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  7. Imperius matt23 Curator

    The next human fell to pieces before Augustus as he unleashed judgement for their actions. They had reaped what their actions call for and Augustus felt not sorrow any longer for them. But just as one situation had finished, another, more interesting, one appeared. And its form to that of a tall, cloaked alien. "Do not let the xeno interrupt Kalydos," Augustus said as he set his sites on the next target.

    Finally, a worthy challenger had appeared and Augustus was not going to pass up the opportunity to prove himself. Claudius was famed for his dueling abilities, and Augustus felt that strong need to prove it. And, truth be told, his desire to prove himself to his father seemed to be his strongest ambition. Many would call this a dangerous thing, but Augustus had never put words to it, which, for the time, perhaps protected his ambitions. So, Augustus locked out to the next enemy and activated his jump pack directly at the alien. With his chainswords drawn, he would attempt, with overwhelming assault, to prevent the alien from reaching the forgemaster.

    OOC: All out attack on the masked xenos
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius, Finished his mag, ejecting his clip and putting in a new one spotting the xeno and the dreadnought now heading towards them Julius took cover. @BadDo9 "Thanks for the aid brother, our brothers are gonna need aid from that dreadnought or the Xeno, I'll hold here and keep the right clear. " Julius said looking over to the dreadnought on his hud through squad shared sight He felt it was hard to believe that one of there own would turn. Somethings up with that thing maybe the system of the dreadnought became compromised and Xenos were now in control of it. Julius thought to himself.

    As Julius heard the voice of the xeno he felt an irritant as he heard its voice, Alien distorted, odd but he could hear the syllables that kept Julius. "Theory brothers this xeno might be the thing that has caused one of our ancient dreadnought brothers to turn against us, I believe witchcraft, or possibly technological invasion," Julius said remaining in postion he looked towards to the dreadnought Support fire incoming brothers on the dreadnought coming down left. Julius brining up his bolt pistol fired at the dreadnought coming down the left lane attemting to hit the dreadnoughts optics and take out the warmachines eyes and reduce its effectiveness with any range weaponry it had.
    OOC One attack on drednought on the left lane at dreadnoughts eyes with bolt pistol one defensive over watch on right lane
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen stared at the Xeno, it wasn't much taller than him. It's masked face was more unnerving than if it's flesh was exposed. The feeling of pity for the Mortals they were facing was gone the moment the Xeno was sighted, hatred burned in his hearts, the Xeno was the corrupter of pure Humans and now they'd get a chance to strike back.

    "The vile thing can speak." Remen wasted no time in charging after Augustus. "Strike true, brother."

    Obviously not going to catch his brother before he got there, he knew he'd have to protect any possible strike back this unknown Xeno might strike with. The theoretical of what the Xeno could use was complete speculation, so it was up to him to make sure Augustus didn't fall to some Xeno trickery.

    "I will be your shield, Augustus. Strike with all your might!" Remen shouted as he closed the gap between himself and his brother.


    Defence on self and Augustus.
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  10. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus placed every shot with care killing if not hitting the enemy humans with his bolt pistol. A part of him wanted to say one shot one kill but the number of times he pulled the trigger told him that he had put out two shots more than the number of enemies there were before he had stopped hearing them move or breath. By the time his helmet visor cleared up and he could see again Severus saw that all the enemy lay dead.

    Any further thought was overridden by instinct as he turned bolt pistol half risen again at the sound of footsteps coming at him from behind. Only when he saw and heard the sergeant did Severus give a quick nod and turned his attention back to the tunnel. With the enemy machinery getting ever closer Severus muttered a quick prayer to the machine spirits and checked his culverins heat and energy levels finding that they were all in the green.

    With great care, Severus put the heavy weapon back onto the barricade and sighted it down the tunnel. Barely had he done this that he saw the enemy machine come into view. The sight of the dreadnought, a dreadnought of his legion no less caused many emotions to briefly flicker through his mind. Bewilderment, disgust, wonder and then finally cold fury. With a deep breath, Severus settled his mind and took aim at the dreadnought’s legs.

    The volkite culverin he wielded was primarily meant for anti-infantry having been designed to penetrate any armor they might wear regardless of how thick it was and combusting and burning any organic matter it got into contact with. The foe he now faced was not entirely organic, he wasn’t even sure how much flesh was inside the dreadnought for all he knew it could be nothing but a head, neck, and part of the shoulders floating in the saprophagous within. With a thought, he aimed his weapon on the dreadnought’s legs aiming to demobilize the machine.

    “Sargent I will aim for the legs and seek to demobilize the dreadnought. If you wish for me to aim at other locations, then say so and I will comply” said Severus before he started firing on the dreadnought.

    OCC: Shoot at the legs to demobilize the dreadnought unless told otherwise by the sergeant, then he will shoot where the sergeant wants him to shoot.
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