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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus did not take the scolding well as his teeth clicked over each other as their sergeant laid into them. It was a momentary lapse in thought, but one in which Augustus understood he was wrong in a slight degree. Augustus spoke, not in objection, but merely wishing to express his thought process, "Of course, Sergeant. I was merely trying to make an observation and prepare based off what we currently know -until- we reached the objective."

    After the discussion was finished and the squad pushed onward, Augustus kept the topic in mind. Pride aside, every mistake was a chance to grow and Augustus had a large gap to fill. Looking at the three avenues of approach, Augustus knew this was going to be a struggle to defend. Looking to the others, Augustus voiced his opinion on a plant out loud, "Not counting Kalydos whom is working on the door, we have six bodies to defend with. It seems logical to have two of us per avenue to hold this intersection. If one point becomes a struggle, one can pull from another to position to maintain control."
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  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen took the scolding without much dislike, there was a reason why these Astartes were higher ups, they'd seen situations and events like this multiple times, it was only right they share their experience and show us our errors.

    "We are cover." Remen laughed as he made his bolt pistol ready. "Take what cover we can and hold out for as long as necessary, if the situation proves necessary, melee armed Astartes should charge them to break their lines but not give too much of a chase should the doors open and they find themselves trapped behind a wall of flesh. We also have grenades that may prove useful if enemies being to cluster." Remen suggested as he made sure everything he had with him was ready to be used in the coming engagement.
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus listened intently to the sergeant and gave a nod once the other was done. He realized that amid talking to his fellow brothers about humanity he had lost himself in emotional zeal and lost himself in conjecture. To him, this mistake was a sign that he had much growing to do and that he was not fit for command not that he wanted it anyhow.

    “Thank you for reminding us Sargent”

    Severus put away his knife, unslung his heavy weapon and after he was done making sure everything was in order with his weapons he followed the others near the rear. Upon reaching their destination Severus turned around and found a spot from where he could give as much suppressing fire as possible. While he had the time, he pulled some of the crates nearest to him into a pile he could use to get both elevation and cover. Severus knew that this would make him into the most obvious target, but it would allow him to face the intersection from the door and give cover when needed.

    “I will provide suppressive fire where needed from here. If you wish for me to focus on one tunnel only then please advice on which one.”
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  4. Aeris had frowned and winced at the scolding, but after a sigh gathered himself back up and moved with the rest of the squad, knife at the ready for if the need of a silent takedown arose. However, they got to the door without much trouble, looking down each of the three pathways carefully once they stopped to prepare.

    "I will take the straight." he said, planning on blocking the straightest shots. He reached down and his hands twitched over his dual pistols, though he contemplated using his claymore. He was at a slight disadvantage here, with his jump-pack not able to be truly used and his main melee weapon larger than others. But he didn't have any issues using his guns, so he pulled them out and readies himself for battle.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Ars Bellica got into position swiftly and readied their weapons, waiting for the storm to roll in. While the fight from before was at their total advantage, the fight to come would not quite be that easy.

    The alien allies came in from all three sides at the same time. And just like that, each member of the Ultramarines opened fire to annihilate the aliens brainwashed pets that were their fellow humankind.

    The vast majority carried simple las carbines and opened fire, doing more damage to the covers of the cobalt blue angels of death. However in the back of the center force there was a trio of humans starting to put up stationary las cannons for heavy fire and power-armor piercing capabilities.

    "I do not doubt Kalydos abilities, but we have to take those cannons out!" Dominus roared over the vox, taking another plasma shot at an incoming human, burning a hole in his chest causing him to drop immediately.

    "Augustus! Get over here and help fire support. Remen! Aris! carve a path through there and take out the cannons, not just the handlers." As the Sergeant gave the order, he handed the Assault marine next to him a krak grenade.

    "Severus and Julius, hold the line! Do not dare to let anyone get into melee range!" He demanded, unleashing another plasma bolt after Aris took the grenade, while he was unleashing his own pistol.

    Augustus and Severus reduced their side with clean shots one man at a time without missing a beat, but where a normal man might stop or seek cover, these simply continued their advance without a single hint of fear.

    Remen and Julius experienced their foe to express similar death wishes. Although they dealt with double the amount of foes compared to their opposite side and had an easier time putting a greater amount of humans down, these also didn't falter. Where one human fell, another simply ran or jumped past the corpse of their fallen kin.

    It was as if their only purpose was to stop Kalydos who got a few las shots fired at him, the shoulder plate absorbing the heated energy beams for now. He might not have verbalized his displeasure, but one could imagine that the master of the forge was not exactly happy about being shot at while cracking the door open.

    Left: Augustus (Matt23) & Severus (Tamu)
    Center: Dominus & Aris (Baddo9)
    Right: Remen (Dx144) & Julius (Vulpas)

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and is working on opening the door.

    Dominus orders:
    Augustus, fire support in center.
    Remen destroy cannons with Aris in the center aisle.
    Severus maintain left flank.
    Julius remain right flank.

    Left - 8 Human Soldiers
    Center - 30 Human Soldiers (3 las cannons being prepared)
    Right - 16 Human Soldiers
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  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus did not haste when the time came to begin the execution of the sergeant's plan. The humans were proving to be a resilient nuisance. They were brave enemies but foolish, as death was the inevitable outcome. So Augustus took up position at one of the crates and waited for the humans to come within range.

    Once the foolish humans made their advance, Augustus made his push forward with both his chainswords drawn. Leaning his body forward, the Ultramarine activated his jump pack to press into the advancing enemies. Using himself as an almost Blue Meteor, Augustus plowed into the traitors using his chainswords to paint the walls red all around. "Let no traitor live to tell the tales of facing the warriors of the Imperium," the Ultramarine yelled as he exacted death upon the humans.

    OOC: All out Attack!
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  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The mortals were clearly like the man they'd had before in their captivity, religious fanatics not caring about their deaths. As one fell another charge with glee on their face, truly this force of mankind was corrupted beyond repair.

    "Seems like you'll have to hold out against the mortals by yourself, Julis." Remen patted his cousin's shoulder as he moved towards the centre.

    "Understood, cover us the best you can and we'll make sure those cannons don't get a shot." Remen spoke as he broke into a sprint with his chainsword, he had his orders and he'd see them done. "Try to keep up, Aris." Remen jested as he moved to reach the objective first.

    Preparing his krak grenade, Remen launched it towards the preparing Lascannons to ensure they do not manage to set up and tear their position apart. If an Anti-Armour weapon was to hit an Astarte, well the theoretical would dictate they'd have a rather large hole.

    Krak grenade against the Lascannon.

    Attack on the Lascannon.
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  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    “Acknowledged” replied Severus as he shifted his heavy weapon towards the left. He switched from single shot mode to semi-auto and laid down suppressive fire as best he could. There weren’t many enemies on the left side so Severus reckoned he would be able to clear it out fast. Once the left side was cleared all that was left was asking permission for his fire to be directed towards the center.

    OCC: Suppressive fire on the left side.
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  9. Aris looked down at the krak grenade that he was handed for a split-second before looking back up and blowing a hole in the chest of a human that was foolishly charging them. "Right. Las-cannons." he said before Remen ran past him. With a small smirk he stowed his other pistol and drew his chain-bastard sword, holding it in one hand and revving it up. "Time to go to work."

    He fired up his pack and dashed forward, using his sword to cut into and through whomever he could reach on his way towards the heavy weapons. Slowing just enough to make sure that he could get the grenade on the cannon and destroy it, he then sped to the central cannon - the only one left standing - to cut down those using it as a delay tactic.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Keep them at bay. These Xeno added foreign, unknown algorithms into this system..." Kalydos complained within his status update, struggling too much for his liking with this supposed simple door.

    Dominus landed plasma shot after shot, volleys killing the incoming foes. But not in plentiful enough as it only shot deliberate living shields that were getting in the way of the Las Cannon gunners. Then Augustus ran past him. "I said fi-", the Sergeant started, only to see the intentional or not tactic of the Ars Bellica Trio unfold.

    Augustus became the spearhead like one might be used to see from his father, Claudius. Right there in the epicenter of the battle, unleashing the high skills of combat only a true Ultramarine could unleash. Swift like the wind, strong as a mountain, furious as the fire burning in ones eyes and yet fluid like water. Each swing brought death. Heads rolled, bodies split, arms flew around. Nobody was safe from what was far better swordsmanship than one might hold an Astartes to, especially one who was being more trained on the path of leadership than assault like Aris, for example. Whether it was the easy enemy, or the yearning desire to impress his father , or actual true display of skill was yet to be seen. Albeit the undeniable effectiveness.

    Remen and Aris were right behind him, but on flanks. Naturally the enemy thought that Claudius was the bringer of death, but he was just a mere distraction as Remen brutally shoulder-tackled an enemy and caused him to crash against the wall, bones cracking from the initial frontal impact as the super soldier kept going as if he just swatted a fly away.

    The Las Cannon Remen aimed to disable just got finished and started charging up, a red dot forming at its tip when he tossed the grenade. A nearby human jumped and caught the grenade, but it was thrown with so much force that he was sent flying with it, hand too small to wrap completely around, he landed in the Las Cannon setup, just before the grenade detonated. The arm was blown off and the grenade managed to destroy the base, but the cannon itself was still operable. It fell to the ground and activated, the shot going diagonal from the ground to the ceiling. The beam did however also burn a hole through the side of a gunner and left a thorough hole in the ceiling, causing various cables to fall down from above out of the damaged panel. Swirling and jumping around, electricity sparking at each tendrils tip as the lights nearby flickered wildly.

    Aris had trouble keeping up with Remen. Not because he was less talented, smaller or less brutal. But because he had many more enemies in his way. They attempted shots at point-blank before the young Ultramarine would bring his murderous blade around and eviscerate the fools attempting to fight a literal super soldier. Even if he was not genetically enhanced, a Macraggian was superior by a longshot compared to a normal human through vigorous training, endless discipline and superior worksmanship of their equipment. After they were taken care of, Aris looked down the charging barrel of a Las Cannon. It shot forth and the Ultramarine turned in the last moment to the side to evade the deadly red beam, but he saw that it went straight for Dominus who took it to his breastplate, burning through the ceramite powered armor. It however did not pierce through his back.

    The young Astartes would not fail his mission and delivered his deadly payload, even if a little bit too late. It landed just off of the primary battery, the subsequent explosion causing a massive explosion that killed multiple humans through the fireball or shrapnels.

    If anyone wondered if Dominus was still alive, he got back on his feet, and got right back on firing his Plasma Rifle as if the roughly 1 inch diameter wide hole near, if not through, his lungs was a mere scratch. With the confusion caused by the trios melee, and especially Aris' caused big explosion, the Sergeant had a clear line on the last Las Cannon, delivering a trio of quickfire plasma bolts into the weapon, causing it to malfunction and melt into pieces before being able to be utilized.

    Severus utilized the massive Volkite weapon in his hands but underestimated the enemy in the regard of their craftiness or possible understanding of a Culverin. Just as he shot, they dove and evaded the first shot. Many of them got quickly back in their feet and used the corridor pockets for cover. All but one who was too slow and got cooked instead by the super-heated thermal ray. It was a disgusting display and struck enough fear into the other humans to slow down their previously tactical approach, making it an easy hunt for Severus. Half the attacking squad was gone and it became a shooting gallery for the trained super soldier. But he picked up loud noises from the corridor he guarded. Engine noises. This noise reinvigorated the remaining four soldiers to assail Severus in a brief cooldown period of his weapon. Las fire barraging his armor and if anything blinding his visors more than it did actual damage. But if they could hit one of the Volkite Culverins critical parts, it could turn out very dangerous very quickly.

    Julius unleashed salvos with similar precision that Severus did on the opposite side. Although the quantity of his foes were more, they seemed less intimidated and as such more aggressive. None got anywhere near him, as he picked his targets well. Barely missing a shot. Only when it came down to reloading, there was quite some ground they gained. Two managed to reach melee distance and leaped at him with affixed bayonets. Which was foolish as without fear, Julius slammed the first one with his bolter across the face, making him land on the floor. The other landed on him, trying to stab into the hydraulics of the power armor. Holding the bolter with one hand and picking the human up with the other, he was also tossed to the ground. And then with one shot each, they were killed. Having reloaded successfully, he maintained the line, shooting down whoever dared to still approach as he whethered the incoming las salvos. It could be dangerous, now that they were aiming for his hydraulics, but the Ultramarine knew no fear.

    "Maintain the line as you see fit! Give Kalydos the time he needs!" Dominus ordered over the vox, still supporting the center line with his fire.

    Left: Severus (Tamu)
    Center: Dominus & Aris (Baddo9) & Remen (Dx144) & Augustus (Matt23)
    Right: Julius (Vulpas)

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites and is working on opening the door.

    Dominus orders:
    Maintain Position, Kill all Enemies

    Left - 4 Human Soldiers
    Center - 16 Human Soldiers
    Right - 10 Human Soldiers
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