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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Aris shuddered as he saw the smiles on the soldiers' faces, staring at them for a spilt second before flicking the blood off his knife and sheathing it.

    "There's no redemption for these men. They are too far gone." The youngest said before turning and looking around. The rest were dead, so - in theory - no need to guard the alarm. However, he could still hear the rest of the squad, so felt no need to move yet. Having heard the question, he stopped himself from answering out of turn.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "Your sin is far worse than the confusion these xenos have caused you to have. You sin is that of treachery. A sin that can not and will not go unpunished," Augustus said as he looked the human in the eye. His grip then began to tighten around the humans neck as Augustus continued to speak, "That is, unless you have something useful to add to prevent me from being the last thing you see before the life is squeezed out of you?" Augustus would kill the human if he did not give him any information or at the first sign of insult.
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  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen listened to the mortal and inside wept, they had become thralls at best, race traitors at worst.

    Having listened to it all, he only had a few words to say for such a disgusting display for a broken mortal.

    "Find out what you need to know and be done with them, quickly, he shames our race." Remen spat, physically disgusted by what one Human had become.

    Had this entire group of Humanity resigned itself to become an inferior, had they lost all faith in themselves that they see themselves as secondary to vile Xenos? What ever happened to this strain of Humanity needed retribution.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9

    Kalydos and Dominus glanced at each other before watching with great interest how the entire scene would unfold, taking mental notes of the groups behavior and who does what, who says what. This was a critical moment within the young squad. To not only fight their own kin, but some who devoted themselves to aliens no less. But Dominus only paid half-way attention as he was till expecting Severus to answer.

    "You say treachery. I say unshackling!" The captured human croaked as breathing became more and more difficult. "T-t-the V-v-vernon... A-are...L-liberators." He gasped between his breaths, not even fighting against the grip of Augustus. Instead smiling widely, welcoming death. Welcoming the relief of ending his sin of living as a human, knowing that he has pleased his masters in not betraying them. Showing undeniable loyalty.

    1 human left unarmed; held for interrogation by Augustus
    Severus is guarding the exit - no direct enemies right now.
    Kalydos holds the special weapon case.
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "The only thing you have been liberated of is your sanity, traitor. And as such, you have sealed you treacherous fate," Augustus said in anger. His hand then began to tighten until a loud snap was heard throughout the room. Augustus then released his grip from the dead human's throat and spoke as the body fell limp to the floor, "The price of turning your back on the Emperor and mankind is death. This is a sentence that has been carried out and shall continue to be without hesitation."

    Augustus then looked to Dominus and spoke, "The room is clear of the xeno lovers. It would seem that we should proceed under the assumption that all humans that remain aboard this station are a lost cause. The xenos have dug their vile claws deep into the humans' brains and reasoning has proven useless on even the lowest of ranks among them."
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  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @dx144 @matt23 @Vulpas @BadDo9 @Uriel1339

    For the first time, Severus spoke to his brothers about something other than the mission and their objective. While he had kept his silence regarding the humans and their belfies and the astrates own he could not stop himself from pointing out a flaw in what Augustus had just said. With a shake of his head, Severus said

    “They are soldiers Augustus they would have been trained, selected, hypnotized or even bred for loyalty and for fighting. The soldiers may be gone yes but they are not the lowest just as the imperial militia is not the lowest type of citizenry within the Imperium. As long as there is inequality or as long as human ambition and want of betterment exist there will be discontent and much more.”

    Looking at all his brothers and even the sergeant and forgemaster Severus continued.

    “Humanity is more than just an individual or a group brother. The soldiers who spoke may be beyond redemption, this group of soldiers or even the whole staff of this facility may be beyond reason but that does not mean this strand of humanity is irredeemable. Their children can still be taught or their children’s children and so on. So long as their genetic strands haven’t been mutated or changed too much they all have a chance. To break their shackles and bonds kill not their bodies or minds but their belief, their goal, their purpose and sense of being. We fight an idea and culture brothers when we talk about redemption and reason. Idea’s and cultures which can be broken, subsumed and changed but never killed or outright destroyed.”

    After waiting for a few seconds for his words to sink in Severus returned to his previous self and addressed the forgemaster and the sergeant.

    “Forgive my delay in an answer but here is how I perceive the situation.

    “Theoretical: Killing the Xenos leader will impact their chain of command and will certainly cause some disturbance and loss of force cohesion. However, the enemy so far has shown that they are a proper military force and so we must assume that they will have plains in place to negate such actions. Another alternative might be to capture the Xenos but as we do not know much about their biology and hence cannot be certain of when the Xenos if lying or if it is mixing half-truths and half-lies it is not advisable.

    Practical: The decapitation strategy while yielding immediate results will not be long term in its effects. This leaves the other choice of securing the data which conversely while not yielding an immediate effect will show results in the long term. Thus we should focous on the original goal and head for the data center"
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  7. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen listened to the their leader and didn't agree too much with him on his plan and made it necessary to voice his concerns.

    "Our priority is the data centre, if we do not claim it then our primary objective is not achieved and changing this from a strike and fade attack into a recovery of an enemy which is rather unknown to us adds unnecessary danger. If we achieve our primary goal and could take the Xeno back with us, dead or alive, we could achieve both of these. However the data centre is our priority." Remen stated trying to get his mind off a deluded sub-human. "Just voicing my thoughts...."

    "As always however, I am awaiting your commands." Remen saluted by crashing his fist to his breastplate and check his weapons were ready for what was to come next.
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  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus shook his head at Severus as he answered, "You have misinterpreted what I have said. But perhaps this is my fault for not making it clear enough. What I mean when I say the lowest of ranks among them, is their military. I have no desire to kill the slaves or workers on this space station unless they give me reason to." Putting away his combat knife, Augustus then spoke more towards the mission and Remen, "What ever xeno leads these humans, it will not be found here. It will be planetside and I assume the assault force planetside will work at a slower pace. Meaning the chain won't be broken in time to effect their moral. We should also make note of the way that human spoke. That is not a soldier being paid well or a normal soldier of any type. That was a soldier with a belief and a strong one at that. Not something easily broke. So I agree that our mission still remains the information collection. All else is secondary and far less important."
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  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius stayed silent watching his brother decide the fate over the prisoner, "It shall be done then brother, Let us get to it then." Julius said looking to Augustus he readied himself to move once more sticking to stealth and continue to there objective if it was possible stealth was a option.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9

    Dominus and Kalydos looked at one another for a brief moment, before nodding and Dominus taking a step forward. "You make many assumptions, all of you. That is condemnable. First of all. We do not know any of their hierarchy. Do they revere the alien as a god? Or merely as some benefactor like a civilian might look upon a governor? Then how is this alien empire even built? Is it democratic where even the humans have power to elect these abominations? Or is it a monarchy which means we face some sort bloodline of aliens that determines their ruling?" The sergeant shook his head in clear disappointment.

    "You fail to see Guillimans teachings and the obvious piece that our mission here plays. Why do we go for the data center?" He only left a few moments linger to make the squad think before answer in their stead.

    "Know. Your. Enemy. Because we do not know the slightest what we are up against, so how can we expect to break their will to fight? We do not rush in like your cousins of the World Eaters and slaughter mindlessly all in our path. We do not assume that our skill is beyond our foe like the Emperor's Children. And certainly we do not assume immortal-esque resolve to get us through any combat such as Dorn and his Imperial Fists. We are Ultramarines. We act on information, adapt and strike where it is the most critical. We do not dictate the flow of battle like the Dark Angels. We are the flow of battle." The forgemaster nodded approvingly towards the Sergeant who shared great wisdom of what it meant to be an Ultramarine.

    "So onward. To the datacenter. Get your weapons ready but do not fire unless fired upon or I explicitly order you so." Dominus ordered with a grunt, getting his plasma gun ready.

    Kalydos would form the rear guard as the group moved as a tightly knit column. With swift movement the squad of Ars Bellica made grand progress, evading patrols and rushing battle groups that without a doubt moved towards their captains position. One could only imagine the ever growing pressure the invading Ultramarines had to withstand. However, Dominus and the others would not learn of it due to radio silence for their safety.

    Within minutes they arrived at the entrance of the data center. Kalydos started working on the access panel only to notice that its access codes were anything but standard imperial encoding and clearly modified by xeno tech. "This is going to take a moment." He informed the rest of the squad.

    Clearly exposed, Dominus got down to a knee and braced the plasma gun on top of some crate and against his shoulder. They were at a three-way intersection and gave orders with one hand to get the entire squad into a default defensive position. Once the fight here would start, it would get tough as they would not be only fighting for their lives, but also even more against time.

    There were some crates standing around, not enough to build an entire barricade. Also some pockets in the hallway could be used for cover but not quite enough to hide behind. How sturdy the covers would be, nobody could tell. But they looked sturdy enough.

    Next GM update its time for action, so get the talking and preparations out of the way while you can now.
    Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites.
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