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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius had been silent his time spent ina seeming silent state thinking at the coming battle stealing himself and as they deployed he was ready following the ohters he would follow there sergeants orders and listen to the others as they made the plan as they entered the vents and came out in the armory he held his combat knife ready and as the door they made oped he would exit with the brothers into the frey, looking to synch with his brothersras Augustus and Arias went for VIPs Julius would go for any other human that spotted them with combat knife or his bear hands if needed be.
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  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen was going to respond to Severus' words but a superior had spoken and he'd not offend him by talking over or even ignore the superior so he listened to the Forge Master.

    "A case of the right strategy, wrong battle, I suppose. At least we have a plan should the situation change." Remen mentioned, "I'll make sure to revise my theoretical and practical analysis in the future." Remen nodded to the Forge Master in acceptance of his incorrect strategy.

    Following through the vents and keeping step with the others, the order came for the knives to be brought out, it had been too long since Remen got the chance to play with a knife, it wasn't much of a weapon to him, more a last resort considering he had his Chainsword.

    Preparing the blade he followed the lead of his brothers, while they were focused on the priorities, Remen could make short work of these mortals, we'd all seen their crime, being one with the vile Xenos, they refused the Emperor's light, and there is only one punishment for such a horrendous crime. Death.

    Remen made no time in wasting his gifts from his Primarch and Emperor, remade as an Astarte, with the greatest weapons and armour the Imperium could offer and it added no hindrance to his ability to move or act and he would strike down those who refused the Emperor's offers of logic and reason.

    Charging forward to rush the mortals before they could prepare for him, knife in hand and fist formed in the other, no time for any fancy kills, it was time to be efficient, as few hits as required to kill the mortals, time wasted here could have drastic effects later on.


    Attack against Group 1 with combat knife.
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus nodded and moved inside the maintenance tunnels second to last. Once inside he moved carefully to reduce the change of his rare volkite weapon being banged around. He knew that the ancient weapon could take a beating but would rather not irk the forge master by not showing deference to the old weapon. As they passed along the tunnels and got a glimpse of the Xenos the only thought passing through his mind was whether the creature’s blue brains would match and hide any battle damage his paint might suffer.

    Upon reaching the armory a part of Severus groaned inside when he heard the orders for knives only but he complied nonetheless. After mag locking his heavy weapon to his back, he waited for a few moments for the others to act. As the battle unfolded his mind took everything in as streams of data for him to calculate his next few moves. Noting the new parts of the engagement and how his brothers had already taken actions regarding them Severus scanned the armory before deciding on his course of actions.

    While this takes long to describe in reality only a second or two had taken place. With his knife drawn he jumped down as close to the doorway as he could. Within milliseconds of his armored boots touching the ground, Severus charged forwards towards the doorway bashing and pushing aside any enemy that got into his way. Once beside the door, he turned around and attacked anyone near him or trying to get out.


    Defend the doorway so enemies can't get out.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9

    Aris threw the knife, but it hit a human who jumped in the way of the blade, taking it straight to the chest before going down on the ground. Without hesitation, the youngest Ultramarine would ensure his mission would be fulfilled by jumping in close quarters straight ahead, grabbing the human by the head before smashing it into the wall next to the alarm button.

    The human who had landed on the floor got back up on his feet, knife in chest still and las carbine drawn. "YOU BASTARD!" He roared more with raw anger than duty and discipline, unleashing the weapon relentlessly against Aris. However the las shots just reflected off the power armor or left some dirtying marks without doing much damage. Three more backed this human up, readying to fight Aris with all they had.

    had only to bash one foolish human to the side before reaching the special weapons expert. Unlike Aris' foe, this one had no assistance. With superhuman strength and a knife that was actually the length of a short sword in the hands of a mortal, the young Aurelius forced the weapon through the back of the neck. It cut straight through the spinal cord, making the enemy drop dead on the blade even as Augustus lifted him up. But the blade was so sharp, it just continued to cut until it reached the skull, leaving a wide gap in the back of the xeno-lovers skull.

    came in behind the ones moving onto Aris, with quick work of hand-to-hand combat and his blade, two of them were eliminated in one smooth move before two others threw themselves at him with blades, each clinging to one arm of his and trying to stab him into the neck. They were not much weight to him, but a cumbersome foe for sure. At least that was until Dominus came to aid and ripped one off with a single hand, tossing him into another human. He quickly followed up with killing two more.

    The former street rat had now the hand available to rip the other traitor off of his arm and stomp him straight through the chest before engaging more foes surrounding him.

    has proven his sense of tactical perception and blocked the entrance to which one human tried to sneak towards to along the walls. The Ultramarine kicked the man into the jaw, breaking it before pulling him up and knock him out with a headbutt, probably killing him actually. Two more that somehow made it past Aris tried to rush out, wanting to escape this carnage, only to get stabbed and hit in the face respectively at the same time. A human might not be able to work with such precision and might in such short amount of time. But an Astartes could. They had no chance and were immediately killed by such brute force and skill.

    saw two rushing in for Augustus from behind and simply moved in, drop-kicking the first one into the second one who bounced off a locker. The first got a follow-up with a knife to the throat, causing him to grab at it and try to control the bleeding although that was a massive failure as he gurgled and dropped down. The second one was startled and Julius would make him realize that there was no hope as he opened the dented-in locker door, pushed the other human in and smashed it shut with such force that it almost decapitated the man.

    Kalydos rushed in to the side of Augustus and grabbed the special weapons case with one of his mechadendrites. "Aid the others, I defend the case." The forgemaster ordered, his machine arm wrapping tightly around it and not wishing to relinquish it as his massive servo-arm came down sideways and smashed a normal human aside. He had not taken his knife out but instead clung to his original weapon, instead making use of his mechanical tendrils.

    The enemy finally got their gear as the now-dead soldiers were sadly sacrificial lambs to make time for it. Their las weaponry shot through the air, the hot, red energy beams flying and scorching armor wherever they could. The fire was very general aimed at whichever space marine was the closest. Despite the lack of efficiency in their weapons, they wanted to fight back with something rather than give into death.

    "Finish them off and let us move on!" Dominus demanded, turning on his heel and moving in for the next kill.

    12 Humans left, all armed now with las carbines or pistols.
    2 humans (1 of them still has Aris' knife in chest) vs. Aris
    Augustus, Julius & Remen are free to do as they see fit.
    Severus is guarding the exit - no direct enemies right now.
    Kalydos holds the special weapon case.
    Dominus is in the midst of fighting.
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  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    To kill one's own race was a sad fact, but they'd aligned themselves with the Xenos and couldn't be allowed to spread such ideals around the Galaxy. Humanity was not to be ensnared, if not enslaved to a Xeno, this was his Galaxy and to serve a lesser being is unbecoming of Humanity, the Emperor's dream must be realised.

    The least they could do is make it as quick and painless as possible.

    What Remen always seemed to forget is the strength of someone in ignorance. They'd fight tooth and nail for their ignorance, who could blame them? They knew nothing else and to see a different future that is completely foreign to their way no matter how glorious could be horrifying.

    And these men, even though they were wrong in their view of the galaxy, they fought with the determination and strength that one could respect, this just further added to the sadness in having to remove them.

    "Thanks, Sarge." Remen mentioned as he was relieved of the two mortals trying to take him out.

    Without a moment's pause he was moving to be back upon the mortals, they were weak in melee, he should exploit that. Sure the lasrifles they had were nothing more than annoyances to his armour, a good shot or two could do some damage if they hit a vital area. Remen knew he couldn't let that happen or deny them the time that was vital to them.

    Melee attack with combat knife on the Humans with las carbines.
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  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus cast aside the bloodied, xeno loving human towards the wall closest to him causing an audible, wet smacking noise. Augustus was not one to revile in gore or death, but he did understand what had to be done in order to achieve a goal. And in this situation, the killing seemed almost to easy. To a point to where it seemed unnecessary or even pointless to fight which quickly made Augustus think and come up with an idea.

    Augustus moved to the closest human and attempted to grab hold the solider by each arm, picking them up off ground. He would the show the human the dying soldiers in the room as he spoke, "Do you see the price of treachery? Is this the death you envisioned or were promised by your so called xenos kin?" He then looked the human he held in the eyes, "Do you wish for redemption? Serve us and assist us if achieving our mission, and you my yet still be spared and find a new purpose with the Imperium of Mankind."
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  7. Aris simply narrowed his eyes under his helmet at the duo of humans that were left to face him down. As much as it pained him to kill them, for their treachery they must pay. Though then Augustus spoke, and the youngest had to suppress the desire to look at him. A risky tactic that would either work, or backfire horribly.

    He reached out and grabbed the hilt of his knife, staring at the one it had impaled. "Think carefully. Your answer will determine how this knife leaves you." He said, ready to drag the knife through one body and cleave the other, or do what was necessary should they go for the alarm once more.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius, held his knife sielntly the enemy was arming he needed to continue keep going they needed to keep goinging to soon reach there objective, Decdiing to stick with his knife and his body the marine kept going at the humans arming themselves with las weaponry, Striking out with his combat knife or using unarmed fighting to deal with them.
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  9. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    After the three humans trying to get past him were dealt with Severus surveyed the situation. Within moments his mind was calculating the best way to hinder any mass attempts from the humans to exit the armory. While he trusted his brothers to have no trouble with the unaugmented humans he knew that desperation and the instinct of fight or flight were sure to case more of them to try to flee eventually.

    Severus calculations continued in the back of his mind as his forefront decided itself to being alert for enemies in front of him and behind him. Even as Augustus went off tangent and Aris join him Severus kept his mouth shut. To him, his duty and objective was clear and any talks of redemption or sparing the foe he knew was far beyond his station and rank. Severus almost wanted to tell his brothers that both sides knew what they were going into and that neither they nor the Xenos loving humans would betray what they perceived as being the truth, but he once more kept his mouth shut as speaking such words would sow dissension and may bring danger to his brothers and the mission.

    With an imperceptible sigh, Severus finished his calculations and took actions. He kicked the three corpses in front of him into various positions in front of him. The first corpse was kicked 5 feet to his left, the second 10 feet in front of him and the third 8 feet to his right. These he reckoned would cause any in the forefront of a massed change to either stumble from the corpses or the floor now slick with gore and blood. Even if it did not cause them to stumble it should at least take them a second or two to jump, sidestep or go around the corpse, seconds that would give him time to react.


    Use bodies as speed bumps to hinder any enemies from approaching him. Defend the doorway
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9

    Augustus disabled the foe all in all with swift effectiveness. The human chuckling as he was held by the demigods. "It is you who will wish for redemption... Your emperor... Is weak... The Vernon already redeemed me for my sin of being human!"

    was not given a choice as the enemy impaled got ready to attack the Space Marine, not giving him any other option but cleave both of his foes apart as they were not relenting. Clearly unfazed by their comrade being interrogated and... Smiling as they were murdered by the Space Marine.

    was relentless in his assault, tearing apart one after another. Requiring only one strike for each fatal blow, going either for throat or heart for the most efficient kills. There was no mercy like that of what Augustus showed. Such was the difference of a noble tactician and an urban survivor.

    might have secretly taken a lesson from the fortress builders of the Imperial Fists it appeared as he put an effective blockade down, although it was a bit grotesque using the dead bodies of ones own species. Nonetheless they were traitors to the Emperor and humanity and as such - traitors at best and mutants at worst. Surprisingly, a trio now did not attempt to fleet but assailed Severus directly. Only two made it as one of them was quickly rammed by Dominus with a shoulder bash into the wall, before planting his knife into the spine of said victim.

    pushed a las carbine away that was pointed at him, causing the traitor human to shoot his own kin before getting an elbow into the head that was strong enough to snap the neck of the unlucky mortal.

    Kalydos brought a knee up into the abdomen of a human before bringing his fists down over the head, cracking the skull open on the back. The force was so tremendous that broken bones could be heard upon impact of face with the steel floor.

    The enemy struggled with doing anything effective and quickly was stricken down to the last survivor that Augustus possessed.

    Dominus looked about, satisfied that the fight all in all took less than a whole minute. He was surprised at a lone survivor, but did not interfere. Instead he walked up towards Severus, Kalydos following soon after, the three of them hanging out around the exit of the armory.

    "You have an eye for tactics." Kalydos, the master of the forge, noted towards the young Severus. Dominus nodded his head in agreement but followed up with a question.

    "So what would you rather do, Severus? Kill the presumable Xeno leader we spotted earlier, or go after our objective - the data center?" The sergeant inquired. The line brother couldn't tell whether or not his Sergeant was actually interested in the opinion and could be swayed or if it was a quiz in the field.

    1 human left unarmed; held for interrogation by Augustus
    Severus is guarding the exit - no direct enemies right now.
    Kalydos holds the special weapon case.
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