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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Do you have that little faith in the children of Corax?" Scorpio accused Jevar in a surprisingly light-hearted tone moments after his Las Cannon pierced almost a dozen spiders in a single shot. He did not desire to let it cool down, but was forced to use it as a melee weapon, smashing one of the spiders heads into the ground.

    "Or do you believe they truly are that much at risk? The Emperor's Children still are on standby. I shall relay them to support the Raven Guard if you see it necessary. However, they will not be able to assist us if things go sour. Choose wisely, witch." For once in the stand-ins time, it appeared Scorpio indeed would give way to a squadmate giving advice that he just might listen to.

    Despite the weakness exploitation of the spiders falling over their harmed brethren and sisters, they could barely be slowed down by the Ultramarines alone. They did their best at decimating them, but it was not enough. Nonetheless the Illumination of Terra moved onward as Word Bearers started to converge at its position, seemingly inspired by the performance of Ars Bellica.

    Two purging squads rallied equipped with the trinity of all purges. Melta, Flamer and Bolter. Their weapons were unleashed from both the right and left, becoming additional blades to the spear tip Ars Bellica had become along with the heavy battle tank. The spread-out spiders started to withdraw and give way through the hole as they were pushed into it but did not want to become ground meat from the tanks massive treads it appeared.

    Following the tank into the next battle line, they had to be corrected on pushing the foe back and sprung a trap even Jevar did not see coming. A sinkhole like phenomenon appeared right in front of the battle tank, pulling it downwards into the bottom of the sudden sandpit. The driver was quick to divert all power into the engine, going into reverse to essentially stand still.

    Moments later a gargantuan spider emerged, with many more spiders right below it. It screeched loudly, causing a minor temporary headache to even armored Astartes. Scorpio and his squad were just behind the tank and outside of the pulling motion of the titan-sized spider.

    "Lets take it down! Remen, Aris, Julius and Claudius! Get up there and kill it. Jevar, Severus and I will provide cover fire!" Scorpio ordered without much of a second thought but figuring that even his Las Cannon would do little. This would have to be done the old fashioned way.

    As the order was given, the spider queens back somehow opened up from her carapace and a bright neon-green light emit from it that soon was replicated in its mouth, missing the Word Bearers legion by the tiniest margin and instead hitting the fortification and some of her own brood. It was a strongly corrosive acid-like concoction as the crawling spiders melted away, leaving only their bones behind and the wall turned from its rockcrete steel reinforced appearance into a rusty orange-red with more holes than a slice of Iryllian Mountain Cheese.

    Hundreds of spiders about, Word Bearers are assisting.
    Illumination of Terra cannot fire until either pulled out of the sandpit or spider queen dead.
    Spider Queen shoots random giant globs of acid at Word Bearers while alive.
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Hearing the orders and looking towards the Giant spider Julius had been glad to grab a melta bomb. "Roger moving in for a attemp at nailing this insect with a hefty explosive." aiming towards the Spider Julius began propelling himself forward sprinting before jumping and activating his jump pack launching himself in the air he grabbed a melta bomb. Aim for the glowing spot it usually does the most damage, Or atleast cause its acids to spillout onto itself. Arming the melta he would go for a few secound charge launching it towards the beast then attemting to defened himself as he went by.

    OOC launching a armed melta bombed for glow bits of the spider and one defensive on julius
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    "Affirmative" replied Severus as he broke into a jog to get into a better postilion to support his brothers. Hearing Julius Severus switched his attention to the path his battle brother was taking. Looking at Jului's flight and his trajectory Severus quickly calculated where Juluis might land along with the various paths the rest of the team would take. Once all that was done he prepared his volkite culvrin and said to the team "Hard point set, commencing covering fire" before first releasing several blasts in a line to mark the paths his brothers could take via destroying the xenos in the path before trying to clear the area where he predicted Julius would land.

    OCC: Create several paths for the others via attacking the xenos in the path, defend Julius by attacking the xenos where he would land.

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