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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus was glad for his helmet for as he listened to the word bearers he found their wording disturbing. While he could agree with the general meaning of the message their word choice and how they chose to frame it didn't sit right with him. As word bearers captain continued it hit him that their speech pattern was similar in nature to those used by preachers and cult leaders from the bygone dark age of technology and beyond when superstition and religion were prevalent. A further thought on the matter was put aside as the assault begins in earnest.

    Severus struggled to bring his weapon to bear without hitting his allies nearby, so he changed his focus. Aiming at a section of the wall he unleashed a torrent of bolts with his volkite killing all the enemies on that section and beyond. As he cooled down his weapon he saw that a new wave of the Xenos was converging on the breach point and so he switched his focus back on them.

    Once he was ready he would say to his battle brothers and allies in the area "Hardpoint set, beginning eradication". Severus would then proceed to fire thick bolts of volkite energy at the oncoming foes. His first ranging shot missed as he predicted but the following shots smashed a burning hole through the abdomen of the lead Xenos. Even as it went crashing and tumbling waving its legs in the air as it was burned from the inside out Severus next shot hit the one behind it on the head combusting its brain and stooping it dead on its tracks. While the other Xenos flowed around their comrades’ corpses Severus managed to hit another on its legs causing it to tumble and fall. Before it could get up however a bolt of volkite energy pierced its sides and it too joined the ranks of the dead.
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius would rise into the air as he came down Chain axe in one hand as he put his weight in and colloided with the archanidchain axe coming down and activating as it caused gore to splash overh him. The archanid flailed as the ultramarine cut into his weight and the chain axe destroying vital organs. moving up Julius narrowly avoided a impalement from one of another archanids legs spining back he barley managed to parry the next blow his axe proving less usefull in parrying, as the ultramrine brought up his hand flamer and fired causing a torrent of prometium towards the archanid engulfing it in flame. activating his roters he quickly dashed back using them as he rolled another archanid coming his axe slicing at its legs as it came suddenly a burst of fire coming from behind him aid the creature heavy bolter rounds piercing and blowing holes through the creature. "I must say even at there speeds the word bearers do know how to make a good gunline." Julius said with his brothers as he kept his attention on the archanids.
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  3. Aeris growled once he cut off the legs of the first creature, and then slid his sword back to its keeping place while pulling out his dual bolt pistols. He glanced at Jevar and paused for a split-second before grinning under his helmet. Seeing one of the arachnids running towards them, he ignited his jump back and dashed across the ground, spinning as he slid under the thing and unloading bolts directly into its underbelly. Gore splashed down beneath it and it collapsed. Though Aris still didn't stop moving, he got to his feet at the end of the slide and jumped into the air, crashing down atop another thing as he fired bolts on the way down and point-blank into its shell. When that one fell, he stepped off and fired a double-tap bolt into the heads of each one he killed. "That enough time, Jevar!?" he asked with a laugh in his voice, finally able to move to the best of his ability.
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  4. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen remained silent as the Word Bearers gave their greetings, they seemed to have things under control, area more or less secured. Perhaps the stories them being sloppy warriors was a bit of exaggeration.

    He kept his chainaxe loose, in case there was some threat they had no dealt with, in some places one can only trust themselves and their brothers. He always suffered from it, strangers in a strange land, keep your wits about you....

    As they reached the warzone, the stoic silence remained, even when he was in battle he knew he'd have to be careful not to lose a grip on where he was and what it was he was doing.

    The spiders were a dangerous threat for mortals he assumed and evidently had the capability to even kill Astartes.

    As he moved on from the one he'd killed with the chainaxe being swung like a bat, he fired his bolt pistol into another two downing them, double tapping them for good measure.

    A third he threw himself at, dancing through it's stake like legs before stabbing it in the face with the length of his axe before spinning the blade around, crushing into it and spinning up the blade to carve through it's head, first the armoured carapace broke open with a hard crack to be followed by a wet mess of viscera spraying all around him, coating his armour a ghastly shade of purple making him no doubt in certain lights, look more like a parody of an Emperor's Child.

    As he retracted the axe, a wet slop following its exit, Remen gave it a quick rev to let the meat hopefully get dislodged from the chain. "Nice to see you're eyes are as sharp as a Macraggian High Rider, Scorpio. My thanks." Remen chuckled as he looked around the warzone for any more possible threats.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Who says I was not a high rider?" Scorpio said as serious as he always has been in response to Remen. His heavy weapon of precision destruction being used as a bashing instrument for a moment to fend off a jumping spider, before stomping its head into oblivion.

    The Chain-axe swinging spider exterminator was assailed by half a dozen at once, somehow managing to dodge every single attack and tear them apart with his trusty weapon single-handedly. In particular what might be quite impressive indeed was when Remen caught a leg going for his head and stabbing it into another spider, who immediately starting fighting with one another and effectively kill each other. Apparently they did not take to treason well.

    In the meanwhile, Jevar who endangered himself and putting pressure on his brethren gained a vision beyond anyone else. Far superior to what even the most advanced Mechanicus scout vessels could project from orbit. The librarian had managed to shoot his own spirit high into the skies and gain a good view of the overall encampment and flow of battle.

    The fortress itself could have easily been a legion design. It was akin to a maze, but the Word Bearer warmachine could move straight through the entire base. The spiders however, as the seer quickly had to realize, were only a distraction as beyond the next gate, a battalion of soldiers readied themselves for battle. And behind that, yet another. And another. The amount of soldiers seemed unending, but other parts seemed almost completely abandoned from enemy forces. This would allow the other legions to succeed easier in their tasks. But just as Jevar looked towards the central citadel, a sinister force overcame him.

    "My my my... A witch? In my compound? I have caught many of your Astartes kin... But not yet one gene-enhanced witch... You will make a grand addition to my collection... After I am done with the Raven Guard infiltrators that come for my head that is..." As sudden as the voice came, it went and let go of Jevar, leaving him with a cold and shivering feeling. In fact it was strong enough to push his astral body back into his physical form. He would cough and have a similar sensation of drowning until eventually recovering a short time afterwards.

    A spider went to kill him, but Claudius and Aeris intervened swiftly, fighting together in unison against the endless hordes of arachnids that simply sprinted through the firing lines and defenses, not caring much for organized combat that the Word Bearers attempted to orchestrate. More and more holes became evident as reloading started to happen, heavy weapon teams having to be more careful about their usage of weapons and the aliens crawling into tank weapons.

    The Ultramarines got more and more spread out in the sea of purple blood and silver clad warriors of Lorgar's legion. Julius ended up isolated, being pushed back further and further by spiders that kept leaping at him until he bumped with his back into a disabled rhino. The gunner on top was dead already. And the Iryllian rebel descendant finally managed to slay the last enemy before him, only to hear the door behind him open and immediately be jumped by a trio of spiders, trying to hack him apart.

    Severus spotted this foul act of cowardice and with a trained shot with his volkite weapon immediately eradicated the opposing force that could have claimed the life of a brother.

    A Word Bearer helped Julius up before filling the tank with a load of promethium. "We shall allow no taint of the alien. Purification is the only way." He boomed while performing his procedure.

    As the battle ravaged on, about a hundred spiders started to make and crawl all over the Sicaran Heavy Battle Tank 'Illumination of Terra' that wielded dual plasma cannons. Scorpio spotted this immediately and pinged everyone of Ars Bellica.

    "Free! That! Tank! Now! Without the Illumination of Terra we will have a hard time penetrating their defenses! Stop the Xeno at all cost and keep the Word Bearers moving onward!" The typically Lieutenant but currently acting as Sergeant, Scorpio bellowed through the vox, training his Las Cannon on a spider that was ready to attack one of the primary plasma power conductors.

    Each of you feel free to kill 3-6 more spiders in the next post.
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Wiping blood from his visor, Remen looked down at the dead spiders, always seemed to be more.

    "So you're a Macraggian High Rider then? No wonder you look down on Illyria with disgust." Remen chuckled as his attention was drew to the Sicarian Battle Tank. "It seems they wish to cover the illumination of Terra, what interesting metaphor..." Remen trailed off as he slapped a fresh magazine into his bolt pistol and began firing at the mess atop the tank.

    As much as Remen would love to tear the filthy Xenos apart, they unfortunately would annihilate him if he got into melee range, the sheer number of them would tear him apart, so a bolt pistol would have to make do for now.

    Firing till the bolt pistol clicked empty and mag locking it to his side, seeing two of the creatures collapsing and taking a couple more with them, which began tearing apart their dead or wounded kin that took them down.

    Whatever caused these creatures to hate themselves was truly alien to Remen, however it was a flaw the Xenos had, and it'd be wrong of him not to exploit it.

    Charging into a small group so they'd tumble across their kin and take them down with them, Remen watched as he saw another two spider creatures tear themselves apart. How this species ever intended to survive was beyond him, it tore at itself and left nothing but wounded survivors at best, a carcass at worst....
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  7. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    After finishing off the Xeno that would have taken the life of a brother astrates Severus heard Scorpio and thus turned his attention to the situation at the Sicaran Heavy Battle Tank 'Illumination of Terra'. Part of him wanted to cleanse the Xenos already scrambling all over the tank desecrating it but he knew that his volkite would be more likely to punch through the Xenos and damage the tank's armor. While his weapon was designated more for an anti-infantry role Severus knew that the volkites piercing capabilities were more likely to cause more damage with fewer shots to the tanks then the bolters carried by the others and thus he didn’t wish to risk shooting at the Xenos on the tank.

    With his options, limited Severus turned his focus on the enemies he could deal with rather than waste time thinking on those he could not. As about a hundred Xenos have swarmed the tank not every one of them could crawl onto the tank. Thus Severus turned this wrath towards those still on the ground. Cranking his volkite culverins power output Severus carefully aimed a shot at the biggest concentration of Xenos and fired.

    As Severus expected his concentrated blast hit a Xeno's wretch on its abdomen easily piercing trough its natural armor and combusting its insides. Unlike the previous times, however, neither the Xeno nor the flames around it body died out fast. With grim satisfaction, Severus watched the Xeno randomly charge about in pain into its own comrades setting those unfortunates alight with the volkites deadly energies. Unfortunately, the other Xenos reacted quickly and either fled from the burning ones or outright killed them thus only bringing their casualties to six instead of the higher numbers the concentrated blast was capable of.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius nearly met his end his chain axe imbedded deep into the carapace of one of these spiders, through his chest as it nearly came in for a kill to the ultramarines head before a gout of promethium sent the creatures back and Julius to the ground a hand went down and Julius went for it to help him up. "Thanks for the save cousin I owe you one cousin," Julius said as the word bearer let out another goat of promethium as more creatures came the word bearer and Ultramarine began to fall back to there allied position lines. Julius firing a a gout of promethium wall towards the spiders as he received his order keeping the spiders back enough for them both to retreat. Turning back to the Siccarian tank he activated his jump pack putting his hand flamer to his belt Julius came down with a chain axe splattering a spider with his full weight down upon the beast.

    Fighting up the Siccarian Julius took to his work with a chain axe fighting cutting the leg of one of the spiders and gaining its attention the ultrarmien dodge and activated his jump pack brining his chain axe back before activating it and coming down in a bloody tackle taking the spider of the siccarain with him cutting through it Julius was covered in gore as he turned back and went for another go in an attempt to help defend the sicarian.
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  9. With every kill, Aris seemed to be getting faster at killing these things. He started to learn their weaknesses, where to hit to disable them, and even the fact that if he disabled one, others would try to feast on it and make themselves targets in their own right. When the order came to assist the Illumination of Terra, the young marine looked to their psyker for a moment.

    "Did you see anything worthwhile?" he sent over vox as he ignited his jump pack. Without waiting for an answer, he pulled out both pistols and launched into the sky, firing down on the pack of spiders beneath him. He crushed one on impact, while his tornado of bolt rounds would kill or disable, leaving about four dead outright and others ready to be devoured.
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  10. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Jevar grit his teeth, his innards twisted with anger. He had been brushed aside so easily, his psychic fortitude useless against this xenos psyker. This could not stand. In this moment he regretted that he wasn't with his Raven Guard cousins.
    After recuperating from the psychic shock, Jevar continued the fight side by side with his squad, his swings invigorated by the cold fury in his mind. he reported over the vox: "From what I could glimpse of the battlefield, these Xenos are merely a distraction. Just beyond the next wall, the human traitors are preparing for our arrival. Either way, our strategy is working. The other fronts are abandoned, the enemy is entirely focusing on us."
    He continued after shattering the skull of another Xenos abomination. "I worry about our Raven Guard cousins however. The enemy leader is both a witch and informed about their arrival. They must be warned."

    When Sergeant Scorpio called to free the Illumination of Terra, Jevar once again tapped into the power of the warp, aiming to devastate the Xenos around the assailed tank with psychic chain-lightning. His Force Staff crackled with energy, and Jevar began the incantation.
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