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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Jevar had his psychic staff already in hand, crowned with a golden aquila. He did however pick up a boltpistol as well as a standard pack of grenades, if a bit reluctantly.
    May I not end up using any of them, he silently swore to himself. After all, he had to prove that his control was sufficient for the battlefield.

    "Word has it that they see themselves more as priests than warriors." His voice was slightly distorted through his helmet, but it still had the same sedating presence to it.
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  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen was a bit irked that he could show up the Emperor's Children in their usual flamboyant displays but least he could be with the other Ultramarines if they were properly voted for by the rest of the group. "Stick with our own then, Word Bearers displease me with how they act, their fanaticism is disturbing to say the least." Remen twirled his inactive chainsword, eager to get out of the talking and more into the thick of the war that was happening.


    Remen grabbed a freshly repaired and serviced Jump Pack, the barrels of it large and coated with fresh paint.

    He always preferred to keep his feet on the floor, you know your footing, flying always had an uncertainty of where you'd land. Looking over at a placement of weaponry, a chainaxe was screaming out to Remen to be used, while he'd shun such a ferociously crude weapon compared to a sleek blade of a Chainsword or Gladius, sometimes the blunt force option was a good one.

    Giving it a few swings and getting a feel for it, Remen then picked up a Meltabomb, he had his anti personal weapon from the mortals and Xenos he'd face, and should something needing blowing apart appear, he'd use the melta and turn it to nothing more than slag.

    "I've heard they spend time making sure everyone is compliant. While that is commendable, it's not efficient. For ten of the Worlds, Guilliman can take, the Word Bearers take a couple at most." Remen had his gear prepared and ready for the coming battle. "Let's try to speed them up a bit." He laughed softly.
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus checked his gear and performed the ritual of maintenance for his Volkite Culvrin. As he heard his new squad lead severus couldn't help but comment "Maybe they like watching the plasma bolts explode. Or they may like the more versatile nature of plasma weaponry over the las cannon. "

    He then turned to his brothers and commented "From what ive read and heard the 3rd legion has strange views on the emperor likening him to a god. As if that wasn't all they seem to implement religious beliefs into the worlds they liberate or conquer. I cant help but think such thinking and methods would hurt the implementation of the imperial truth and the forward thinking of science if not directly go against them."
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Quick enough, Ars Bellica was fully loaded in the drop pod and waited for their signal - after the initial orbital defenses had been cleared. The Word Bearers had arrived shortly before the Ultramarines fleet and annihilated most of the orbital defense that stood in their path - making a straight passage for the ground deployment that already had started with dozens of transports making their descending. The Ultramarines could follow through tactical data projected within the miniature holo-desk in the center of the drop-pod.

    "Courage and Honour, young ones." Scorpio said just before the drop-pod disengaged the locks and was shot forth towards the surface of the planet.

    The flight was as one would expect. The pod shook through the void from a mix of initial propulsion and surrounding explosions of fighter squadrons, torpedos and macro batteries. Luckily for Ars Bellica there was no direct impact on the small object as both enemy and allies were more occupied with more immediate threats.

    Then came the burning of the shield plates after piercing the atmosphere. The shaking got much worse and reached peak when the drop pod was hit by an artillery shell or similar right below the propulsion system, causing it effectively to spin out of control. The mag-locks remained active and kept the space marines secure while their gene-enhanced biology prevented them to gain motion sickness or disorientation.

    Only a few moments later, the drop pod collided with a prison tower. For Ars Bellica's luck, the crushed seats were unmanned. Scorpio ripped his safety locks off and kicked one of the exits open after it malfunctioned. "Stick to me, we have to regroup with Word Bearer high command!" Scorpio ordered, wielding his Las Cannon with safety removed before jumping out.

    As the group followed they would see the initial destruction on the surface of Styraxis already. Orbital Bombardment took prior heavy weapon encampments apart. The labor camp looked like it was burning, yet the damage seemed minimal. Word Bearer vessels still came and left all from the same location - clearly the established landing zone. Scorpio made way for it as they were in some storage part of the camp. Ores of different types laying in designated open containers by the ton. There were no enemies or prisoners around, but due to the orientation of the containers only two Astartes could walk in a column and made ambushes suspiciously easy.

    "They use Astartes labor for more efficient work. This means either they are incapable of building machinery. Or are sadists." Scorpio commented with disgust. But soon enough the group made it through the storage section safely and reached a wide bulkhead that would lead towards the Word Bearers landing zone. The heavy weapons squad leader would simply aim his Las Cannon at the main controls and shoot them, triggering an emergency safety mechanism that forced the doors open.

    He grinned beneath his helmet as he looked to his squad. "Fifty-Fifty chances that it would have opened or went under lockdown."

    Once the door opened, a Sicaran Heavy Battle Tank with Dual Plasma Cannons pointed at the group along with thirty Word Bearers having their weapons trained. They only lowered them once a trio walked forth and ordered them to lower their weapons. Each took their helmet off, and Scorpio did so too in respect.

    "Captain Argel Tal of the 7th Company of the Word Bearers." The center one declared his name, hitting his breastplate.

    "Chaplain Valdrekk Elias, assisting to restore the mental state of our imprisoned brothers." He merely nodded, being more spiritual than a warrior as it appeared.

    "Scout Sergeant Barthusa Narek. I cleared this landing zone out with an infiltration squad alongside the Raven Guard. This perimeter is secure and we already mapped out the immediate war zone." Without the typical battle armor but instead wearing scout gear, Barthusa looked much smaller but his matched breastplate hit to that of Captain Tal's own left nobody wanting.

    "Well met Captain, Chaplain and Sergeant. I am Sergeant Scorpio of the 3rd Company, in charge of Elite Squad Ars Bellica. We are here to assist you to our fullest extend in taking down the enemy fortifications and draw their attention towards us while our brethren from the 9th free the prisoners and the Raven Guard eliminate the enemy leadership." He made the sign of Aquilla before bringing his Las Cannon up and gestured over to the semi-assault squad under his leadership while there was also Severus with his deadly Volkite weaponry.

    He left it to the squad to introduce themselves, stepping to the side to allow them to do so. In the meanwhile in the background one could easily see that the Word Bearers held position, awaiting full deployment of more Space Marines, battle tanks and other wargear.
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus stared at all the Word Bearers with murderous intent as he saw all their barrels pointed at the squad. His chainswords were drawn and he looked into the eyes of each one as if to say 'Who's first'. Such disrespect and hostility shown between legions was rare, but seeing as how these were sons of Lorgar, Augustus was by no means surprise. Thankfully, their leadership seemed to allow their senses to return and their weapons to lower. Augustus hesitated to lower his weapon, but with the introductions conducted, Augustus relaxed ever so slightly. Augustus stepped forward and with pride introduced himself, "I am Augustus Aurelius."
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  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Most of Severus focus on the way down on the drop pod was spent on making sure his weaponry such as the volkite culverin was alright. After their rough landing Severus would follow Scorpio’s lead remaining silent on the way. Once inside the storage facility, he showed no indication of anything once more following Scorpio’s lead. If the older ultramarine has his weapon up, then so would Severus if the weapons were lowered then he would do the same.

    After his experience with the dreadnaught Severus kept his vigilance up against the word bearers and he didn’t fault them when they aimed their weapons against them. Severus was determined not to be the cause of a firefight, so he took a passive approach to this encounter. Once the introductions were under way he would take off his helmet, make the sign of the Aquila and gave a slight bow before saying “ Severus Tiberivus of Squad Ars Bellica.” Once that was done he would put his helmet back on.
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    Julius exited the drop pod forcefully and violently having to kick the pod door open, As the doors opened to reveal a tank he readied his assault pack until he saw the IFFs on his helmet and seeing the pattern of the word bearers. "Ah Cousins." He said as a response putting a hand to his chestplate as a sign of respect. " Good work. assault marine of the squad ready to get in the thick of it and start breaching there fortifications and clearing areas." Julius said greeting the word bearers
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    The Defenders that the aliens appeared to have no means of artillery or orbital bombardment at the current time and the Word Bearers deployment went smoothly, but slowly, along.

    "No offense captain. But does deployment always take this long? We are just giving them more time to setup fortifications." Scorpio said after ten minutes already had passed, although at least it appeared the majority of Word Bearers had landed already and started to fall into marching columns.

    "We do not believe in rushed victories. One must build victory upon pillars of devotion. And it would be sinful to deny our brothers the blood of the Xeno. We all must exert our beliefs in the grand Imperium by marching together. Victory means nothing if we sacrifice brotherhood along the way. But we shall get into position, Sergeant. You and your squad will accompany me to the front lines." Argel Tal responded calmly and apparently unhurt by the Ultramarines words.

    Hundreds of Word Bearers mounted the field, the formation appearing of ancient times in 'blocks' of specialties. The front column was the armored wave of battle tanks mostly adorned by Predator tanks while also a trio of super-heavy tanks were placed in the middle to break through any fortifications put in place.

    "We are at the enemy's gate! We shall know no regret for their sinful existence of an alien! Remember that only we of the Emperors descendance are pure and deserve to live! By executing his foes we shall ascend to a higher, better life! We are the torch that brings the light of His Eminence to the million worlds of our galaxy! We are the Word Bearers and we shall sing the same hymns that the legions sang during the Unification Wars!" The speech stopped and with the swing of his free hand coming down, the battle tanks opened fire in unison.

    The moment the gates crumbled, immediately the alien fell upon them before even the dust had settled. These were much different than what Ars Bellica met in the previous system. These were arachnid-esque, having six legs and advancing swiftly. But they had no arms or weapons, only a thin metal armor that was somehow strapped over ther back and the upper legs. Each of them was six feet off the ground due to their long legs. Each bore eight eyes in a deep sapphire-blue and they were hairy like over-sized tarantulas.

    "Courage and Honour!" Scorpio bellowed, unleashing his Las Cannon, tearing one of the giant spiders apart mid-air, cutting it in half. While a Word Bearer near the squad was being torn apart. The aliens' legs somehow managing to pierce the power armor after several thrusts on the same spot over and over again. It started taking organs out before Aris could close in and cut the beasts legs off, tossing it aside on its back before Julius burned its head and killed it.

    Severus had a hard time locking in on a target with his high volatility weapon but eventually trained it on the wall where the next wave of spider monsters would come and unleashed his Volkite. It killed and undefined number of enemies, but the bright glow appeared to have created an attraction towards him and a dozen started swarming up on him. Augustus, Remen and Jevar put a defensive parameter up around him and started taking them out one by one.

    Augustus had the pleasure of fighting two at once. As both attacked him, he used his jump pack to evade a blow and land on top of one, his sword pointing down to tear it apart. It died almost immediately, but the other one leaped upon the Blue Meteor's child. They struggled for a moment, the spider getting ready to pierce him. But the young Aurelius brought his legs up in time to deflect the blow and roll with it to bring the spider below him. He brought one of the chainswords to the neck and tore it apart.

    Remen wielded his chainaxe as if he was a Macraggian honor guard, displaying great skill as he ducked below a blow and forward, under the spider and not stopping but instead moving forward through below it. As the spider turned around to face its adversary, Remen brought the chainaxe with both hands like a bat around, splitting the skull diagonally in half. A spider was about to jump on his back, but Sergeant Scorpio shot it before Remen even had the chance to turn around.

    Jevar, the librarian would pull his weight too, wielding his staff as skilled as one would expect from an Ultramarine. Although he was more on the defensive, the force staff was essentially a power weapon thanks to his gifts and with each blow a leg of the spider would be missing until he finally managed to drive it into the head of the Xeno, crack it open and kill it all in one final blow.

    The remaining ones were torn apart by Word Bearers as they continued their stand. Despite the apparent total standstill, the war machines rolled forward slowly. The tanks would continue their push, the spiders incapable of stopping them. The legion behind rained flame, chain and bolts through the air, tearing apart whatever dared come close.

    Each of you feel free to kill 1-3 more spiders in the next post.
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  9. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Jevar stayed on the defensive, warding off two other spiders that tried to burrow their legs into his slowly advancing brothers with calculated blows from his force staff. This time he only needed a single blow for each, swiping the head off the first one and smashing the other into the ground with a devastating two-handed overhead strike, staff crackling with psychic energy.
    Strange creatures. Domesticated?
    He decided that he would need to get himself a better view of the enemies forces.
    "Cover me for a second, brothers. Let me see what else they have in store for us."
    If given a bit of space, Jevar would again make use of the small opening to the warp in his mind, twisting and bending it's wretched power to his will, uttering the Litany of Sight Beyond Sight.

    (OOC: Jevar would be opening his psychic third eye, a psychic ability that grants the user true sight from a birds-eyes-perspective)
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  10. Imperius matt23 Curator


    Augustus, though vastly unfamiliar with the dealings of the warp, knew of their importance in battle. The son of Ultramar brought around his chainsword, splitting another foe in two causing a bloody mist to cover the ground beneath him. Heeding his new brother Jevar's call, Augustus activated his jump pack into the psyker's direction. He pulverized the nearest enemy to Jevar in an instant, caving in the enemy's chest and sending him flying off lifeless. Opening the vox and holding a defensive position near Jevar, he opened up the squad box channel, "Make your dealings quick. To not gaze within the abyss to long for we have a war to show these Word Bearers how to win."
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