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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

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    ~~ Earlier ~~

    Scorpio laughed at Remen's words. "You must be descendants of rebel scum to talk like that. My words might be spiteful and insulting to a fool like yourself. But they still ring true. You messed up just as much I did. Every Ultramarine must hurt for every life we failed to protect, else we lose the meaning of our lives, our purpose of why we have become Astartes. But by the sound of your voice, my words ring to deaf ears. Let us settle it in the cages, unless you are just a street dog that has only bark, no bite. I shall even grant you one month training time. To make it fair." There was a big grin on the Sergeants face.
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    Remen smirked, he'd got Scorpio to bite back, that was a victory in itself for one of the Thirteenth's sons to break discipline and challenge a lower ranked warrior, nice to see that Scorpio was willing to put his money where his mouth is, good show of character.

    "Illyria, good parents too from what I remember." Remen continued smirking and listened to another monologue from Scorpio, seemed to like his own voice. "To face the oh so fearsome Scorpion in a duel? Do other Astartes fear such a challenge?" Remen chuckled at the thought of Astartes feeling fear. "But I will gladly face you in the cages." Remen crashed a fist into his breastplate in salute and grinned back. "Oh if you need the extra month of training, I'll oblige to that." Remen's grin changing back to a childish smirk.
  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    ~~ Three Days Earlier~~

    Even as the argument between Scorpio and his brothers started to get out of hand Severus just sighed inside and kept quiet. He himself had his own views and opinion but like Scorpio's squad, he kept to the chain of command at least for this moment. Severus knew that now was not the time nor place for any of this, all of this would only tense relations. His brothers may patch things up with Scorpio and his squad in the heat of battle or in the cages if they got the chance but such was not his way and he would have no part in it, not like this.

    ~~ Three Days Later ~~

    Severus was glad that he still kept his helmet on for his face was set into a mask of indifference. Only his flinty eyes would show both the anger and curiosity at what he saw. The first thing to grab his sight was not the fact of astrates slave workers but rather that they were from varied legions. The second was the machinery and parts they were either making or carrying and the third was their shackles who's function he saw a bit later on.

    One or two legions would make sense, even three but there are clearly more than that. How did they get there? How were they captured? What happened to their arms and armor? Their ships? Their vehicles? A trap like Scorpio said but why? They want us to come here and lose our numbers or even be defeated but the question is what are they trying to distract us from? It’s not whatever trap lies there for both sides can guess it would be a trap. Thoughts whirling within his mind Severus kept quiet for a bit before he heard Remen. Once his brother was done speaking Severus said his own peace.

    “ I would rather we fought up here in space. The trap will either be in space in which case they make seek to ground us and then bombard us or on the planet. Fighting with the third company gives us the option to deal with the trap head on if its in space or provide support as needed if it is on the ground. The enemy may also spring traps from both sectors in which case holding onto the battle barge and the other ships will provide a vital lifeline for those on the ground and any who are critically injured. In that scenario, I would rather be up here to provide what I can then on the ground.”
  4. Aeris had been spending most of his free time in the training rooms. If he wasn't fighting, he was introspecting. Scorpio's words rung in his head. He wanted to both find his weakness, and to fight better. Perhaps if he had been better, he could have defeated that old man. Perhaps if he had been better, they would have been faster. And perhaps they wouldn't have lost a brother.

    When they came to the briefing though, Aeris was quiet through it. When asked where they thought they would be the most effective, he spoke up. "We should be able to do everything, to help wherever we are needed." he paused. "But I would like to get those civilians out of there, given my choice." he then paused, and looked up at the new member. "Brother Jevar, it is a pleasure to meet you." he bowed his head. "I am Aeris, and I look forward to fighting on the battlefield with you."

    With everything said, he shifted on his feet, flicking his fingers to keep his energy in check.
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    Jevar gave a repectful nod to the energetic Marine.

    "It will be an honour to serve with Ars Bellica. "
    His voice was a calm and pleasing one, some would even call it sedating, the words slowly rolling off his tongue.
    Turning his head among the other Astartes, he continued: "If I may, cutting off the head of the snake is rarely a mistake. It seems to me that that would be the most efficient application of this squad's abilities."
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    ~~ Mission Briefing ~~
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    "Overall I see consensus that we want to get into the fight, Captain." Scorpion said, giving the rest of the Ars Bellica squad a strong nod before turning back to Alexander.

    "However, after hearing my squad weigh the options and their decisions, I say we need to decide whether we wish to join the Raven Guard and annihilate the leadership straight out. Go in for the full war effort and aid the Word Bearers in their determination and ultimately allow the liberation efforts of the 9th to be successful, or to join you and destroy the orbital defenses to not only cut off enemy reinforcements and escape routes but also allow orbital bombardment." Sergeant Scorpio explained, pointing the various options out on the tactical holomap.

    "So let's do a final count among ourselves." He made the call and turned to the squad to await their decisions.
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  7. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus finally stepped forward after listening silently the entire time. He looked to the Sergeant and spoke as he crossed his arms, "In truth, I do not desire the stealth approach our Raven Guard cousins excel in. This is a practice the have perfected and we would only slow them down. I know this is hard to hear, but egos aside, they are superior in that particular field." Augustus then looked to the projections of the orbital defense overlays before continuing, "These defenses will indeed be a challenge, but as we found out in our venture into the orbital station, numbers do not help. So the Ninth seem adequately fitted to take on such a task without our assistance."

    The young assault marine then pulled up the planet and with a smile on his face spoke, "I say we deploy in the thick of battle. The sons of Lorgar need warriors such as us to emulate. After all, we have all heard that they have been chastised for their slow to conquer tactics. What better opportunity to display to them how a true warrior should act? That aside, they will need us for support more so than the other groups... in my opinion."
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    ~~ Briefing Ending ~~

    "Well, that concludes it." Scorpio said with a stern nod, taking count from his squad before turning back to Alexandros Proxis. "We shall join the Word Bearers in the primary siege deployment and annihilate the Xenos armies to allow the Raven Guard to kill the head, while the 9th liberates the prisoners. The Third can watch how this is done properly."

    Proxis nodded, not in agreement of such statement, but the determination behind the Sergeants words. "Your expertise as a heavy weapons expert will come in handy in such deployment. Once we arrive in the system, you will be launched via drop pod. Anything else would be shot apart by the anti-air defense. By then the Word Bearers already will be in full staging phase of deploying their primary battalion. Timing will be tricky, but whatever we face. Remember to adapt to your circumstances." The Captain reminded the squad, not accepting defeat with these stakes at hand.

    "Affirmative, Captain. Ars Bellica will perform exquisitely, I will make sure of that." Scorpio hit his hand on his chest. He turned over to the new psyker. "Your training into our formation will begin immediately. Travel through space is a fickle thing, so we shall do with whatever time we are granted."

    ~~ Last Moments before Deployment ~~
    An undetermined amount of time has passed already, the small mixed fleet well underway in their travel through the warp unto their destination - Styraxis. Squad Ars Bellica under Sergeant Scorpio was in the armory, gearing up for ground combat which meant without a doubt jump packs for the Assault Marines.

    Scorpio wielded a well crafted and personalized Las Cannon. "You can never go wrong with one of these. Much more reliable than the uneven firing arcs of a plasma gun, or even cannon. I will never understand why the Dark Angels favor Plasma so much over other weaponry." He grinned as he ran some test calibrations and quick prayers of maintenance to the machine spirit of his beloved weapon.

    He turned to the rest of the squad. "It will be a pleasure to deploy as your Sergeant. Augustus, Severus, Aris, Julius, Remen and of course you too, Jevar. Remember your mission and worry little about other things. Victory is to save our brethren and cousins from the claws of the Xeno. Every one who dies today on our side of the firing line will be considered a failure on us. We shall see that they live, while crushing the opposition. Choose your weapons and wargear well. I shall see you all in the drop pod." He gave the assembled warriors a salute before marching off, not to show superiority of being ready ahead of them, but to give the reformed Ars Bellica to talk with each other and prepare mentally for the deployment to come.
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus held both his chainswords out on front of him, looking them over as part of his pre-combat routine. He did a few swings and slashes, nothing fancy, to ensure the weight was well balanced and that nothing needed any last minute adjustments. Placing both chainswords onto each side of his hip, Augustus felt completely ready for the battle to come. However, the faint voice of his teachers in his head made him grab the bolt pistol and place it on his gear, begrudgingly. Moving around after, Augustus felt at home with his jump pack. This was another chance to prove to his father and superiors that he could pass tests even when placed in the thick of battle. He would stand out surround by a thousand warrior, for his name sake could expect nothing less.

    Hearing their squad leader's comment, Augustus nodded as he pick up his helm, "The true please shall come with the honor our achievements gain this day in battle, Sergeant. The Word Bearers shall finally get to lay witness to true warriors in the midst of battle. We shall bring glory to our Legion for we shall not suffer the xenos or the traitor any longer." Augustus glanced off a moment as he wondered to himself where his father might be at that very moment and wished he could be here.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius had been silent during the briefing his hand balled into a fist as he watched a recording. Impossible is what he thought, the sight of astartes turned into slaves made him want to spit as he began to think and way their options. "The Word bearers deployment with them I can see would be the most optimal, Liberating our cousins and brothers on the surface and then getting them attention in medical, then bringing them back up to speed and armoring and arming them maybe best, allowing us purge this bastard xenos and get some vengence upon them," Julius said as he looked upon the recording

    Julius, as he entered the armory, looked at the weapons available to him. Picking up the meltabomb he would add it to his kit seeing they were in a siege assault scenario, before having his jump pack equipped and strapped onto his back. looking to aremermants he picked up a chain axe as well as a hand flamer readying himself in case they fought large groups of enemies.

    -1 melta, 1 hand flamer, 1 chainxe, and jump pack

    Before deployment-
    "Indeed, hopefully, we will get some time to see the word bearers in action as well, I have heard much of there legion but have yet to meet one of them in person should be good experience fighting alongside them and seeing how they as well handle a situtation, Brothers have you heard the rumors of the word bearers as well besides there more slow approach to conquering?" Julius asked looking to his brothers.
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