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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus fell in with the forge master after the later had gotten what he needed. Keeping in mind what the sergeant had said he had lowered this weapon usage preparing to make an exit hole. Severus only bothered to shoot when enemies got too close or when the forge master shot both to conserve energy and to better coordinate fire.

    After a short volley of shots in tandem with the forge master, Severus was charging up his weapon when the Sargent was engaged with the enemy leader. With the sergeant being too close he was initially not going to risk a friendly fire incident but when the order came to shoot Severus swiftly took aim and pulled the trigger. Thick charged bolts of volkite energy spat out of his culverin towards the area the enemy leader and dominus occupied.

    A part of Severus wished to rush to his sergeant’s aid and another part recoiled as taking such a dangerous shot, but orders were given and at the end that was all that mattered. Just after he had fired he saw too late that Julius had engaged the enemy leader and hence he shouted out a warning to his battle brother before going back to defending the forge master

    “Julius ware shots coming from my direction”

    OCC; Attack at enemy leader location. Defend the forge master.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Severus was as cold as a member of the mechanicus. Not in the lack of emotional sense, but in the sense of following orders and executing them in a calm, calculated manner. The Volkite emptied its payload at the direction of Dominus, shooting just past Julius, close enough for him to hear the volatile shot zoom past him.

    The Sergeant took the shot dead-center into the chest, but it was powerful enough to penetrate him and into the enemy leader behind him. The wounded leader lacked the power to hold Dominus any longer who collapsed forward, fighting with getting some air. Without giving any chance to defend himself, Julius with one simple swing decapitated the leader, granting him a quick death.

    A group of soldiers that made it inside saw it transpire and gave the information along the chain of command, causing the entire fight to abruptly end.

    "Severus, Julius. Carry Dominus together. We must move fast to Squad Scorpio." Forgemaster Kalydos ordered as next highest in command. Dominus was conscious, but his lungs appeared to be blast apart and he could not even speak.

    One particularly brave, or stupid individual thought that his melee weapon would be superior against Remen's bolt pistol only to be shot at point blank before ever finishing the swing.

    Kalydos, rather than risking Remen to collect the sample, he did so himself. "Sample collected." He stated as a matter of fact, before seeing how Aris quickly ended a trio of foes with a single wide swing.

    The Forgemaster was too occupied to notice that Augustus let an enemy live, and saw merely that they were escaping. Most likely scrambling for reinforcements, any human would do so. Even Orks would act that way.

    The squad now regrouped, despite lacking the firepower of Dominus and Julius as well as Severus being heavily held back from carrying their Sergeant into safety, was making solid progress through the alien compound.

    "Dominus! Kalydos!" The squads vox crackled to life from the main force of the Ultramarines led by the captain. "We cannot hold for much longer, extract immediately!" Alexandros Proxis demanded.

    "Data extraction successful, you may begin retreat, Captain." Kalydos replied, glancing back to Dominus who appeared to agree with the slightest nod. But the forgemasters' enhanced bionics allowed to register even the most subtle form of body language.

    Soon in the distance they would hear the familiar fire of Las Cannons and Heavy Bolters. Ars Bellica would soon reach Heavy Team Scorpio that had filled the hallways with corpses.

    "About time, Ars Bellica!" The Squad leader, Scorpio, said with an accusing tone, hovering over the dead body of one of his squad members. He was apparently killed by some sort of metal spear that looked like a dried liquid chrome that shot him straight through the lens and then pinned him to the floor through it.

    "Markos, pick our fallen brother up so we may carry him and his name to the temple of correction. We are getting out of this hellhole!" Scorpio barked the order, and it was done as he commanded.

    Following this, Scorpio fell in with the Ars Bellica behind Kalydos' leadership and made their way through the little pockets of resistance they still met before reaching the Fury of Ultramar, their stormbird. Everyone was loaded up and extracted successfully.

    Scorpio took his helmet off and put it in his lap, watching Dominus struggle with his lack of air. He frowned, clearly upset about the lack of capability to aid. "Pilot. Head for the closest hangar to the Apothecarion and inform them that we have a Sergeant in critical condition."

    Then Scorpio turned back to Kalydos and Ars Bellica. "Whatever by Guilliman's golden rulebook you recovered, it better be worth all the Astartes we lost today. But I guess that is what Proxis gets for sending inexperienced Astartes for such critical mission." Clearly he was blaming the entire tactical squad for the losses that were suffered, but one could argue it was the bitterness of having lost one of his own.

    Forgemaster Kalydos still carries the Alien Weapon Case in one of his mechadendrites, carries the downloaded data as well as a xeno-sample.

    Julius and Severus are stuck carrying Dominus. One of them has Dominus' plasma gun. Each has only 1 action due to carrying Dominus.

    Dominus is conscious but cannot speak.

    Mission Successful!
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    Remen watched the foolish mortal fall to the ground gasping for air with shock on his face at the events that had just unfolded, he'd seen it before on his own face when he assumed he'd be able to take down a Legionary trainer easily once his Astarte transformation was complete, they were the same now, or so he thought.

    The Legionary trainer in a few simple moves read his actions and took him down.

    However it could just be the shock of having a weapon literally turn you into an exploding meat balloon. Who could tell for sure....

    Remen stopped as soon as the order to retreat was called.

    Nodding at Forgemaster Kalydos as he collected the sample of black xeno goo.

    Hearing the Squad leader's disgraceful tone, Remen felt like speaking up and telling him what was on his mind, but rank and file demanded his silence, and this wasn't exactly the time for a chat considering they were to pull out of this area.

    And being chastised the second time he couldn't hold his tongue, it might have been his Illyrian heritage in him, "If you want someone to bitch to about the events of this battle, take it to Proxis." Remen blurted out as he moved close to Severus and Julius with a pint sized Chainsword from the one of the dead Absolvers.
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Severus followed the forgemaster as he carried the wounded Sargent as gently as he could while still maintaining a good pace with the squad. The devastator marine kept silent trough squad leader Scorpio's tirade. A part of the younger marine wanted to defend himself and his squad but knew that any such words would be naught but excuses in the older marines eyes, eyes he thought were tainted by the grief of loss.

    Unfortunately for Scorpio Severus would not say silent about the data they had recovered , not with the foes they had faced during its acquisition. So with a audible sigh Severus said to squad leader Scorpio with a heavy tone.
    "Forgive me for speaking out of turn squad leader Scorpio but if the desecrated ultramarine dreadnought was any indication the information contained within will be disturbing to say the least. "

    After a brief pause for his words to sink in Severus continued without giving others a chance to interrupt him.
    " Part of the enemy forces that retreated told brother Aris that we would enjoy the footage forge master Kalydos had recovered by name. Sargent dominus was also named. While it is not my place to write the mission report i feel it extremely pertinent to mention these occurrences."
  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Augustus quickly followed behind the others with the fallen champion still in hand. Holding him by neck, the champion was clearly broken as the made their escape. As for the information that was being shared by Severus was sharing, Augustus made note of it, for it truly was a foreboding message. Nonetheless, Augustus had a more pressing matter to address. Lifting the so-called champion to eye level, Augustus spoke, "The time has come, traitor, for you to be made to talk. But do not worry, for you can still try to resist all that you want. In the end, they will pry the information from you willingly or unwillingly." Augustus then looked to Scorpio and shook his head at what he said. There was no point in addressing him, for he spoke out of pain. And the death of a close brother is felt, regardless as to the outcome or gains from a mission. Success was achieved this day, and nothing anyone could say would take the pride from that success.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Scorpio scoffed. "A dreadnought?!" He shook his head. "Probably a trick of eye or a cheap imitation loaded up with one of their metallic creatures." The Sergeant denied the claims immediately, his strong voice leaving no room for negotiation.

    "Having intel on Dominus is not too surprising. That youngling Aris over there though?" He gave the youngest Astartes a stern stare, squinting his eyes and looking down at him.

    "That is surprising. I let Captain Proxis know of a potential leak within our forces. That does include all of you." His eyes went through the ranks within the transporter, including Kalydos.

    "We shall learn more through Augstus' captive. The Apothecarion is trained in... Negotiation." If there would be ever any chance for the slightest of smiles from the Forgemaster, it was now.

    "As for you." Sergeant Scorpio addressed Remen now. "Oh I will bring your incompetence to Proxis' attention. Including Dominus' own failure. Look at that weakling, half-dead on your first deployment. And even from your own teams weaponry. If I didn't know better, Severus here is the traitor we might be looking for. But if he was... Kalydos would have killed him already, isn't that right Forgemaster?"

    "That is correct." He simply replied in his monotone Adeptus Mechanicus voice.

    "But all this is why I will have Ars Bellica perform the rites of Burial under my supervision for Brother Markos. So you may have a chance to repent for your failures. To remember a true hero of the Ultramarines Legion and swear to exterminate every single one of these forsaken Xenos or until you give your life for said cause." Scorpio said, finally leaning back and crossing his arms.

    The rest of the squad remained silent, partially mourning their brothers death. Partially following chain of command.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julius was silent as he grabbed there sergeant maglocking his plasma gun to his belt Julius hauled there wounded off. Fire would be returned at him and Julius would use what bulk he had to help shield tehre sergeants wounded mid section. As they were loaded into the Fury of Ultramar. There was a certain sceptcism Julius had as he heard the sergeant throw a accusasion at Severerusbeing a traitor. It was unthinkable for a ultramrine or any space marine legionaire to defect, Laughable like the concept of space marine legions turning on one another. Seeing only as more words may get the entire squad deeper then what they were Julius remained silent deciding to stay silent with his own thoughts.
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  8. Aeris had removed his helmet for a moment, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, rocking once more. Not only was his energy once more pent up in cramped spaces, but now accusations were flying. He grit his teeth when Scorpio looked him over, but was able to hold his tongue. At least he was until the end of it. If no one stopped him, he would begin to speak.

    "Our failures?" He asked. "What failure is that? We completed our mission, despite the odds and enemies stacked against us. Where is the failure?" he would stare the sergeant down. "I will mourn for our fallen brother. But I will not stand for you accusing my squad - my family - of such heinous acts." a pause. "Denying the truth does not make it false. We were accosted by a dreadnought of our own colors. Our sergeant took a risk of his own life to ensure the kill of an enemy leader. Severus followed orders." his gaze never wavered. "I know not of the man who knew my name. But we will meet again, and I will slay him. There was no failure here. No one has failed. Not even you." he pointed his last words at Scorpio.

    And with a final huff, he looked away.

    (OOC: if anyone stops him from speaking, none of this is said and Aeris just starts pacing with his energy.)
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "In order for success to be counted as such, you must look beyond yourself. It is clear as day, that you lack any knowledge of Guilliman's teachings, young Aris." Scorpio complained, shaking his head in disapproval.

    "Once the Fury of Ultramar lands on our battle barge again, I shall make you count for every single man that Proxis lost today. You might not see them as such yet, but they are your brothers. This whole Ars Bellica war formation you lot are... That is all you are. You haven't bled beside a separate squad yet, exchanged blows in the cages with those that are of a different company to prove who is superior." He again shook his head.

    "You are narrow sighted, seeing the achievement only in the goods that Kalydos retrieved. You are about to celebrate, while your Sergeant struggles to be even alive. That is your failure. And I still stand that such dreadnought at best was raided or reconstructed and piloted by one of the xenos' lovers."

    Then the older Sergeant scoffed at the youngling trying to sympathize or empathize, or whatever poor attempt of brotherhood it was. "I know my shortcomings. And you all would benefit from learning yours. This is not about me and Dominus. Or you against me. This is not even about Kalydos or our mission. This." He gestured at everyone present.

    "This is about being an Ultramarine. We are the Defenders of Macragge. The conquerors of Ultramar. The beacon of hope for billions of lives. We have nothing to give but our lives all the while we fight with Courage and Honour in the way that Guilliman architects. And the faster you learn that every single soul that dies in the name of the Imperium and, or Ultramar is a failure - the better." Scorpio got on his feet to walk over to the cockpit and check on the ETA.

    Just then the Stormbird shook, one could easily guess it was the massive explosion from the space station they just escaped from. "No remorse for the traitors." Kalydos said, getting up and walking over to the ramp to open it once they arrived at their battle barge.

    ~~ Three Days Later ~~
    @dx144 | @matt23 | @Vulpas | @Tamu | @BadDo9 | @BlackNecron

    After the various rites were completed to put the fallen to rest, the squad of Ars Bellica had seen not one bit of Kalydos or Alexander Proxis. They might have visited Dominus in the Apothecary from time to time, but he would not be ready for the next deployment. Instead Sergeant Scorpio was assigned to lead them in the next deployment, who only so far gave them standard drill duties.

    But today was different as Ars Bellica under Scorpio was summoned into briefing room alpha. Captain Alexander Proxis was already waiting and so was a librarian.

    "Fighting fire with fire, typically the way of Proxis!" Scorpio laughed heartily upon seeing the witch, approaching him and giving him a maybe too-powerful warriors grip.

    "This is Lexicanium Jevar Beronus. He will be joining Ars Bellica. After reading the reports of the witch having assailed your squad, it was inevitable that we must be prepared for such combat." The Captain looked over at Aris. "No offense, but witchcraft must be fought with witchcraft. If you identify the enemy psyker once more, let Jevar engage him."

    Without even waiting for a reply, Alexander simply moved on, bringing up a map of a foreign world.

    "Kalydos decryption revealed the coordinates of this world. We do not believe it to be the Headquarters of the aliens, but instead some sort of prison-labor world. In the reports this world is mentioned to be named 'Styraxis', however. Cross-referencing it against Terran databases revealed that this once was a world populated by mankind. It was never integrated into the new Imperium of Mankind under the Emperor's rule, but rather was a living relic of the Dark Age of Technology." Alexander clicked about on the runes that were the controls for the world, creating overlays that proved that the datasets did match.

    "This makes it a priority target and we will be disembarking immediately. But that is not why I called you here. Since you recovered this data, I figured it would be only fair for you to see it first. It is rather disturbing footage taken from the world of Styraxis, most likely used as Propaganda and the reason why the humans you met rather threw themselves into open death into your arms, rather than fight... Properly." There was a frown on Alexander's face, he was known for his sympathy towards the commoner, the civilian, the worker and politician. Those who could not defend themselves, he swore to defend them in their stead. He pressed the rune, and the audio-pict recording started playing.

    The servo-skull or similar recording device moved about, showing scenes of Astartes slave workers. They had devices wrapped around their necks that were connected to separate devices on their waist, wrists and ankles almost like a hybrid of chain, wires and barbs. They were seen working in the mountains picking away at ore, in the factories forced to carry steel beams that would crush a normal human and other menial tasks that were pushing even super humans to their limit. There was even a scene of one dropping to his knees after hurting his lower back, having set down a chimera-esque vehicle. It appeared to have triggered the devices mounted on him, resulting in severe shocks. The other Astartes did not even stop to watch, knowing the fate of the fallen already. The electricity kept coursing through his body until his flesh started to burn, turning black, his body alight and eventually causing his death after agonizing several minutes.

    If one was to look close enough, the most terrifying was that the Astartes bore complete different features meaning that they were abducted from different legions. The white-haired ones without a doubt were the children of Fulgrim, their jaws giving them away as well that they were Emperor's Children. A group of pitch-black warriors with blazing eyes told stories of their life on Nocturne that every Salamander had to go through. The pale skinned ones with pitch-black eyes without a doubt were Corax' Raven Guard from Deliverance. The others could be guessed but not for sure identified. The blonde caucasians were more likely to be Guilliman's offspring, fellow Ultramarines - Or Sanguinius' Blood Angels. But the brown-haired ones could easily be from Ultramar, too. But maybe they were Lorgar's Word Bearers.

    The recording came to an ending and Alexander turned it off. "Kalydos already confirmed that this is not falsified information, this is an actual recording. And it is the raw, original footage made with an Imperial pict-recorder. We believe this was left behind to lure us into a trap. The other legions have been notified already. Both the Emperor's Children and the Raven Guard already arrived with a frigate to join our war effort. The Death Guard by coincidence are nearby and will meet us with a Strike Cruiser at the theater of war. Considering we just liberated this world, the 12th and 6th company will stay behind to make this world self-sufficient and ensure it will be properly re-integrated into Ultramar."

    "Which brings me to your role in this mission. After discussing with Captain Tarul of the Emperor's Children 33rd and Captain Ravojak of the Raven Guard's 14th we will do a five-sided attack. The Emperor's Children will serve as support wherever needed due to their low numbers. Captain Ravojak will lead a personal squad to go after the leadership. The Word Bearers will make straight for the enemy's fortifications. Our 9th company will lead the liberation efforts. And I will lead our 3rd company to victory in void combat, considering we are the only ones with a battle barge and my proven capabilities in void combat. As Ars Bellica you have special privileges and thus I ask of you, where do you see yourself most useful?"

    Scorpio was clearly disturbed by the footage he just saw, but he wouldn't admit it even if Alexander would point it out. But there was purpose in the mission to be had and so he turned to the squad he was leading. "Democracy is important to Lord Guilliman, thus I shall follow his example and allow you to vote. Besides, that is what Dominus would have done as well. So, cast your vote and let us be off."

    See Voting Channel on Discord.
    There will be intermission time after this briefing, so you lot can become acquainted with the newcomer and resolve other personal things (talk to Dominus, Alexander, other people, etc. etc.)
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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Remen, was rather shocked at the words of the other Ultramarine, he expect some chastisement for his words, but by Guilliman's balls... He was begging for a beating, if he was in the streets of Macragge City he'd have likely had his legs broken by the age of seven. Well the rougher parts of Macragge City anyway....

    "When you bring up my incompetence, don't forget to bring up how you're mewling like a house wife about your own failings being someone else's problem. Oh Proxis, look at that squad, they're at fault. Oh Proxis, please listen to me. If Kaydos wishes to speak ill of us, so be it, he has the right as having fought with us and seen the events. You just keep to your spiteful words." Remen taking the bait Scorpio put out there.

    Hearing his last part of the words about being an Ultramarine, "Don't forget to insult brothers for your own failings, or is that just being Scorpio?" Remen spoke as he stared down the Sargent.


    The days afterwards allowed Remen to work out his frustration but it still stewed within him a bit.

    Watching and listening to the report given of Astarte slave workers was a bit disturbing, but Xenos were always an insidious breed who sought to sow discontent and disbelief upon their enemies. Thankfully the order that is the Imperium could be summoned to deal with these horrors. How they came to captured Astartes was beyond Remen's mind, but the point was now they could liberate their cousins.

    "Join with the Emperor's Children and strike precision targets when needed. Reaction to the enemy's movements. Let them feel they have the initiative and reinforce exposed or weakened areas in our lines. Be the dagger that bleeds the foe." Remen spoke as he twiddled his thumbs, eager to engage the Xeno foes again. "We are dealing with an unpredictable response by the Xeno prison camp, so we cannot throw our weight entirely at them without holding something in reserve to counter strike. It'd also be nice to show the Emperor's Children that those of Macragge are also skilled with a blade."
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