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Great Crusade of Ultramar [UM HH RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Tactical Squad Ars Bellica was created from the ground up as part of the 3rd company under Captain Alexandros Proxis. The man was battle-hardened as a Terran-born Space Marine who has arrived along with the Emperor of Mankind on Macragge. With Guilliman being put in charge of an entire legion, the system of Macragge was jumping years in advance ahead within weeks.

    New superior technology from Mars. Supplies, vessels, armies and civilian forces. Guilliman like one would have expected made complete use of them and brought the closest systems he already traded with into his fold. And he carved out within his first decade of ruling what would become the core worlds of the Realm of Ultramar. In this very decade, five children home to Macragge had become aspirants in an experimental squad under Captain Proxis unconventional tactics. His closest battle-brother, Sergeant Dominus, was training them and putting them into shape - bringing the strength out of each of these children out to make them ready to receive the gene-seed and other genehancements as per Guillimans appended guidelines.

    Augustus Aurelius was the oldest and most capable in terms of potential officer. Although his twin chainswords are unconventional, he has proven more than once in spar combat that it is efficient as long as the rest of the squad delivers their payload. Claudius, Augustus father, already had achieved remarkable feats and maybe it was that desire to measure up to his biological father that drove him to new heights - both Proxis and Dominus guessed.

    Severus 'Seve' Tiberivs is a man who could be called not only intellectual but also rather interested in effective destruction of the enemy. That is why Dominus made exceptions to arm such a young marine with a Volkite Culverin. The most interesting thing however that not even the Severus might have been aware of is that Augustus' father, Claudius, had chosen him all those years back in the orphanage for the Ultramarine ascension program. His fire support was crucial in Augustus' focus of melee, but neither Proxis nor Dominus can tell if Claudius had that kind of foresight.

    Then there were cousins Julius Antius and Remen Mede, both hailing from Illyria. Both being Assault Marines with bolt pistol and chainsword, favoring balanced combat. While both had grown up in the rebellious lands of Macragge, their ancestors mistakes had been forgiven. Although neither was yet aware that Severus' parents died at the hands of Remen Medes Aunt, who was the mother of Julius Antius. As the past became more washed out and less of importance, it would nonetheless become a curious experiment of both the Chief Apothecary and Captain Alexandros if the bond of brotherhood would be as strong as Guilliman always made it sound.

    Lastly was the youngest, by age not even allowed to consume alcohol, Aris Elhan. With the fire and enthusiasm of a young child he wields dual pistols like a gunslinger of ancient times and a modified bastard, claymore-esque Chainsword. But he is also the most humane of the squad. Likeable as Guilliman and as worried about the people of Ultramar, he truly could be called the metaphorical heart of Squad Ars Bellica.

    All five have been training together from their childhood on, only a few weeks after Guillimans assimilation of the XIII Legion. Ten years of training, fighting, eating and sleeping as one squad, designated to hit where no full-size squad else could and harder than any other squad, as critical strike at the right time in the right spot. And due to their lack of ranged equipment, it was no surprise that Sergeant Dominus fielded a Plasma Gun as his choice of weapon.

    However today would be a day like none other. Guilliman proclaimed that the Imperium of Mankind was going to conquer the stars in what would be known as The Great Crusade. After having been loaded into their battle barge and given their farewells to their homeworld they ventured off to a world that Captain Proxis named 'Port Stellus'. However it was the Sergeant who would brief his squad.

    "Alright." He clasped his hands, summoning the holo-desk projection of the world as they stood in full armor around the table. "This will be our first real engagement with both Terrans and recruits from the realm of Ultramar. But more importantly. This battle will serve as a proof of concept to Squad Ars Bellica." With the projection having finished all the various layers of the planet, he started pointing at different areas.

    "We identified three main points of assault. The capital where we assume the political leadership to be at. The 12th company will take their assault there in attempt to cut the head of these traitorous humans. Having been seduced by aliens into a better life than the Imperium has to offer." He tapped the area and it highlighted the assault pattern, a simple pincer move, allowing the enemy a false sense of ability to flank, just to decimate them with orbital bombardment or air support.

    "The second assault targets a large supply depot which will be taken, not detonated. This will not only cut off critical warmachines off from their military, but it will also allow us to utilize them against their own. The problem is that they use primitive fossil fuels which are prone to detonation and the fact it will be heavily fortified with various bunkers, anti-air towers and similar. Which means that five infiltration teams will have to enter at the same time to make the takeover as smooth as possible and allow a primary assault force to enter. The 6th and 9th would do this in a joint operation, with infiltrators consisting mostly out of veterans." When he had highlighted the area, the number five would become very obvious as there were five targeting arrays for the anti-air weapon systems.

    "The last assault group will be targeting their sole space port. We cannot simply destroy it as we must retrieve data on other worlds they might be dealing with and shipping manifestos to obtain the coordinates of incoming and outcoming shipments, their contents and the xenos associated. If these humans had been seduced, so will be others. And of course we must know if they suffer from drug abuse or other means to convince them to give their lives away to alien overlords. This operation will be led by our company, the third and Captain Alexandros Proxis himself as he excels in void combat like no other of this strikeforce." On a tap, the map zoomed away from the world and onto the space station, displaying the Ultramarine fleet battleplan and the sole space station.

    OOC: See Discord Voting channel. But basically the options you can choose from are:
    #1 - Direct Ground Battle with the 12th Company.
    #2 - Infiltration Mission with elements of 6th and 9th company.
    #3 - Boarding of Space Station with your company, the 3rd.

    These decisions will have long-term effects in terms of your squad reputation and future mission choices.
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    Augustus walked up to the holo-desk and leaned onto it, looking over the large fleet of their Legion. His initial thoughts turned to the main assault as the squad could put on display their value and purpose in front of the bulk of the other forces. But that was a joint action, one where the overall troop number counted more than anything else. And the infiltration task seemed a slight stretch for the squads make up. With the majority of the squad consisting of mid to close range weaponry, a mission with a likelihood of explosions and armor did not seem to play to Ars Bellica's strengths. Which left a logical choice of the Space Station where close quarters and medium range fire would lend itself most effective.

    Pointing to the Space Station, Augustus spoke to Sergeant Dominus, "The squads strengths play into an attack on the Space Station. While the main assault and infiltration prove important for this specific world, the information provided by the systems within the space station will prove a much more valuable asset for the future." Augustus spoke with a voice that seemed full of pride, but never arrogance. This came from what he was believed to be expected of him by any who knew his father. Claudius was a great leader and fighter before his elevation into the ranks of superhuman, so it was understandable why the name Aurelius was hung over Augustus' head. Augustus knew, even though his father never conveyed it, that he was watching and listening to everything he heard about his son. Something that Augustus would never overlook or forget in every decision he made.
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    Julius looked on from the shadow the astartes staring at the hololithe, taking in the information, The thought of joining 12 company in a direct and upfront assault pleased the astartes, Though he set it aside as he looked at the other objectives, Infiltration could help them get resources on world faster as well as cut of enemy, though there was no knowing what was in the supplies depoes, atleast some fuels possibly that was usable, though with a stray bolt shot, or grenade and it could all go up in flames.

    Finally the space station, information gathering as well as possibly taking whatever the station had to find more info on distant systems as well as how these humans cooperated with these aliens, whether it be peacefull or other means the xenos got them to side with them. As well as a possible map to the xenos hiding whole. "I agree with Brother Augustus, The Space station holds likely of more key to the next steps after this world has been conquered, likely of more importance in the long term then the short, Recovering this info might provide more insight into the aliens these humans deal with as well as a route to there home and other planets, which will help the expedition fleet and our legions find more worlds to continue to and might provide a weakness to these xenos, As Much as I would love to join our brothers in the twelveth in a assault, the space station holds more importance out of our current objectives." Julius said standing and watching the hololith.
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  4. Aris paced around the room as he looked at the map, unable to keep still. This was how he was like before he became a space marine, and there wasn't much one could do to change him. His mind worked on the situation, but he found himself stuck. His fingers flicked and he stopped pacing for a moment before looking between the members assembled. "I may not be used to the best of my potential in the tight confines of some of that station." he said, still thinking. He was very mobile, quick, especially when using his assault pack. "But that is a very important objective." he frowned and would start pacing again. It seemed that he hadn't yet made a decision, and would likely wait to hear what his squad decided.
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    Severus paged through the info available in his data slate his mind taking in all the information and running internal simulations within his head. Ars Bellica was unconventional, untested and untried but their training and equipment gave him some basis to work with. The open battle was not suited to a squad like this, so he rejected the allure of open warfare, this left the space station and infiltration missions.

    Part of Severus mind listened to the others and agreed with them on which objective was most important in the long term. Going over his calculations again he concluded that the best way to use their squad would be with familiar battlegroups and in the worst case in an environment where their failure would have a lower impact. Opting for open warfare would minimalize any adverse effects their failure incurred the most, but any benefits would also be equally minimalized. Infiltration similarly had the highest benefits and the highest risk leaving the space station as a balanced objective for the squad to test themselves upon.

    His mind made up Severus put down the data slate and pointed to the space station. With a calm voice, he said

    “Theoretical: The squad’s expertise and composition are most suited for infiltration or assault actions in relatively small areas of combat.

    Practical: We are most suited for the space station. It is a balanced point between the three objectives in terms of where we can be effective without jeopardizing the overall situation if we were to fail.”
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    Remus scanned through the data as effectively as one would expect from a son of the Thirteenth. All of the targets were of priority, but some were of a high priority and it could be a likely prospect that this world like many of the Hive Worlds he'd learnt about required the assistance of sister worlds to feed their large population. So take the their supply lines and watch the enemy wither and break.

    Now there was also the possibility as the data suggested of a Xeno element that was being given to the Human population to make them more subservient and if that was the case, cutting off that supply was paramount. The quicker Humanity becomes united against the Xenos threat, the quicker the Emperor's dream could be realised.

    "Take the supplies, take the will. Seems simple enough to me." Remus spoke looking at the Space Station, in agreement with most of his brother's opinions. "Who knows, maybe we'll find where these Xenos come from and give them the Imperium's retribution personally." Remus shrugged thinking about the future wars to come.
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    Sergeant Dominus smiled in pride across the squad. "Very good analysis, well done. Recruits." He zoomed onto the space station, and their vessel approaching it.

    "The entire 3rd company will deploy in this endeavor. However we cannot guarantee that we will not have to destroy it which means this will be an in-and-out operation for us." The holo-projection simulated an assault of torpedos, lances and a highlighted assault vessel, a Stormbird that was assaulting on a tangent of the space station, rather with the full assault group.

    "As Captain Alexandros will lead our main force into their primary hangars and then move from there towards the control rooms, we will go straight for the databanks. This means Master of the Forge Kalydos will accompany us, in case we meet problems with extracting the information, as we are blessed to have him on-board and he clearly would not want to stay idle - he is just as diligent as any citizen of Ultramar should be." The Sergeant nodded in approval of his own statement.

    "As we charge into the space station, a heavy weapons team will keep our landing zone secure until we return. So let us not make them wait too long. I trust in the captains abilities, and so he does into us. Only worry about our objective. Success is not measured by the number of exterminations, but by achievement. Do not disappoint me." His eyes rested on Augustus Aurelius for a moment, giving him a stern nod. The young Ultramarine would understand the gesture.

    The Sergeant then shut off the holo-projection and made the sign to group up, heading in a jog towards the hangar, next to their designated armory where each one of them would pick up their jump packs, grenades, ammunition, etc.

    Soon enough they were all geared up with the efficiency the XIII legion was known for and got themselves into the Stormbird named Fury of Ultramar. Forgemaster Kalydos and Heavy Weapons Team Scorpio were already seated and ready to go, Scorpio consisted only out of five members. Their Sergeant and four heavy weapon specialists, each with a different weapon. Autocannon, Volkite, Las Cannon, Plasma Cannon and a Missile Launcher.

    As soon as everyone was seated, the group had to simply wait for their Battle Barge to be in deployment range.

    "I see that Captain Proxis chose his experimental squad to deliver me to the databanks. Interesting." The Forgemaster Kalydos mused, rubbing his metallic chin. His entire body was covered in metal parts except for his arms it seemed, both greaves were missing - replaced by only the metallic prosthesis that would keep him marching. He himself carried a master crafted mechanicum axe and an inferno pistol, clearly expecting close quarter combat.

    Scorpio, First Lieutenant of the Company and leader of the same named squad, blew air out of his nose when hearing that tidbit of information. "Dominus comes from a shepherds family. No wonder he takes to the kids." He grinned at the much younger space marine. Scorpio and Dominus both were from Terra. However, the latter came into the fold at a much later point.

    "It is an honor to fight alongside you once more, as well, First Lieutenant." Dominus said, spite in his voice but not willing to make a fool of himself or jump for the trap. "But not as much as it is to have the Master of the Forge himself with us." He inclined his head towards Kalydos.

    "These are Augustus Aurelius, Severus 'Seve' Tiberivs, Julius Antius, Remen Mede and Aris Elhan." He introduced the Tactical Squad Ars Bellica.

    As soon as Aurelius name was dropped, Scorpios team started whispering among themselves, causing Dominus to roll his eyes, before strapping himself into a seat, expecting the rest of the squad to do as well. They knew the Sergeant by now also good enough that they were free to mingle with anyone else on board of the Fury of Ultramar.
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    Remaining stoic as the praise was given to them, often praise can be given as a test as much as a berating can be. To know how one would react to being given this or that treatment, better to show nothing than to expose something for a later date. As much as the World of Macragge was behind them, these Marines, and even himself were not beyond their their origins. Who knew how many still looked down upon the people of Illyria or see them as nothing more than unwashed barbarians who want nothing more than to butcher the people of Konor.

    One should never reveal their cards unless forced to, least they end up on the backfoot.

    Remen was quiet throughout the exchange between the more veteran Ultramarines, listening to your superiors and all that.

    Following the Sargent's lead, he took a seat next to him and made sure he was ready for void combat.

    "Ready for first blood, Cousin?" Remen said to Julius as he tried to pass the time with something other than awkward silence. "It'll be nice to fight a real foe for a change and not just training."
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    Augustus returned the look and nod at Dominus fully understanding the intent behind it. 'Do not fail your father's name,' the words passed through his head as they had so many times before. His father was the epitome of what it meant to be an Ultramarine and everyone that knew his father, held Augustus to that same standard whether he liked it or not. Aurelius, a blessing and a curse. The name that brought pride and carried great expectations in the same sentence. And while others did not know it, they did not have to hold Augustus to the standard of his father, for Augustus already did. Whether he could meet such a high standard or not, only time would tell.

    After being dismissed, Augustus took some brief time to reflect and focus. The objective was clear and the expectations were absolute. Augustus knew that his father was in a different system completing some achievement, but a small piece of Augustus wished his father Claudius was here to lay witness to his first achievement as an Ultramarine. However, even though he could not be there, Augustus knew that his father would watch all the reports and judge him accordingly. The time had come to carry the family's name into battle under a new banner and he would not fail. He could not fail...

    After his preparations were completed, Augustus made his way to the Stormbird with all his gear dawned. As soon as he entered the stormbird, Augustus greeted Kalydos and Scorpio with a nod of his head. He then made his way to a seat, ignoring the murmurings of the others inside after the mention of his family's name. "I expect that they shall be waiting for us as soon as we land. Truthfully, I doubt anyone would be so foolish to leave such a valuable asset undefended. Just make sure we don't forget the overall objective because a thousand lifes exsponged will be for nothing if our objective is not completed," Augustus said out loud to no one specific.
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  10. Aris had nodded to the sergeant as he approved of what he said, seeming to be eager to get moving. He would move into the stormhawk with the rest of he squad, sitting in his own seat and strapping in. It was in his nature to keep moving, being confined was never something that he enjoyed - and the anticipation of this mission wasn't helping. So is foot would tap on the deck as he looked around at the other marines that were joining them. Or were they joining the others?

    In any case, the antsy youngest of Ars Belica would smile under his helmet before Augustus spoke. "We're getting Forgemaster Kalydos to the databanks, helping him and defending him as needed." he repeated the objective, perhaps with slight intention for the squad's approval.
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