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#gothicwars, Represent!

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by leadcrazysam, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. An A10 Pilot New Member

    No, I'm using his anime/waifu shield to take the shot for me. Plus his insanity gives my plane a 3+ cover save, due to its reality warping effects.
  2. Crucias Crucias Subordinate

    No cover saves for D weapons
  3. An A10 Pilot New Member

    Wait, are you shooting that baneblade with the one giant gun at me? o_O good luck hitting me with that!
  4. Crucias Crucias Subordinate

    18" Blast Template, Mega Range, BS 5 thanks to Advanced Targetters and Apocalypse formation... O and did I mention this funky skull thing with a dice on it beside me is a Skyfire Relay?

    Also note we could use the Eldar one as well. Since it creates black holes I think that would seriously make flying hazardous :D
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  5. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    Cru: shooting kung fu fighting bunnies that can fly A10 planes since 31st Millenia.
  6. Angelfire Garik-Nighthawk Arkhona Vanguard

    Here they go again.....
  7. Ziet Ziet Subordinate

    A10 you may need a second Commisar Tuna
  8. Fuzzy Fuzzy Subordinate

    Where do fish come into this?
  9. They get eaten at the end? 8I?
  10. Authrix Active Member

    I think there was a song about it or something...

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