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Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Narak, Nov 9, 2013.

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    [​IMG] In November 2011 a community called Gothic War (GWRS) was established in order to function as a hub for different factions (aka guilds, clans) for the Space Marine 2011 game on Xbox 360. Within a month it rose to be the premier community for organised and casual play for the Xbox, and also housed some PS3 users. We ran competitions with real prizes (such as MSP cards), and random mash-up events - both of which we will do again for EC.

    Fast forward to the present day and GWRS has become a community for Warhammer and Video Game enthusiasts regardless of console (PC is a console), race, gender and creed.The factions and unaffiliated members on the site play many different games together, across many different consoles.

    Gothic Wars itself is structured a little unusually for a forum as it is run by The Governing Council (GC), a group of staff and community members who dedicate themselves to bettering the community for all its members through careful debate. It (the forum) is also is largely comprised of different forum groups, each representing their own faction with their own individual identity and forum banner. Here's a quick list of some of our more active on-site clans (of course there are more but the list would get pretty big):

    One of the big questions we get asked is why GWRS and not a site like Enjin? Well that has to be answered with a question; if your clan is large or stubborn enough to thrive in isolation then you might very well value a site like Enjin, but if you want to be part of an established and proven community where each clan provides activity for each other, then GWRS might be for you. For PC communities, we have a 512 slot Teamspeak Server that is free to use for any of our community members and clans.

    A large problem for MMO clans is that they can rapidly lose members to inactivity, and their websites go largely untouched; GWRS provides a community framework that keeps your members exposed to many individuals who share their love of the game, leading to more long-term viability. Space Marine has been a dead game for over a year now, but we still have clans who play actively and enjoy themselves on there; since it's likely over a year and a half until EC drops, long term survival is important. Most gaming groups that setup on a site like Enjin suffer website post and usage decline because they're such a small pool of people, and they could have those conversations ingame; with GWRS you're part of a large community from the get go, how far you venture from your clans private forums is totally up to you.

    Right now we are fundraising to expand ourselves. Our current forum software has served us well for two years, but we're looking into the future and seeing a need for more features and making moves towards getting them. By the end of the year our site will expand from just a forum, into a full fledged website with user contributed blogs for those who wish to document things, share stories they create, or a myriad of other uses. One great thing about GWRS is you never know what to expect the next day, we have so many great and 'unique' personalities amongst our community that we created the #GothicWars hashtag just to explain the reason for jumps in logic and insanity that can ensue, barely a day goes by without some hilarious thread.

    We also have a massive roleplaying community, suspiciously so actually. We suspect that Thugren is reanimating the bodies of the dead and forcing them to RP. Our RP community is so vibrant we actually had complaints about it from the non-RPers, apparently there were so many new RP posts that it was drowning other threads in our 'View New Posts' feature; so we operate an 'opt-in' system, those who want to RP can apply for the 'Roleplayers' forum group (automatic approval of application) and can see everything, those who want to remain oblivious can do so. We have a bunch of different RPs, from Warhammer and Dark Heresy style RPs, to Thugrens 'Sanctuary' - we can pretty much cater to you no matter how messed up you are (after all we're home to JC who's just about infamous now), whether you want to just browse, participate or run an RP.

    Like all gaming communities, GWRS does have its share of derps (after all we have JC) and drama, but our Mod team and GC are well practiced in dealing with it. Right now the EC forums have very little moderators so anything goes, that's fun up until the point where people go to far; on GWRS our Mod team does their best to put out flame wars, and complaints/reports to them get serious consideration. Since we treat banning as a step to be taken when all else fails to address an individual's behaviour, or their offence was so grave no other option was available, over our two year history we have only had to ban a handful of individuals, a fact we are proud of. We operate a word filter and ruleset copied from other major gaming communities and have favored explaining a rule violation over smacking someones head off the wall. If you can follow basic logical rules, then you'll not have any serious issues and we always welcome feedback about the rules, community or website itself - some of our best advancements have been started with the suggestion of a single member. For those who come to love our community and want to contribute to it, moderation is one path you can go down - moderated by the community, for the community.

    If you want to know more, then please feel free to drop and by and say hello; or you can PM one of our Governing Council on here that operate a PM box. [​IMG]
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    BTW guys, this is our OFFICIAL thread (same notice to mods), so stay in #GothicWars for the madness please ;). And I like it how I'm mentioned twice to describe the definition of "messed up" and "Derp" XD

    If you're a group and looking for a place to live without detaching yourself from the rest of the community, come see us and we can set you up with your own forum area! =D
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    Post reserved :)
  4. This made me very happy.

    To any who view this thread have a look around GWRS it is a great community.

    Welcome to the madness, I hope you enjoy your stay
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  6. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reading my post...

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  7. Jaccx023 Subordinate

    What... why soo serious? :p , cant have a little fun? :rolleyes:

    Ahhh anyways, for those who wish to join welcome and say good bye to your sanity.
  8. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    Another thing to point out is that we are undergoing a HUGE project (GWRS 2.0) which will hopefully be finished around early 2014. Basically we are gonna have a completely customisable forum, and group and clan leaders can play around and customise their own private forum area for your clan however they like, it's like having your own website, but we do all the important admin and funding stuff.
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    wow prosperan could be a politician with how well he worded that, im impressed
  10. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    LoL, it took all of us ages to right.

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