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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gromorith, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Dunther Dunther Subordinate

    That is from the Q&A that The First Founding did with Brent
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  2. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    Guys, when I said orks are powerful psykers, I was talking about their inate, uncontrollable power to make things happen by believing it should. Because that is a psychic ability. Hence they are powerful psykers, who can't control it...
  3. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    5% plus damage is so dull though. Why not a 1% chance to spawn a blood letter on killing an enemy?
  4. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    It was more like "Thanks to the Eldars lust for lust" ;p
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  5. I was just an example :)
  6. Devotion as I think should work like this: Adeptus Astartes choose a Primarch or The Emperor(tactical), to choose class alignment, Legionnes Astartes choose a Chaos God or Chaos Undivided(tactical), Orks choose between Gork or Mork, or a famous Warboss(like Gorgutz(taktikal ork)), Eldar devote themselves to the Aspect Temple or any of their Gods(Dire Avenger).
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  7. Wyrd Boyz are powerful! It isn't so much as saying a tree is a power plant, more like...

    If you built a nuclear power plant using gum, duct tape and toothpicks.
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  8. Leois Leois Subordinate

    Give me some Slaanesh! But also keeping grand father Nurgle happy with his sores and all is a must. ;)
  9. QuantumDawn New Member

    You have no idea what you're talking about human. Excuse me for putting words into your mouth but what you wanted to say is "Thanks to the Dark Eldar lust for lust". We no longer see them as one of our own.
  10. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    Wish I was able to disown 99% of my race.

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