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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gromorith, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Manik New Member

    Gork & Mork, of course.
  2. Locutus Locutus Arkhona Vanguard

    The Chaos Gods only devote a small fraction of their attention to the material universe from time to time. They're too busy playing the eternal Great Game against each other in the infinite Warp. I don't think they would ever care to personally get involved in a minuscule conflict such as this. The most you are going to see of their power on the battlefield would be "gifts" to their followers (mutations, boost to attributes, daemonic weapons/armor, etc) and maybe send a few Daemons in to stir things up, but that's pretty much it.
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  3. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    Only "gods" you may see on the battlefied are :
    - avatar of Khaine for Eldar
    - great demons : avatar of chaos gods for Chaos Marines (there are 4 indeed : one for each god)

    Apart of avatars there are greatly powerful units which can appear on the battlefield in needed time like :
    - a squiggoth for Orks
    - the sanguinor of Space Marines Blood Angels
    - a prince demon for Chaos Marines
    - the swarmlord of Tyranids
    - an autarch of Eldar
  4. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Isha is still alive and kicking. Well, as much as one can be kicking while being force-feed Grandfather Nurgle's latest plagues.
  5. Manik New Member

    Nah, a Stompa for Orks ! Dat's a real Idol of Gork (or Mork). Squiggoth's just a fraggin' huge meatball wiv' teeth (and angry).
  6. Well that's just the way Nurgle shows his affection. The tub of moldy lard has a stinky crush on Isha.
  7. All this talk of gods when the only one needing mention is blessed Nurgle.
    I have composed an ode to our magnificent lord of Plagues

    (clears throat)

    Nurlglish lord within the warp
    How do I love thy poxes
    with gentle care you bless our skins
    and turn unbelievers into corpses

    The greenskin gods this mork and gork
    they are philistine raging beasts
    with no true art and no great scheme
    will their stupidity never cease?

    The eldar, sick and thin and weak
    hiding in twisting webways
    their gods are dead, yet still they seek
    they look upon their last days

    The other three are mere pretenders
    to our Nurgle's throne
    they fight and squawk, bawl and yell
    over realms they cannot own

    And on far Terra, old and rotting
    the corpse god there remains
    but Nurgle's hordes will descend upon him
    and leave him but a stain

    So tremble ye unfaithful scum
    and look upon our lord
    Nurgl'eth his name, lord of the seven
    be faithful and adore
  8. Fethaus Fethaus Arkhona Vanguard

    Pretty much this. Though I'm sure it's been stated somewhere that they simply can't enter the material universe in the first place. Partly due to well, each being a part of the immaterium, and secondly because they are much too powerful to remain outside of it.

    Generally the less powerful a deamon is, the longer it can maintain a shape outside of the warp - Apart from a few key figures and Daemon Princes ( Who are anchored in both realms ). So it's logical that the same restrictions would apply for the gods themselves.
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  9. Carnage Carnage Deacon

    The Orks are not 'insanely powerful psykers' either... you have a lot to learn young one.
  10. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    Agreed, saying Orkz are insanely powerful psykers is like saying trees are nuclear power plants.
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