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Gimme yer gripes

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rokdakgut-rippa, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Okay I'm conducting some research at the moment and was wondering, what are the most Annoying things for Eldar players ingame at the moment? Spew them all to me as if I were your psychologist or something, your twelve foot tall; green smelly psychologist.
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  2. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    A lack of cosmetic options and a lack of weapon options.
  3. Orks exist...
  4. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    No Pharaoh beard option for my Dire Avenger

    Shitty robes for my Warlock

    Dire Avenger a flat out inferior MoS marine with cqb boltor with drum mag

    Armour is still overpriced, it should cost 10lp more than LSM not 50lp for the light armours

    Shrines still costing over £10 each

    An Eldar nerf thread every day when I haven't won a game as them in weeks

    Dark Reaper still having his face drawn with a permanent marker

    Reaper Launcher getting nerfed and nerfed when gun was subpar at best

    Nerfing the weakest heavy in game harder than better ones (nerfing his guns and health)

    MC Reaper Launcher not reducing charge time

    Lack of loin cloths for Eldar deformed behinds

    Eldar that equip the tempest launcher

    No scorpion claw or mandi-blasters

    Bitching about JPA being trash when now they have 25 armour less than pre patch

    Apothecary buff threads when they are tankier than MoN builds

    LSM's ability to rush a point with servo skull and beacon spam to auto win games and LSM's ability to spam servo skulls and beacons+ spawning steps from the point to auto win every game.

    Saying MC shields are overpriced at 100lp extra when it can block an extra 7 boltor rounds or an extra fist attack and then getting the priced reduced to 50lp extra because of mass moaning when it wasn't even that bad

    Lack of High Elves in Total War Warhammer...:(
  5. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    - The lack of weapon choices. I know some are limited due to there being no 2 handed weapons, but things like the scorpions claw and firepike are possible.
    - shrines are still really expensive for just a recolour apart from the one scorpion shrine
    -general lack of cosmetic items such as loin clothas
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  6. Maensith Subordinate

    What kind of scientific degree are you conducting this research for? Ph.D in eternalcrusadeology? I heard there is University of Eternal Crusade Studies in the US, particularly Faculty of Eldar cosmetics development, they would be interested in your type of work
  7. Naurgalen Naurgalen Active Member

    1. People complaining about double melta but not thinking about:
    a) meltas are not easy to attach to moving tanks (specially if they ARE defended)
    b) the fact that nobody drives tanks its because tank driving is boring and gives 0 exp / personal compensation
    c) lower HP on eldar tanks and transports makes them REALLY vulnerable to other faction tanks -and eldar tank weapons suck terrible, specially vs other tanks but even vs people-
    d) SM have fucking grav guns that make killing eldar tanks really cheap
    e) other factions have tank busting grenades/weapons in versatile classes (heat on firedragon lets you kill only 1 people at best, you can never win 1v2 no matter how skilled you are and ofc you cant cap or have other special things)

    2. Little customization on weapons and specially in appearance

    3. Recolor shrines at 10 dolars each (something they said would change)

    4. VS decent teams warlocks with buffs ARE needed and little people play them as full support chars arent really popular

    5. Destructor still isn't worth it (probably related to 4, as choosing destructor doesn't make you a decent DPS and still halves your buff options)
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  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    You understand me filthy Mon-Keigh?
  9. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    15% sprint speed should be 33% to match movement speed bonus.

    Lack of decent ranged AV options - EG Reaper Launcher is less accurate than lascannon and charges slower.

    Lack of decent AoE damage options - Tempest Launcher is unusable in multiple situations. Cannot brace. Cannot shoot through windows if next to them or over railings. Cannot effectively flush enemy from cover or cover deny.

    Lack of Mandiblasters for Scorpions

    Lack of Scorpions Claw

    Lack of other Aspect weaponry - shimmershields/mirror swords etc

    Eldar vehicle lethality needs to be moved from roadkill to weaponry.

    Banshee should get speed enhancing wargear or extra agility buff/extra stamina.

    Eldar Heavy armour should afford more armour protection.

    Lack of mid tier armour option.

    Assymetrical balance in TT means Eldar aspects are highly specialised. This is balanced by the fact that The rest of the Eldar Warhost compensates for the aspects weakneesses.

    This means Eldar vehicles and Guardians with support Grav platforms provide acceess to weaponry that are denied the Aspects.

    Without Grav platform weaponry which provide Eldar with a large amount of fire support in the form of other weaponry which other factions get to utilise on their standard troops eg Space Marines and Orks.

    This means that Starcannons, Scatterlasers, Vibrocannons, D-cannons etc are missing from the Infantry arsenal.

    Eldar needs effective AoE weaponry and seeing as TT Lore is freely adapted to enable Third Person Shooter mechanics to work [IE teleporting into transports - equiping commander wargear on standard troops] there is no reason why other weapons from the Eldar arsenal eg heavy weapons like the Scatter laser or Brightlance could not be adapted from Grav platforms and be given to Reapers so they could fulfill their intended role correctly.

    Eldar are such a specialised army that choosing to include only the Aspect warriors in game without giving them access to a balanced arsenal is holding them back from a game balance perspective.

    If Eldar are to be specialised and lack that versatility then they need to be THE best at the role their class fulfils in terms of weapon damage and utility. At the moment only the Fire Dragon is at that pinnacle of excellence where it has all the tools and utility to excell at its role.

    [Lack of cosmetics both in adornments and armour types bothers me less but adds to the general feeling of neglect]

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