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Get Stuck In! - Waaagh Kompani Absalushun (WKA)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Katzu_HSM, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Waaagh Kompani Absalushun
    Boyz of Orkona!

    Listen up, ya gits! Dem 'Umies tink dey run dis place; dat dey drove off all da Bosses and Warbosses and Nobs an dey can jes play "'Umie Shoota 2." WELL DEY CAN GET ZOGGED! ORKONA BELONGS TO DA WAAAGH!

    So me and da Boyz was having a fink, see, and I has an idea. I come up wif da ded kunnin plans 'round 'ere and don't forget it! I says dat we needed ta let you lot know we'ze lookin to pick up any Boyz lookin fer a good scrap! Waaagh Kompani Absalushun (WKA) is the Ork-inspired arm of Absolution Gaming and Watch Company Absolution. We bring a mature, tight-knit, and well-organized group to the faction... (Den we sets 'em loose wif rokkits and lots of dakka, see?) We pride ourselves on being organized, skillful, friendly, and mature. We run decent sized war parties every night and the only time you won't finish a campaign is if you don't want to. We run weekly events and have a decent number of streamers and Trukkloads of talented Boyz.​

    We use discord for our main form of communication.
    Our website will be constructed soon.
    >>>> Discord <<<<

  2. So, yer tryin' ta steal away da new Boyz from DLB?

    Not sure how ta feel 'bout dat....

    I's only seen one WKA git at a time in me hours. Sure dis ain't a setup or sumfin?

    Anyhoo, gots me workshop gubbinz ta play wiv now; see if an update 'fore year end.
  3. Problum is you'ze one uv dem Brit Boyz an mos of us Mobs up in da evnins all U.S.-like, which iz.... A bunch uv time afta.
  4. An' anuva fing: you'll feel how I tells ya ta feel, ya grot!

    Gets ta fightin or get off me mudball. Orkona only belongs ta da ded 'ard Boyz what don't run when evryfing gets all zogged.

    Is you here ta Whaaaa or is ya here ta WAAAGH!
  5. Zoggin 'ell, ya grot!

    I's only been lisnin ta me Choppa an' Shoota. An' dat's how it be fer now.

    I be fightin every day I can get sum.

    I's have ya no I is a Fiddla Mek learnin bits fer da workshop.

    Yesterday ripped the 'ead off a Tyranid fer Shoota conversion. 'Umies finked it wos fer dere Boyz......NO! :OrkGoff:

    Me 'Umie senses tinglin...
  6. Ripped it off, eh?

    Good fing I gave ya dat idea ta do, den! Youze can tank me latah!
  7. Neva! I's give praise ta Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka - soon as da runts been sterminated I's makin' a big Krooza from da scrap fer all da boyz wots lookin' fer da next fight.

    An' we go straight ta Ghazghkull ta join da Green Kroosade ta show Orks is da boss once an' fer all!
  8. Ain't Thrakka in sum un-Orky place wuts got no proppa Boyz and nobody ta really fight? Was da point, I asks ya? 'Ere we got Shiny 'Umies, Spiky 'Umies, Pansies, and de Bugz. What's Thrakka got over where 'e's at, eh?
  9. *eyes twitching as he reads - looks over to the nearest Ork and grabs him by the neck*

    Hold me Shoota, lad; sum'un I's gotta see.

    *gazes at him furiously, as to be sure they understand what would happen if they stole it*

    *finally locates Rekstuff, sat in a pipe below eating Squig; pulls out trusty knuckle-duster. Pauses to judge the distance before leaping down upon the target and proceeding to beat them into submission*


    Looky 'ere! Wot is dis, eh?

    *finds some interesting gubbinz and stuffs it into his pockets*

    *leaves a short note*

    "Read dis ya git; dey ain't da same Ork! Neva so much as appear ta qweshun Ghazghkull."
  10. Psst... I'ze wearin purpl.....

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