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Get Rid of Armor Trim LSM

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Bacchus, Sep 18, 2017.


Make LSM Armor Trims Cosmetic

Poll closed Oct 2, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Akarus Bacchus Recruit

    At this point does it really matter? This has been brought up for some time now and the answer is always something along the lines of "No, it's a useful gameplay visual" and yet at lower graphics settings the trim is removed entirely, so in other words, it is not necessary. Even among the other races, there is hardly any equivalent. The eldar? No armor visuals at all. Chaos? By default their armor is trimmed with either bronze or silver, and most of the time it fits. The orks? Again, like the eldar, hardly anything. Better yet, just make it a cosmetic item that people can equip at their leisure.

    I'm quite tired of having some cheap looking aluminum outline on my bright red armor.
  2. Sarley Rann surly_badger Arkhona Vanguard

    Hell yes. I can't begin to express how damn ugly the red-tier armor looks on my IF.[​IMG]

    Get rid of it. Please.
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  3. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    It should just be an optional cosmetic after you unlock it from the advancement tree.In a game all about customizing your avatar having forced cosmetic items seems silly.

    Have you seen gold armour on an imperial fist? *shudders*
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  4. Akarus Bacchus Recruit

    Yeah, its not good. I'm still triggered whenever I equip corvus legs and the artificer outlines the knee guard.
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  5. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    Yep, the only chapters it actually look cool on is Ultramarines and Blood angels, else, wear some sunglasses to tone down the visual intensity caused by the abomination...
  6. kek at the Imperial Fist with Gold trim comment. So true.

    Hopefully this "mechanic" will become a thing of the past with the Steam Workshop on the horizon. I can't imagine BHVR is going to willfully rule out hundreds of potential armor sets, thousands of potential pieces of armor and dozens of various jump pack skins just because of this bullshit with Wargear dictating aesthetics. Not to mention all the revenue that will be lost as a result of these ridiculous wargear rules causing modders to say "fuck it, they're not ruining my beautiful creation with that crappy looking gold or silver trim".
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  7. Delta_Ace Gunzy Menial

    I feel your pain Beaky Bro ive been begging Noah on removing the trims for beaky legs for 8 months now and nothing happened so far. And also turning them into cosmetics would definitely be a good idea (for example the artificer shoulders should be MK2 crusader armor by the looks of it).
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  8. Ilseum Ilseum Ordinate

    Yes would be nice... but luckily thoughness and armor regen delay are unimportant stats and you really dont need the better armor versions (IMHO). If you need more defence use the +health and +armor trinket and they are cheaper toos.

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