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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Delcan Delcan New Member

    It's been 2 months and the problem described in the first post is still going on. I was actually scared when yesterday I couldn't find an eldar match till 19:00 UTC, on Sunday...

    I want to help dealing with the problem and I'll leave the game queuing most evenings even though I'll be totally afk many times. As 7 eldar players queuing are required, it isn't that difficult to start a match, and with me and only 6 more people queuing I hope to make matches more probable earlier.

    Thus, hopefully, widening the time where people will espect matches to happen and queuing before thereafter.
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Not quite. What I described was not the problem but the path to it. Used to be you had to come on later and later to find a match. Now, you have to be lucky.
    I am mostly playing now either at US prime-time, if I don't have to get up early, or if events happen like Saturdays or the MYST-parties.
    I actually doubt the faction would still be getting any games if not for MYST and the webway but, in the long run, we will still find ourselves limited to warparties and premades.
  3. Game is dead, xenos gone, enjoy EC

    pls play our game (no)
  4. We dictate you when you play games fkn pleb!
  5. Delcan Delcan New Member

    Yes, yesterday matches started because of MYST Queuing and soon arrived more eldar players. Is there an eldar discord?

    Well, I'd prefer if the game doesn't die like this, any further W40k multiplayer shooters would be far more difficult to happen... yet I don't deny that this game could have been improved easily, a better Interface there... better parties... global chat... many lost opportunities... I bet half the player don't even know about Tyranids because of the aweful interface, when that game mode easily reworked could have become something like a W40k "Left 4 Dead" game for parties of friends...
  6. [Eldar Discord - The Webway]
    A discord for every Eldar player, wether in a guild or not.
    Feel free to hop on and play with other Eldar aligned players, regardless of guild affiliation
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  7. Delcan Delcan New Member

    Thanks for the link, it should be stickied in the eldar subforum

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