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Game Ui/hud, What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cupcakeunleashed, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. I don't think the minimap should act like a radar. It would be more immersive if we had to pay attention.
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  2. Why would it? You, the player, already have a disconnect between your senses and the information being presented to you from a video game. Information that is lesser do to not having having the same senses as you would have in a real life situation. There's a lack of situational awareness that is meant to be made up by UI elements such as a mini map, and without it breaks game flow because you're having to constantly second guess yourself. And this is not even mentioning something like graphics quality.

    This is of course assuming something nebulous like "immersion" is even desireable. I personally can say I would rather be given information I can use to make proper decisions and fight my enemy rather than having to wrestle with a useless UI and fight the game.
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  3. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    That's a good point which slipped by me. I shall refer to the Alien franchise as Cupcakeunleashed did.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    While the amount of dots could be alarming, even an overwhelming mess, it's just a matter of getting used to it I feel. And as shown in sections of the above images the dots become blobs when close. Actually, that could be misleading to just how many there are. I figure 6 dots in the second image on the right side, but there could be more between the 6 dots I count. Well, the point is still given. "Hey look enemies are gathering here. This place crawls, you better bring your team and stay frosty marines!"

    I also thought of these examples while typing the above.
    [​IMG] Renegade X (including link to site in case anyone else loved that game as I do and didn't know about this), a fanmade remake of the multiplayer aspect in Command & Conquer Renegade. This screenshot in particular is of the opening to Black Dawn singleplayer demo they made. Minimap is quite nice I think. Add 2 more colors to represent the 2 other factions and bam! Magical moments of war fueled carnage start happening. Er, I suppose you'd need colors to differentiate different squads in a strikeforce/platoon. Or just give them numbers, all players in Squad 1 will have a 1 in their dot on the minimap and 1 next to their name when Squad 2+ looks at them.
    [​IMG] Command & Conquer Renegade singleplayer campaign screenshot. Including this to point out the minimap dot is highlighted with a 4 corner box border when the player aims at it. Could be a nice feature for squad leaders to mark targets like that. Like say the squad is spread out holding a line when the leader spots a target that needs killing to quickly get his/her squad to know where to look amidst the sea of enemies who may or may not at times start looking all the same. What unit would blend in like that? Not sure but just a thought.
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  4. I would also advocate for a standart minimap to be included at all times. Lore wise, atleast Spacemarines and Eldar have stuff like that in their helmets anyway I think?

    But more importantly (more important than lore? HERESY!), I agree that the minimap is an abstraction for the player. If I am a Spacemarine, and I hear someone shooting behind me, I will know where he is. Through the restriction of this being a videogame, I don't have all that information jsut by hearing it, which I would have in "real". So the minimap is the abstraction of that.

    The spottingmechanic, should only last a short time/ immediatly dissapear when the enemy enters cover (I look at you battlefield). On the other hand, I am all for a spotting mechanic. Just fix some of the Battlefield problems^^ Depending on how easy it is to implement, I would love it if it automatically spotted relative near enemys that are in no way obstructed in your view, and give you the oppurtunity to generally point at something in other situations. For example just a 10 second cooldown abiltiy to point somewhere. This could give a short grenadelike indicator to your teammates.

    Btw, I really don't like the current minimap, its just ugly and seems not practical, but I will reserve my judgement for when I can test it ingame and I am sure it will improve :D

    In general I hope they don't try to hard to make everything look like Grimdark. I want to also have fun and especially feel epic in the game. Just make it epic ^^ Also I would love if they you could chose a PC only UI. I know they want to make a look that works for PC and consoles, but I really hope there is either a PC only version, or the general UI functions flawlessly so that I never feel that it had consoles in mind.
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  5. Thought it looked great to be honest for so early on in the process !!

    Yes there could be changes but we won't know what it looks like and how it plays til early access I'm going to leave my judgement to then
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  6. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    One thing I would like to see changed is the impact or hit indicators. Instead of being circler I would like it to be spherical. My meaning is this in a game where the chaos of the battlefield will cause hundreds of deaths if I'm shot from behind I don't think that a bump on the bottom of my screen is the kind of information I would know in real life. I think instead of front, rear, and side indicators it should be zoned like a rubrics cube. So I would know that I am being hit from high right rear region or from below to my left. With time to kill so low being able to at least tell where your being hit from will make the game a little more playable.
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  7. bmurphy bmurphy Menial

    It looked good.

    But I really hope they don't limit UI customization based off what faction you choose. That is an absolutely terrible idea.
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  8. Khyrus Khyrus Menial

    isn't that something, peter clarified on the stream? i have to watch it again, but i'm sure, he said that its this way only on the flash.
  9. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    Thanks to all for your feedbacks : )
    We are early enough in development that your comments can definitely be taken into account.
    Some of you mentionned Warframe but don't forget also that Warframe current UI wasn't like that on day one - We will aim to do everything as perfect as possible for launch but since it is a live product, there will be occasions to refine the UI post-launch.

    Also, some of you seems to think we are putting too much emphasis on visual treatments than on simplicity but this is actually our way too work: We prefer to plan for more and skim afterward than the reverse - adding things afterward is more complex than removing the un-necessary elements.

    But again thank you all for the examples you are linking and the details you are mentionning. It gives me a lot of options that will be super helpful when I'll refine the different parts of the UI. Keep them coming : )
  10. I think the most important feature would be the ability to customise your HUD, that is to add or remove elements, move them around, change their size and transparency. It will be much more convenient, because every player has his own preferences, and it's impossible to satisfy all of them with one HUD.
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