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Game Ui/hud, What Do You Think?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cupcakeunleashed, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Ok, so this stream showed us the updated UI/HUD systems that are in production.
    They look alright, but dont really look ready for an MMO.

    For character customization, I was thinking of something more along the lines of Destiny, but without the white background.
    Something like this, but with a bit more text so you can understand what things actually are, would work very well.
    One side for cosmetics and the other side for equipment/combat gear.

    For in-game, the HUD looked very good, the commander thing in the corner was kinda odd, it looked a little out of place for me, took up too much of the screen and hopefully commander interface with players is not like that.
    I also noticed the lack of experience bar, now, we understand this is not a normal MMO, but there is still experience gain and skill trees. I'd like to have some kind of bar to show how far you have progressed.

    What do you think about the updated UI.
  2. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    That's pretty much how Warframe has had it for a while, since it went the minimalist path: Less sub-windows and borders.


    I don't have a preference though tbh. I like UIs to be different from game to game and the current mockup (not the old Flash) looked solid and intuitive.

    The HUD was awesome. The controls to bend it in and out especially.

    I wondered about the commander's head. I wonder if that's for Squad/S-F/Command HQ to have a talking avatar on screen during communications. If so, it feels a little RTS, but I'd have to see it live. The in-helm mockup looked fantastic.
  3. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    I liked the UI, only bit that irked me was the Eldar font directly beneath the portrait was difficult to read. I could still read it but not as quickly as the others. The ammo counter represented by bullets was unneeded too when the numbers were right there. And in the end I agree that the Commander just didn't belong. Though if they keep that would different sub-factions have different commnders? Were those general commands or War Council members orders?
    Exp bar showing current progress to next "level up" and total number of unspent points would be nice too, so you don't have to always go into a menu to see progress. Only other things I can think of to add/change would need to wait for more UI customization reveals. We saw that we could potentially angle the displays, scale them to bigger or smaller sizes. I would also like to adjust individual elements while keeping others default/different as someone mentioned in stream chat (Psyctooth I think?), change opacity and even move them to different positions on the screen. Such as Health and ammo counters. I liked how Planetside 2 had it. I think it was labeled as "Centered HUD" choice in options. I'd be fine without it but still nice.
    Temp - PlanetSide22013-10-2419-01-32-266_zps66fbd2dc.jpg With this keep your eyes centered around the action on screen while receiving information.
    1. On the left is energy bar in this case is PS2 heavy assault class showing charge of overshield (in EC this could be perils of the warp, jump charges, block meter showing how much you can take before it is broken such as with shields or whatever else you're holding up to protect your pretty face)
    2. On the bottom is armor/shield & health (could also have an icon or highlight there to indicate the pick up state* instead of a faded color screen we saw before) *pick up state = you were picked up from downed state and next time you go down you skip the downed state and are dead. a heal from personal medkit or support changes that.
    3. To the right is ammo in magazine bar before you need to reload (could add equipment icons such as apothecary narthecium supply to that)
    4. Below health are the collected ammo & equipment counts.

    Just to note, Star Wars The Old Republic & SMITE also have good UI editing tools for players.
    Also the bit where he set off all the display demos = ALL OBEY THE HYPNO-HUD! THROW YOUR MONEY AT ETERNAL CRUSADE!
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  4. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    My mind was blown, and too think these were the base stuff and will be improved.
  5. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Personally I think there is still a lot of work to be done on the UI. However theres still a LONG time until launch, so I'm not too worried about it. From the current style things seem a little too 'blocky' and obtrusive. I like minimalism when it comes to the UI. Also a fan of the Destiny UI style.

    I think my main gripe is that in an attempt to make everything feel 'Warhammer40k-y' they've created a rather clunky looking UI.

    For me the priorities for UI design are:

    1.) Form (minimalist)
    2.) Function (all the information you need in a well presented format)
    3.) Styling (The 40k look)
  6. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Also, regarding the transitions between loadout menus I think it would be super cool if the Space Marine walked around. E.g. Walks near a weapon rack when choosing loadout, goes to an adeptus mechanicus for upgrade, etc.

    Hope Nicolas reads this thread >.<
  7. Yet again, I think there's too much stuff on the screen in game. And yet again, I remember from the novel, that Space Marines got a lot of stuff in their helmets, but actually no mini maps. IMHO, only marines with auspex in their loadout should have an access to mini-map. Quite sure that would also increase the importance of support roles and teamplay, which devs are mentioning in every stream.

    Here's a random screenshot from internetz. The multiplayer looks basically the same. Instead of the "U" on the bottom left, MP objectives are displayed.

    It displays just the right amount of information. Your weapon and ammunition, number of "consumables", one line with hp and golden cover around it shows your armor. No weird helmet-vision things. The EC plays from 3d person perspective and to me it seemed to have too much of these special effects, like "omg, blood screen - so real" / "omg, static helm visor - so real". I understand that we should feel a bit of shaking when we get suppressed and that kind of stuff, but maybe, just maybe let's not make the carsickness rise in people?
    Another thing. I remember there've been talk about letting people play without their helmets. Making their screen look like what was shown in stream, wouldn't that be immersion breaking for a lot of people?

    These pop-ups also. Aren't there a bit too many?.. I guess a granade one is understandable. It flies one way, falls and that's it. You can dodge it, but assault. It won't be as easy to shake one of these off. I guess it would work in 10v10 enviroment, but there'll be hundreds of players and quite a lot of assaults. A squad of enemy assaults suddenly waking 12 or so pop-ups like that. That just takes so much place on the screen without giving much back to the player. I'm still quite certain, that assault jumppack should just make a really loud noise in the game when is used to fly up/charge (because it's a couple of jet-turbines essencially), which would automatically alert players to assault presence in the area just as well, resulting in better immersion, without covering your whole screen in warnings.

    The loadout menys look fine to me so far. Not sure what to ask there.

    Well. That's just my idea on the matter. Don't take it personal and don't think I'm hating on things, because I don't.
  8. Bernardus Relative Well-Known Member

    I think it looks great.
    If all of those frames can be unlocked/hidden and moved, I'd say it's perfect for me.
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  9. Yeah, I thought it looked pretty good too.
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  10. I hope they get a few idea's from Alien:Isolation, since the tech used is on par with the technology in 40k.

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