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Game Design Update - June 9th, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Wiawyr Wiawyr Deacon

    Yeah? "...the majority of prior depections"? Okay then, burden of proof is on you since you're saying that. Show me this "majority of prior depictions" where it states the storm shield is projecting a force field, and not just using it to reinforce the metal of the shield itself.
  2. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    Deathwatch- combat and storm shields explicitly project a force field that functions almost identically to the Rosarius.
    DoW2- obviously an exaggeration, but the storm shield in the skirmish mode projects a force field that protects all nearby infantry(it appears in other places in DoW2, but in those cases, it just grants additional hp/damage resistance, which could be an abstraction of either interpretation)

    None of the novels I've read have actually featured shields in use, but I'm willing to accept counterexamples from ones I haven't read, provided they are from reputable authors (if it appears in a body of work with backflipping terminators, I'm going to have to discard it)
  3. Wiawyr Wiawyr Deacon

    The storm shield is a multi-layered protective device; the physical shield protects against melee, while the force field protects from ranged. The force field is integrated into the shield, but not projected outwards.

    For reference, this is how combat shields are described. Storm shields are canonically stated to be stronger versions of combat shields, but not functionally different.

    Combat shields emit their energy close to the surface of the shield, covering the entire exposed surface facing away from the marine holding it.

    Now, you're trying to use the rules from Deathwatch to explain how the storm shield should function in EC? Keep in mind that the Deathwatch are an Inquisitional chapter, which means they get the gear above-and-beyond what everyone else gets. So you're using an example of a super-rare version of an already-rare piece of equipment normally used only by company veterans and/or Terminators, to explain how eight Average Joe Space Marines of the Imperial Fists in a single battle have what would basically be a mastercrafted chapter relic that allows them unrestricted mobility and the ability to tank enormous amounts of damage.

    Your comment about backflipping Terminators is poignant, because that's very nearly what GAs are doing when they roll holding this.

    There's also an example of some Night Lords fighting a company champion with a storm shield in one of the Soul Hunter trilogy books. I have a literal mountain of 40k books stacked up, but I can't go through them atm as I'm recovering from a fairly major surgery from Thursday and can only use one hand. I'm certain that someone (or perhaps yourself) can find that scene and relate the details, if it indeed was a storm shield they were fighting.

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