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Game Design Update - June 9th, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    Not all of us indulge in using powers nonstop, I prefer shooting and stabbing things. Healing can happen but I would prefer the room to be cleared. A pistol kills faster so I use it, stream is fun for fucking around but it isn't often a serious threat when you need to kill things fast or make sure they stay down.
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  2. GreyNight ArtemK Arkhona Vanguard

    bolt pistol won't kill faster with insane 24 shots to kill. Plasma, however, would, but not everyone can afford it :p
  3. Can F and G on psychic classes be more like actual abilities?
    Is that going to be a thing sometime soon?
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  4. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    IMO, lighting effect on the newer maps like Garrison really look very nice. On night map? Not so much. Overall, I think it's hard to make the game look good at night anyway.
  5. GreyNight ArtemK Arkhona Vanguard

    game looking good at day + dynamic lighting must suffice.
  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    the veteran version of the aspiring sorcerer is the sorcerer and will have offensive stuff.
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  7. GreyNight ArtemK Arkhona Vanguard

    i am quite certain that he knows about it, distinguishing sorcerer and aspiring sorcerer.
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  8. Apothecary can use a Bolter or the Chainsword, making him a viable at Melee or Ranged Combatant. The Aspiring sorcere got his melee weapons. Giving him a bolter would crush the asymmetrical balance and would not be lore accurate afaik. (You could give him a lighning attack with a staff, that would fit maybe)

    That's why i think he should indeed have some ranged offensive spells. Nothing too strong, and definitly not better than a bolter, but something. Otherwise it would be a little unfair in my opinion
  9. Bogrol Bogrol Steam Early Access

    No. It's is an idea to mirror the Apothecary's [F] key-press and re-identify the Aspiring Sorcerer.

    I can respect that but this is an Aspiring Sorcerer.
    (Sorcerer, Aspiring or Aspiring Sorcerer?)

    Not necessarily. It confines to the role of Basic Class which I will always implore that a Basic Unit must always have a consistent gameplay. Always!

    Consistency is important and there has to be a consistent gameplay in all games. Basic Classes can be made to deliver this! The Aspiring Sorcerer must, too! Consistency, or 'same-ness', allows the player-skill to be refined. It is consistency of a minimal comprehensive game design that unlocks the player-skill further and attracts wider audience, and player-skill matters the most in every multiplayer game (not an excess of items and such like in League of Legends). It is especially important in this game that Basic Classes constantly deliver expectation. An inconsistent gameplay design will affect players more than just 'poor player performance' alone.
    Do you expect Devastator/Havoc to be able to take-out a Vehicle easier .. but their Loadout denies that? (referring to how expectations must be delivered consistently)

    AS will not be boring: The Havoc with one weapon may sound boring .. but it is not, is it?
    The Aspiring Sorcerer should be able to use 'normal weapons' appropriate for the Class much like the Apothecary. Unlike the Havoc with just one heavy weapon, the Sorcerer casts heals and/or buffs (two items). will have a ranged weapon (three items) and may use a Force-weapon (four items)!

    AS cannot be boring: It will be appropriate and consistent and very engaging. It is the action, animation, interaction and power that can deliver a Class away from being "boring" easily. It will work; he'll have all those and possibly more (e.g. chance for Basic ally to become Chaos Spawn?)

    I agree and this is how real Sorcerers can distinguish themselves from Aspiring Sorcerers. Aspiring Sorcerer should not be the definitive spell-caster but a minimal spell-caster nonetheless. They aspire to be a Sorcerer; they are not really Sorcerers, are they? This in return allows physical equipment (not magical) as an insurance policy for lack of Sorcery. This is how Elite and Hero Sorcerer classes can distinguish from the Aspiring Sorcerer and so let it be designed that way!
    (Sorcerer, Aspiring or Aspiring Sorcerer?)

    I think the business model will give the option for people to purchase for quicker acquisition of Elite units.
    People will pay.

    It's not difficult but it's certainly not as quick to imbue it to muscle-memory as the Apothecary. There is some extension and distinction about the AS, but too much of it. For me, there is much about the current AS that is very unappealing, and that's not good if everyone else shares the same - the battlefield will always need a consistent support/healer (preferring one that is appealing to play). Apothecary has a gun, a sword and a single [F] heal. The current Aspiring Sorcerer is [1], [2], [3] weapon key-pressed, standing around much of the time. Comparatively less impressive PvP interaction, which is arguably quite boring if you ask me .. unless you're an Elite Sorcerer with multiple spell-cast abilities?

    Well, this game is going on console using gamepads. We know the gameplay design will be constructed for gamepad button-presses and combinations, which is fine. This can emulate to an easier experience for PC players, too. Easier navigation of keyboard/mouse with fewer key-presses may be underestimated or overlooked.

    I hope so! It can work!
  10. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    #LeaveAspirantsAlone :D

    It's well thought out but nothing I read I like more than the current design direction.

    We have an entire faction that's being designed with a higher floor/ceiling in mind, don't dumb down the CSM side down. If depth is being damaged by complexity then yeah, it can be tuned but that's not the case atm. Simplicity for it's own sake is not a good thing and tapping [1]-[3] for the Aspiring Sorcerer is in no way harder than alternating [1]-[2] for a Tactical, and they'll be getting Combi-weapons soon, so they'll have an additional input on a single weapon platform (probably a number key, or the firemode key).

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