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Game Design Update - July 14, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Wallabe Wallabe Active Member

    Have to say I love the new MM. It may need some minor tweaks, but it's pretty damn close to where it needs to be. It's insanely good against vehicles, as it should be, but counterbalanced by the need for close range and the windup time. The windup time greatly reduces its effectiveness against infantry and prevents abuse while still being viable against them. It's more of a niche weapon now, but it's not niche to the degree of being almost unplayable like the lascannon. It's not like last patch where the second the vehicles were gone, I had to begrudgingly change builds or be completely useless. Rather, it's useful in enough scenarios that when I do need to switch, it feels appropriate and doesn't hamper the fun.
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  2. It looks like:

    -Dbash can be entered even after taking damage from light attack and still cause a clang, or this was just latency. This happens at 0:03-0:04, 0:10, and 0:14
    -At 0:09 and 0:13 it looked like he could get off another fast attack after hitting the guarded bit of your Dbash, which lead to it doing a losing (for him) clang off the kick, rather than taking the stagger from the kick, which may or may not give better recovery time.

  3. The correct phrase would be "Melee Blues". This problem isn't specific to the Warlock, it's melee in general.

    -Strong Attacks are totally ineffective vs Dbash(still, 8 weeks and counting). We're nowhere near where we were patch 16 with Strong soundly trouncing a Dbash.
    -Strong Attacks dont interrupt at all. That's a huge problem. You can strong attack an opponent, they're not effected at all. They can either continue running away, or they can counterattack and hit you before you can hit them with a follow up attack. Strong attacks need to cause a substantial interrupt(not a stun, but you shouldn't be able to continue fleeing or continue doing whatever it is you're doing when you eat a strong attack).
    -Clanging seems to be just not happening most of the time.
    -Weapon durability. Heavier weapons aren't breaking lighter weapons. If they are, it's not noticeable. What's the reward if we break an opponents weapon? I have no idea what's supposed to happen? Can they just roll away or run away totally free from any sort of debuff?
    -What advantage(if any) do we gain by breaking an opponents weapon if they can just roll away, sprint away, or spam Dbash until their weapon repairs?
  4. GreyNight ArtemK Arkhona Vanguard

    you timed your attacks terribly bad. Which means you didn't. Spamming bash + FA combo is not an option in this situation(whats wrong with bash + heavy? twice the damage, will save you time for one bash). You go for bash after he bashes which means you want for him to hit you(early bash always wins, FINALLY)

    Strange think happend at second 10, when your bash clanged off smth, however that wouldn't be fatal since you had plenty of rolls and you could not went for second FA and then bashing after enemy bashes yet again.
  5. Need a motion sensor for Tyranid Hive like in Aliens, get the panic going. Its not like it would be cheese knowing they are coming...they are always coming. FITHY XENOZZZ
  6. Keep in mind I have my target lock, locked onto the opponent in the first clip. In this video my fast attacks miss 6 times versus an opponent that's less than 5 feet away the entire time. Follow those 5 misses up with 2 strong attacks that completely miss at point blank range.

    In the second clip I just cannot connect with the Power Axe. FAst attack gets blocked by Dbash, Strong attack.. the target lock tracking is so poor I dont hit a damned thing. So my fast attacks consistently miss or get bashed, If I wind up for a Strong Attack its so telegraphed my opponent has a lifetime to roll or move away, so my strong attacks consistently miss all together. What the am I supposed to do? Just hope I catch an unsuspecting opponent?


    Power Axe, Chain Axe.

    It seems we're are back to the choreographed Kung Fu movie fight, where our Axe just barely misses our opponent every time we swing with a fast attack. I've been noticing this with patch 19, my Axe is always a step behind my opponent, ranged opponents that are in melee range, but I cant touch them because they can roll, roll +Dbash, Dbash and roll faster than I can simply step and swing my Axe.

    How can melee be a viable build if we cannot effectively connect with attacks with opponents that are in melee range? The hard part is supposed to be closing the gap and getting into melee range. Instead the hard part is getting our weapons to go where we want them to go once we're in melee range.

    As you can see in the video, not being able to connect with simple melee attacks versus opponents that are in melee range, as the time tic... tic.. tics... on by, that's more time for opponents to shoot us.
  7. All weapons systems should be subject to the same rule sets. Overheating, recoil(the more lethal the weapon is per shot, the more severe the recoil IMO), accuracy bonuses and accuracy penalties are rules that should be common to all ranged weapons systems.

    I want Eldar to be a solid faction, but at the same time I dont want to see cheese. The Reaper Cannon should have recoil, and it should overheat in all firing modes. If the tiny little Stalker Bolter has recoil(tiny compared to Plasma Cannon and Reaper Cannon) then the Plasma Cannon and Reaper Cannon should also have recoil, but since their payload is much, MUCH larger, should't the recoil scale accordingly? The fact that two of the hardest hitting weapons in game(and they're both called "cannons") have ZERO recoil... to me that's a problem, and that's inconsistent with what we see from almost all other weapons systems.

    What we need is consistency across the board with all weapons systems. Plasma weapons not following the same rules as all other weapons systems is inconsistent, and causes imbalances. If we're consistent, we're fair, and balance comes a lot more naturally IMO if all weapons systems follow the same set of rules for overheating, recoil, and accuracy(accuracy bonuses and penalties).

    In the video below, why is there no recoil? Why isn't this weapon overheating? Why is there no difference between "hip fire' mode and precision fire mode? Why are there no bonuses for firing while stationary? Why are there no penalties for firing on the move?

  8. When sieging a Fortress, I see a gross imbalance with Eldar Siege cannons versus Astartes Vindicators

    1.Eldar Siege Cannons can hit Fortress gates from extreme ranges, resulting in the gates of Harkus going down in the opening minute(singular) of the battle.

    Compare that to the Vindicator, which has to be practically in hand grenade range to hit one of the gates. First and foremost it takes time to get the Vindicator in firing range, time to get set up, and time to start firing on the gates. In the time it takes the Vindicator to get in position to fire on the gates, Eldar siege cannons will have already destroyed the main/center gate. That's before the Vindicator even fires a single shot.

    Advantage Eldar

    2. For some unknown reason the Vindicator can no longer elevate their main gun high enough to shoot at turrets and enemy players atop the fortress wall. The Eldar Seige cannons however can shoot the turrets and players atop the fortress wall.

    Advantage Eldar.

    3. Once the main gates are down, Eldar Siege Cannons can hit the inner Sanctum defenses from inside the fortress. Eldar siege cannons can hit the center turret way up top, and can take out the two guns on each flank of the cathedral. The Vindicator on the other hand cannot reach any of those locations.

    Advantage Eldar

    Now while I want Eldar to be a formidable, rock solid faction, these imbalances are a bit extreme and the mechanics that lead to such gross imbalances need to reexamined.
  9. Zargor-The-Unrepentant Zargor Arkhona Vanguard

    SM can hit turrets from impossible hiding places thanks to the Lascannon

    Advantage SM

    SM can jump on the walls using the RMB spammers

    Advantage SM

    Predators are much more effective than Gravtanks vs infantry allowing to fire on the wall defenders

    Advantage SM

    I'm happy to re-examine Eldar mechanics if also all these points get adressed (lol).
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