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Game Design Update - July 14, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Pretty sure that already happens. I had 4 in my WP but queued anyway and we got a 5th player assigned to us.
  2. Bit of feedback... This shouldn't be there. :D

  3. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    You must give credit to whoever managed to get it there though.
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  4. Would if I could. No idea how it got in there or who did it. Space elf magic probably...o_O
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  5. Did some more testing. You can go to the map and select Hive and begin queuing on your own. However, the queuing logic appears to need some work as you generally end up with only two people in a match, not 5.
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  6. tanksin tanksin Recruit

    so the eldar flying class folds its legs at crazy levels and poops grenades
  7. Yellow Yellow Arkhona Vanguard

    Unfortunately no, I was well aware of the height difference issue. I have been fighting nids on solid ground. The issue is that nids don't die fast enough for me to avoid being overwhelmed and that is part due to how nids can still attack even if im smashing a chainax through their torso. Smaller nids should stumble if they are being attacked by a weapon the size of their head or bigger, but I feel that the clanging is part of the issue of why they take more hits than expected to kill.
  8. Wallabe Wallabe Active Member

    I know they're both underpowered and buggy, but I wish you guys would let us keep the Swooping Hawks. I went from having a serious ennui towards this game to having one of the most fun play sessions I've had in my entire time with this game.
  9. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    I'm seeing this as well- power axe seems to take multiple hits to kill gaunts, and they don't noticeably react to the hit.

    Also, and this is a relatively minor issue, but the activation time on the shield is just high enough that it can't be reliably used as a parrying tool- you can turtle up and wait for teammates to shoot, but you can't actually block a gaunts' counterattack when that first swing fails to down them. Is this intentional?
  10. -Great Frames for me at least
    -Zero Disconnects
    -Vehicle Handling is leaps and bounds better than Patch 18(Astartes Vehicles at least)
    -Melta/MM wind up. The wind up Could be about a second longer, but double the burst duration. Current firing duration is about 2.5 to 3 seconds. I'd like to see that burst duration upped on Melta to about 8 seconds, with a full pre firing 2 second wind up. This would make the Melta, MM, Fire Dragon a lot more effective vs vehicles, Dreadnoughts, Terminators, Monstrous creatures, Turrets, Super Heavy units, which is where they should be IMO.

    As per Melee Rules Strong Attack > Dbash > Fast Attack > Strong Attack

    Am I even hitting this guy? Why isn't he or she being adversely effected?


    -Rules State

    Strong Attack > DBash

    I'm seeing

    Strong Attack = Dbash

    It appears that Stong attack vs bash simply "clang" as in Stalemate. Strong Attack does not effectively win and punish the bash. Also if SA > DB why is DB mitigating damage from SA? SA should hit for full,damage vs DB.

    It also appears that SA just not even connecting vs DB, as in I'm hitting nothing at point blank range. It seems Strong attacks are missing completely.

    It seems with patch 19 Strong Attack is totally missing, or if it's hitting there's no audio cue, no graphic cue I'm doing damage, no way to tell if I'm doing any damage. Plus my target seems to be totally uneffected, other than their Dbash not working. If Strong Attack is supposed to be defeating Dbash, I ask then how my opponent has the time to recover after a foiled Dbash and follow up with either fast attacks or another Dbash, before I can start a follow on attack? I won the rock, paper, scissors with a Strong Attack vs a Dbash, yet my Bashing opponent beats me to the next punch, that's broken.

    Basically there's not enough penalty for Dbashing vs strong attacks, there's not enough reward for executing a Strong Attack versus a Dbash. There's also some obvious damage mitigation going on with the BAsh vs Strong attack, which is bogus. If Strong Attack > Dbash the Damage of the Strong Attack should be hitting at full value, that's obviously NOT occuring.

    -What's going on with melee lock and smart pistol? It's about as broken as I can recall. The Smart Pistol is totally worthless in the current build. It simply will not track on target, it lags behind. On my Raptor I cannot maintain a locked target(Melee Lock) because the lock keeps dropping and does NOT face my character towards my target in a timely fashion. Quite often the lock just drops when I'm boosting with the jet pack only a few feet from an opponent. Trying to use Melee lock is very jerky jerky and it's very unreliable because it just won't lock sometimes, it lags behind the actual,player I'm locked onto, and it seems to just drop the lock so often it's impossible for me to use. On my Ground Assaults Melee lock is only marginally better because I'm moving slower than I do on my Raptor.

    -I can't see the red circle half the time when I'm locked onto a target because:

    **My Raptor does not "snap" instantly and face my character in the direction of the enemy I am locked onto.
    **I just can't see the red circle because it's too dim or the room is so dark, or both.

    Very early on in the game development when the lock on system was first implemented it was the best I've seen melee lock and Smart Pistol lock perform, 8/10 back then only because the lock would jump from target to target to target occasionally . The lock on system in it's current state is about a 4/10. I'd really love to see that old, reliable Melee lock and Smart Pistol lock back working like a champ.

    -Is clanging working? Is weapon durability working? I can't tell, I dont seem to be clanging ever and I'm not seeing my weapon durability bar pop up.

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