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Game Design Update - August 12, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Honestly it's quite easy to make new psychic powers so we will be able to have a lot of them in time. We just really want to get the balance under control first and refine the powers we have.
  2. TheHobbler First Blood!

    Hey, thanks for doing this Brent. This update is a blast, and this feedback is awesome.
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  3. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    The damage reduction from Toughness depends on the penetration of the incoming attack so it's a bit more complicated. Damage reduction ignores all of that. I invite @MichaelChan to give the formula details.
  4. Well ok, I´ve played like 2 to 3 hours with the orks, first and all I must congratulate all the EC team for making such a good work on them. You have a long road on improving them but they are pretty neat.

    So well, let´s figure out what needs to be better:
    -They are really poor damage dealers! The range of their weapons are really really bad and the damage even when they are in range (usually 8 to 12.5 meters) is poor even then.
    -Melee is a bit painful since the fast atack dont push you foward
    -Also they seem to be pretty weak doing damage in melee (for an ork, of course)
    -Vehicles tend to fall quickly, but I dont know if that is a general problem because now the devastator/havoc weapons are really, really good at range (and I like that a lot)

    But overall they are pretty good! Keep pushing foward brent!
  5. IdranelLives IdranelLives Well-Known Member

    Ok, fair enough.
    Here's my experiences: getting caught in a full-charge plasma blast? Staggered.
    Caught in a grenade but not killed? Staggered.
    Generally any concussive impact like being hit by a slow-moving vehicle induces stagger.

    Another observation: the Sunrifle doesn't suppress. It might be blinding, I haven't been hit by one yet, but I've repeatedly taken effective return fire from a target I was affecting due to it's highly visible outgoing fire. That part is only an annoyance, but needs to actually, properly, mechanically suppress targets not provide some mild visual annoyance.

    There's also a persistent bug in the game not saving any resolution or graphics quality changes between shutting down and starting up again.

    Edit. was also just staggered by a running attack.
    Confirmed. Staggered by Stormboy running attack as Hawk with 100 Toughness.
  6. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    You had global chat?

    Yes, there will be some tweaks to matchmaking. We also want to lure guilds away from matches with PUGs and into guild v guild battles where they can get their banners on the map.
  7. Tamiel Brother-Tamiel Well-Known Member

    It's so good to see people playing more than just air assault with fist.
  8. Xellius Recruit

    Why you removed chaos advancement?
  9. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    We are going to put force info on the weapons (they're technically there now in a confusing fashion) but force ratings are actually quite fixed so I'm not sure what you'd get out of knowing the exact force rating. Chain axes have exactly the same force values as power axes, power swords have exactly the same force values as chainswords. The only thing that breaks the system a bit is the Power Mauls that are between Axes and Fists.
  10. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    That sounds pretty terrible. What map was it?

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