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Game Design Update - August 12, 2016

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Well, we wouldn't do it if it blocked you from doing other actions. It will start reloading after you shoot, then if you do something else you'll cancel the reload and have to manually reinitiate it.

    Well, as I mentioned the LP cost will be lower on the basic Ork shield compared to the basic GA shield, which would mean you could spend more points on your weapon or survivability. Plus the Slugga can capture points.

    Yeah, the main problem I think is that he frequently holds it out with one hand, quite awkwardly. Ork polish is a big focus for the animators.
  2. Swagmaw Swagmaw Preacher

    * The Tracey Shoota currently costs 200LP while the normal Big Shoota costs 300LP. This is not intentional and will be fixed ASAP!

    I don't know if someone mentioned this but the Tracy Shoota has the same stats as the Shoota--NOT the Big Shoota. I thought this was a little odd considering the size of the weapon.
  3. Dingus doobers Menial

    Pretty excited about all this here!

    You friggin' tease - you're killing me!
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  4. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    It's so you can choose what to spec into. In fact, GA can get up to 4 stamina if they like, and 2 stamina could be fine if you have fast stamina regeneration (as can be seen on the jump units). I don't think we're likely to change what the base stamina is on this class, but we might be able to give them wargear to compensate IF it looks like they need it. For example, there could be a cheaper +1 stamina for GAs - we don't need costs to be uniform across classes since it should be harder for some classes to get certain stats than others.
  5. TheHobbler First Blood!

    I'm not sure what is causing it, but for some reason the stormbolter feels better this patch. Last patch it felt next to useless, this patch I'm finding it a lot of fun to use. Any reason why that is?
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  6. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Stun lock is getting repeatedly staggered, which we are trying to make be impossible from a single source. Stagger is a core part of just about any melee game. Right now the only ways you should be getting staggered from melee are if you get hit by a defense bash or if your weapon durability hits 0. Anything else is a bug!
  7. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Yeah the Artificer armour is not a good deal atm. As mentioned in the original post, we're doing the analysis on the wargear and it's going to shuffle around a lot. We're basically just laying the foundation for how wargear should be distributed across classes and slots.

    The armour is particularly tricky because we don't want everyone to go around wearing artificer all the time (once the looks are in), so I think we want to keep the price high. The armour regen rates might be a way to improve it to make it worth the cost.
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  8. Izon Maleficarum Subordinate

    My first impression is very good
    Fun is back !
  9. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    As mentioned, the intention of the timers is to make it so matches end quicker if a loss seems inevitable. It should also help people focus on the objective instead of random freeroam killing. What's missing is clear feedback about this. We're going to add a mark to the objectives at the top to make it clear that "if the attackers take this, they get time."

    That said, the fortress is the one that we'll have to put more analysis in for since we don't have a clear direct analog for that game type.
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  10. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Yep, although they can make a cumulative difference depending on the situation. These numbers will probably change, but the point of trinkets is to make it so you don't mathematically waste loadout points. Once the mods are in you'll be ending up with 10-40 point gaps more often.
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