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Game Design Improvement Feedback

Discussion in 'Information' started by KharnVarus, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Njord always gives really good feedback, even on the rare occasions that I disagree with the conclusion(s).
  2. Livaria Active Member

    What about improving the WAAAGH feature? Right now, it doesn't occur often enough for players to utilize it's benefits. It often doesn't happen at all because the match ends too quickly.

    If Orks are attacking:
    -WAAAGH triggers once If the game timer reaches 2.5 minutes.

    If Orks are defending:
    -WAAAGH triggers once the enemy capture progress reaches 60% or more.

    Seems like a pretty simple and fair deal. Oh, and maybe remove that no-downed penalty. Since it invalidates the Painboy class greatly within it's duration.
  3. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    5vs5 is the most used format nowadays for casual players.

    1vs1vs1vs1 sorted by classes for soloplaying n balancing purposes.

    guild challenge to announce your warparty is ready to fight.

  4. With Orks being very strong in their own right without the Waaagh mechanic why/how is the Waagh Mechanic even justified?

    Now that I've piqued everyone's attention let me say I dont want to see Orks lose the Waaagh mechanic, rather since Orks are strong as hell WITHOUT the Waaagh mechanic, why doesn't every faction have a similar assymetric faction wide ability?

    Orks seem flat out OP being so strong, being NOT outnumbered or the underdog(as was the original Free 2 waaagh and waaagh mechanic concept) and having the Waaagh mechanic to boot.
  5. Blight Grenades and you.

    Current overall effectiveness of the Blight Grenade is weak compared to the utility and lethality of Krak, Fragg, Plasma and Stikk Grenades.

    - Blight grenade AOE has an extremely Short lived duration
    - The DoT is extremely short and wears off extremely fast.
    - Minimal damage per tic compared to the instant death capability of Frag Grenades(can bypass downed state).
    -only if someone is dumb enough to stand in puddle and get full dose does it do okay damage
    -No associated debuff. A lingering "infection" seems like a no brainer. Where are lingering adverse effects?

    1. Why/how does the Nurgle grenade effect the Nurgle Bearer(any player wearing Mark of Nurgle)?

    As a ground Assault wearing Mark of Nurgle I often toss the blight grenade into a crowd of opponents as me and my other melee allies charge into their ranks at close range. The lingering effects of the Blight Grenade effect my character and damage my character. This seems counterintuitive!


    -Any player bearing the Mark of Nurgle should be immune to their own infectious spore clouds.

    2. How do we rectify the Blight Grenades overall weakness while keeping the Blight Grenade from becoming OP while also keeping it from creeping into becoming like a copycat version of the Ork Painboys poison cloud?


    -Miasma could lasts the same duration as current, but is larger by 25% to 35%
    -Much longer lasting DoT effect
    -Starts off very weak and grows increasingly stronger like that one nasty WoW warlock DoT. say 10 to 15 second damage over time effect. This mimics an infection taking hold and spreading.
    -Has an audible and visual debuff, obscuring hearing and vision to a moderate degree. Cannot be cleansed by Apothecary, requires Chaplain(Elite/Hero) or Wolf Priest(wolf priest is melee only, they could use a special role)?


    -first 5 seconds tics for 3 damage per second
    - next 5 seconds tics for 8 damage per second
    - next 5 seconds tics for 15 damage per second.
    -Last second hits for 25 to 35 damage
    -The audible and visual effects also grow stronger over time. This acts as a psychological stressor and distraction.

    Keep in mind a frag or stikky bomb can end us in a single explosion, often bypassing downed state. The blight grenade should be almost a potentially lethal if you get a full does and linger inside the miasma.
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  6. Livaria Active Member

    A faction is rarely OP, I'd say that it's much more common for a faction to be imbalanced more than OP. I say this because there are some things about a faction that is weak, and other things that can be considered strong. It doesn't represent the whole scale of Ork equipment and attributes. If you want to discuss balance issues, then you must be *very* specific as to what is making Orks too powerful.

    Remember is that perception; is a powerful thing. It may deceive you. Orks may be powerful; but are they as powerful as you think? I'm sure there would be a good amount of people that disagree with you otherwise. If that happens, then they must ask them to state their reasons. That way, we can help rule out what is and isn't a problem.

    WAAAGH will be much less of an issue when everything else is addressed.

  7. I play my Ork plenty. I've maxed out everything I can max out on my Ork. I own everything on my Ork. I love playing my Ork. I played an Ork almost exclusively the last year or so I played Warhammer Online. So my concerns aren't coming from having a biased agenda.

    If Orks are just as capable of winning as every other faction even without the Waaagh mechanic, well surely you can understand the problems that most certainly must cause. There's also the fact that we're missing out on a lot of potential cool stuff if every faction has a Warlord that can trigger a faction wide buff once a match.
  8. Livaria Active Member

    Yes, it may be a problem, or it may not be a problem depending on how powerful it is. But I have no isolated measurement of how much WAAAGH affects the ability for Orks to win a match, or if Orks are winning matches disproportionately without WAAAGH. Because of this; Balance is simply set aside for another discussion.

    In any case, i'd rather not talk about what is not in the game yet. By this, I mean the ability to trigger WAAAGH on command, or other global faction buffs. The purpose of my proposal is simply to make WAAAGH a persistent feature. Take it, or leave it, but it is a tool if the need arises.
  9. DrAngst Recruit

    Coming back from being an original backer and played through most of the different incarnations of this "promising" game I am still baffled at the fact that Assault classes (mainly Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines) haven't got a proper balancing nerf.

    They got a "whopping" decrease of 25% armor!?

    What about the fact that you can hit someone indefinately without them being able to do anything about it. This is even possible against 3, in some cases, 4 opponents.
    Even worse if for example the Assault player has a ping above 150.

    Only way I've been able to bring Assaults down (or being taken down) is when you fire relentlessly into the "crowd" killing both enemy and friend without mercy.

    In my honest opinion, I can't believe how this could have survived into the live version, yet less understandable how it can still be the case after a whole year of live.

    I want this game to succeed but it's F-ing hard to get someone else to play the game when they constantly get owned by nothing but Assaults again, again, again and again.

    Am I really the only one seeing this problem?
  10. Taenus Taenus New Member

    I hope this is the right place for this, but the one of the major issues I am having with the game is that War parties are placed at the back of the que so its hard to do a guild event against CSM or any other faction since we have to wait 20+ mins (could be less but that is what it feels like). So when we actually get into a game people are upset or frustrated at the wait they cannot focus on the game at hand.

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