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Game Design Improvement Feedback

Discussion in 'Information' started by KharnVarus, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. I wouldnt say resign, but seeing many a match being "game over" the opening 5 minutes of said match is a morale crusher, a flawed design and needs to be reworked. The two most common "game over" scenarios I see in the opening minutes of any given match.

    1. Defenders destroy all attacker Rhinos the opening 2 minutes of a match. The game is for all intents and purposes over at that point for attackers because it's a mathematically improbability(about 95%) or impossibility that attackers, (who have to wait 120 seconds for new transports to spawn), will not have enough time and points to win.

    2. Attackers zerg/steamroll all 3 objectives in the opening 3 to 5 minutes of a match. Either becauyse of defenders being outnumbered, defenders having lots of newbies, longer load in times for a warparty on defenders side. Whatever the case the game at this point is for the most part over.

    In both cases victory is almost assured for one side and impossible for the other. That's 5 minutes or less into a match. Looking at the scoreboard as a defender, seeing 15 to 20 minutes left in a match, and knowing you have NO CHANCE of victory is morale crushing and a total waste of my time.

    Looking at BF1 and BF4 as examples on FFA(free for all) type Conquest maps where attackers can attack any objective, compared to EC I see some common themes.

    1. BF4 and BF1 usually have 5 to 6 objectives per map. EC has usually 3. Fewer objectives allows attackers to Zerg at will and steam roll from objective to objective. If defenders contest an objective the Zerg doubles back, steam rolls, then continues zerging. Having more objectives gives small groups of defenders at each objective a better chance to hold their own and forces attackers to spread out to cover multiple objectives. If attackers try to zerg from objective to objective with 5 to 6 objectives they'll NEVER hold enough objectives to win because they have too much ground to cover with the zerg and because defenders can roll in behind the zerg and capture.

    2. BF4/BF1 have multiple options as far as getting around the map and spawning on squad mates., vehicles at each objective, dropping from aircraft. EC is 100% reliant on a single type Transports with no other viable options to spawn with our squad and no other mobility options.
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  2. Transition times from Knife/Melee mode to Bolter are too short and this particular mechanic is destroying the concept of Rock, Paper, Scissors because a player can transition faster from Knife to Bolter than their melee opponent can trigger a Bash or Strong attack. Once we're locked in a melee scrum we shouldn't be able to instantly switch to our Primary Long gun(Bolter, Shoota, Storm Bolter) while having a knife in hand.

    Transitioning from knife to Bolter should take longer than Dbash or Strong attacks(from Swords, Axes and Maces). If that transition from knife to Bolter does NOT take longer than a Dbash animation or any Strong Attack animation Rock, Paper, Scissors is null and void because the transition from knife to bolter Bolter > Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    The latest patch(or several patches) have reimplemented old, broken game mechanics from early Alpha. Mechanics and timing issues that were tested and sorted out over the last 18 months. I'm really not sure why they're being reintroduced because, as most of us know, these mechanics cause imbalances that heavily favor ranged classes while in close combat and while melee range.

    -We should all be encouraged to use melee mechanics while in melee range. Brent and anyone that's ever worked on melee in EC has told us this over and over again. A vast majority of EC fans agree 100% with this concept. Why then have we totally abandoned this concept?

    -A player with a melee weapon in one hand and a pistol in the other hand should be able to switch from right hand(Chainsword) to left hand(pistol) and back again FASTER than a player switching from a Bolter to a secondary(sheathed or maglocked) weapon. That's the advantage of having Pistol and Chainsword IN EACH HAND AT ALL TIMES.

    -Swapping to a sheathed or maglocked weapon should take longer than swapping from right hand to left hand(Chainsword to Pistol). The process should work backwards in the same way. Knife in hand then transitioning back to Bolter needs to be longer. The knife doesn't vanish, it should have to be sheathed/maglocked, then the Bolter brought back up, then the Bolter readied, the raised, then fired.

    -Transitioning from knife to Bolter is too fast.

    -Transitioning from Knife to Bolter is currently faster than the time it takes to execute 2/3 components of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Those two components being the Bash and Strong Attacks. The end result is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bolter is now the norm in close combat/melee combat.

    -Strong Attacks with Axes and Mauls are easily defeated by quickly switching from bash mode/knife to Bolter because that transition from knife to bolter works faster than the strong attack animation. That's broken.



    1. Rolling and shooting are also beating melee again because we can roll and shooter faster and more effectively than a melee class in melee range can pursue and attack. There used to be a bit longer delay between the time we can roll then shoot. That delay appears to have been reduced again and we end up where we are today with melee vs range.

    2. I'm fairly certain the delay after we take a melee strike until we can shoulder our Bolter and fire has been shortened again. This takes away a huge advantage melee classes have in close combat.

    3. Back peddling and shooting "out ranges" strong attacks(especially with slower swinging Axe and Mace) and out ranges fast attacks. Combined with rolling + backpeddle + firing Tactical classes that know how to play their class are nigh untouchable.

    4. The broken/nerfed evade attack animation for Supports and Ground assaults is killing their melee advantages, especially vs Raptors/JPA. Basically we used to have a beautiful, fluid roll>>swing animation that covered a lot of ground for ground Assaults and supports. What we have now is a roll, then we stand up, pause, then we wiiiiiiindddddddddddd uuuuuuuuuuuuup(haymaker) animation that is painfully slow and destroys GA/Support viability in close combat. The old animation we simply rolled and swung in one quick, fluid animation. WE need this old rolling attack back.

    5. Transitioning from Knife to Bolter seems to be almost as fast, or FASTER than the time it takes to Fast Attack(it's really not that fast) with an Axe or Maul. As you can imagine, this makes Axes and Mauls totally obsolete vs a Tactical opponent. Add to the painfully slow wind up the broken rolling attack animation(with the painfully long pause AFTER we roll, BEFORE our attack hits home) Axes and Mauls are collecting dust in our armory.

    So I ask, what advantages does a melee class have in close combat?
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  3. I've been away from EC the last 5 weeks. I returned last week and have been compiling a list of bugs, broken aesthetics, game play issues, UI issues, level design issues, Wargear imbalances(my personal opinions), and some general comments. The list is rather lengthy but some sections cover critical aspects of game play that either need to be fixed or my suggestions considered.

    I've broken down the list in sections so you should be able to copy/paste and forward the information to their respective department heads.

    I have a list of notes I've been taking since returning to game, hope these bullets make it to their respective departments:


    -Space Wolf Rune totem Shoulder. A single, tiny dangling rune is pretty underwhelming. Most of the time we cant even see it. For a while I thought it was a bug and there was no change in the actual aesthetics until I found the little rune weeks later.

    -It would be awesome if we could get a right shoulder option for the Mark V shoulder.

    -Mark V shoulder. Chapter Specific. The Mk V shoulder for Wolves should have yellow base paint in under the studs. If/when we see a right shoulder option for the Mark V shoulder there should be red, yellow or white paint(according to class) in under the studs.

    -Champion shoulder for Wolves should have yellow, red, white paint in underneath according to class paint colors for right shoulder. Current color is grey and it looks very off for Space Wolves. I see the Apothecary Champion shoulder has correct base paint colors in underneath. Please make this happen with the Wolves.

    -Chaos Mark III chest missing Chapter specific Icons.

    -Chaos Mark III chest doesn't have the cool looking gorget or extra ring or armor up around the neck.

    -Icon of terror now looks totally awesome. Nice and big.

    -Missing cables for Chaos Lascannon, Plasmacannon, multimelta. The "belt fed" small links concept only works for Chaos Heavy Bolter and Autocannon, implying the weapons are belt fed like a machine gun and dont need the ammo pack. That concept doesn't work with Plasmacannon, Lascannon and Multimelta because those weapons need a large power source and cables linking weapon to power source(the backpack).

    -Mark III backpack looks awesome

    -ETA on alternative Jump Pack skins? ETA on Wargear NOT changing the skin on our Jump Packs? Surely we're not going to remove Jump Pack customization potential and sales from the store?

    -Squad Leader Banners dont render on Jump troops.

    -Iron Warrior Mark III(or Mark II?) relic chest has no special iconography. It's a blank chest piece. Compared to the Relic Mark III chest piece for Loyalist, the same piece on Chaos looks bland.

    -Cursed Armor still overwrites Shoulder Appearance options for Raptors. Why buy shoulder appearance items for Raptor if Cursed ARmor overwrites the aesthetics?

    -No hazard stripe options for Iron Warrior Raptor legs.

    -Warp Forged Armor overwrites Mark V legs on Iron Warrior Havoc(all Chaos Havocs perhaps?).

    -Leg Appearance. It would be awesome if we could get a Mark V painted knee(Great Pack of Ragnar yellow/black knee). We have the painted standard Mark VI knee armour and the Mark V armour. Any chance of adding another item to the store that combines the two?

    User Interface:

    -We still cannot access options(game options) once we have joined a Warparty, once we are at our character HUB.

    -Please let us organize our loadout list! The list is a complete mess. It takes far too long to find the particular loadouts we're looking for pre match. Perhaps we could have different colors for different classes/loadouts as seen in the list and each class in the list grouped in separate categories.

    -Not really a UI issue but accompanies a UI feature. When we get a Warband invite, when we get a match "pop", when we are kicked from a Warband, when someone leaves the Warband, when someone CTDs we need audio cues accompanying on screen messages.

    I can't count the number of times I have a Warparty invite and have no idea because it's not showing on screen and I never see or hear anything letting me know I have an invite.

    -Along the same lines as the "alerts" above, we need audio alerts in addition to our UI alerts when an objective is being contested by the enemy. If this becomes annoying for some players let them turn OFF audio alerts in settings. Imagine getting text message or email alerts on your phone with NO AUDIO and NO VIBRATE. Basically the alerts are worthless.

    -"Quick Join" feature is a mess and a dice roll whether or not we get in the open warparty we want to.

    Allow players to see ALL CURRENT OPEN WARPARTIES from a single window showing the warparty leader's name and total player in each Warpartywarparty. Most importantly allow us to choose which open warparty we want to join.

    Example of what we should be seeing from quick join window:

    Laanshor......Open.......15/20.............Quick Join(click here)
    Djemo..........Private..... 4/5...............Send Join Request(click here)
    Noah............Open.......3/5.................Quick Join(click here)

    -In game Warparty chat. Please add. We cant communicate at all with anyone from menus. We might see a friend, invite them, but have no way to use VOIP or even send them Teamspeak info via in game chat. These are basic features for online games guys and should really be in game in order to foster community and facilitate the social aspects of gaming.

    -Put the name of each map, ON THE IN GAME MAP. Filling out bug reports or taking a video clip to make a bug report, I often cannot recall the name of the map I'm playing. I open the map to check and the name of the map is nowhere to be found.

    -Supply Drop visual sequence. Why does it show a lame "default" Tactical character instead of showing a Veteran character during the supply drop sequence? Show a badass Hero or Elite, or one of the players Veterans(if they have one) instead of showing that lame looking default trooper.

    Wargear + LP Costs:

    -400 points for +2 fuel for JPA is horrifically overpriced

    -Chaos Ground Assault wargear in general is horribly overpriced. GA's are still for the most part a crappy archetype.

    Keep in mind Chaos GA have no shield option. Any extra durability advantages GA has over Tacs is minimal. In fact I'd say as a Tac you have MORE durability options than ground assaults which is totally broken. Ground Assaults for Chaos(and loyalist that dont use shield) should have cheaper GA unique Wargear that affords tremendously increased durability compared to all other classes in game.

    -Damage mods for melee weapons are not worth the price. 198.9 damage increased to 204.75(+5 damage) for 50LP. NOT WORTH IT. Price for these mods should be reduced to 10-20LP or make the damage mods worth the 50LP.

    -Extended Barrel very underwhelming and broken. Adds only 20m to dropoff and a whopping 2.5 damage at longer ranges while being less effective at shorter range. It is physically impossible for the round to do less damage at closer range FYI. Physics 101 and anatomy and physiology 101 explains why.

    -Wolf Priest Wargear Slot 2. Options are extremely limited. Needs more options and various price ranges. Wargear Slot 2 in general for all classes(but Tactical) are abysmal.

    -Wolf Priest Survival Vial +cost of 150LP is horribly overpriced. Healing gear in general for Supports are horribly overpriced. Default weapon + Artificer armour + healing vial and healing station bankrupts the player's loadout. Wargear is NOT even an option, weapon upgrades are not even an option, trinkets are not even an option. Character customization in general is really pitiful because we cannot create diverse, individualized characters and various playstyles. We can only afford about 1/4 to 1/3 of our total loadout slots.

    -We currently only have extremely high priced Wargear options in Slot 1. We really, really, really need +50 LP Wargear options, +40LP, +30 LP Wargear options for armour regen, +armour, +fuel regen, in both Wargear 1 and Wargear 2 slots.

    - Many or most of the WG slot 2 options for many classes are total crap. Devastator/Havoc seem to come to mind when I think on this topic.

    -Trinkets are for the most part totally useless. +1 health, +4 health, +1 armour, +4 armour. All four combined might buy you a single bolt round of durability. These trinkets are simply window dressing so players feel like they're spending all their loadout points. Please make trinkets useful and worth the LP.


    -Burning Light Cannon: The antithesis of what the Lascannon should be in EC. For three years we've been told the Lascannon in EC would never turn into the anti infantry sniper platform that many of us experienced in THQ's Space Marine game. Lo and behold the Burning Light Cannon is THQ SM Lascannon 2.0.

    -Requiem Heavy Bolter costs 500 LP and has the same exact stats as the Mastercrafted Heavy Bolter(400LP). Both are horribly overpriced IMO, with the Requiem cost being completely insane.

    -I haven't done test on Nids at Garrison, but just from experience in game Knives seem way too lethal, as in not far behind a Chainsword. Either put knife cost on par with swords or lower their damage.

    -Lifeleech/Lifesteal mods work in favor of faster swinging weapons. 10% flat rate is not as useful on an Axe or Maul vs a faster swinging Sword. We've been talking about this since early Alpha. Please fix. Axe or Maul should give back about 20% life per hit since the sword swings 2x as fast on average.

    -Apollo Pattern Plasmagun: +100 LP for .09 less recoil. This weapon will NEVER see the light of day in game. The cost to gain ratio is outrageous. A fairer price would be +10 LP. Anything more than +10LP for less recoil is a ripoff and just not worth it. Recoil in EC is negligible.

    -Judex Malorum: beautiful skin. Really an outstanding looking weapon and it really personifies 40k. Unfortunately because of the outrageous loadout point cost of this weapon, this weapon hasn't been in any of my loadouts since it first made an appearance during Alpha, prior to the ridiculous price increases for Relic weapons.

    -Fast attack with knife and sword bypassing clang mechanic vs Power Fist fast attacks. The weapons just do NOT clang very often leaving the fist user taking damage, not clanging and not hitting their fast attack spamming opponent.

    -Relic Weapons. It's great that we now have loadout slots for Relic weapons. The problem remains they're as horribly overpriced as Master Crafted weapons with dismal stat increases for +100 LP. So all those bad ass Bolters I bought will still be collecting dust in my armory because they're so overpriced. I'll take a standard Boltgun with CQC barrel and AP round magazine and do infinitely better than the Guilded Bolter, Phobos Pattern Bolter, etc for the same price.

    -400 LP swords are not worth the LP. Master crafted everything... the gains are so dismal the +100 LP price tag is outrageous. In most cases we're getting .05 less recoil or a bit more durability. MC melee weapons should add base damage as well. Ranged, I'm not sure. Perhaps takes longer to overheat, has longer fall off damage range, higher ROF, faster reload, all of the above?

    All current MC weapons should be worth about +10 LP more than standard, NOT 100LP. Current MC weapons should cost no more +10 more than standard. Really guys please sort out Mastercrafted weapons.

    -Still no mods for heavy weapons.

    -Blight Grenades do damage to the MoN user with accompanying audio and visual effects? Blight grenades should have ZERO EFFECT on the MON bearer, that's any MON bearer, not just the player throwing the blight grenade.

    General Category:

    -we should really be able to tweak loadouts from inside garrison. It's a huge waste of time having to exit the garrison to make a few minor tweaks to a loadout while trying to test various loadouts on the Garrison. Perhaps a "weapons table/arming chamber" where we can interact and access our loadout screen from inside the garrison?

    -Guilds. Guild UI and guilds in game sorely lacking functionality and purpose. We still cannot form Warparty via guild menus. Other than a clan tag there's no real reason to be in a guild in EC. Role playing options, guild hall, in game guild banners, leveling up our guild, leveling up our guild banner, ceremonial animations/emotes, lack of guild only areas, lack of guild vault, lack of items needed to justify having a guild vault, lack of guild chat in game, lack of global chat.

    -We are too rushed pre match and post match. Not enough time to choose loadouts, form squads, form strategy inner squad, form overall strategy with other squads. This will be more apparent when/if we ever get WArlords.

    -Post match too rushed. We need more time to wind down and relax between matches. More time to see post match awards. We need more time between each match to catch our breath and relax a couple minutes before being force fed another match.

    -If players dont look at their World Map they'd have no idea there's even a campaign. The campaign should show up from the main menu(character selection screen). The campaign status should show up somewhere from our Character Hub. We should be able to see campaign updates from the Character Hub.

    -Naming filters. I saw player name "Cum for the Cum God" and a guild name "Cunt..... something something" this past week. It's unsat that the system allows these types of names to be entered. Is there no filter system in place? Most other games make it impossible to use such language in guild or character names.

    Level Design:

    -What's going on with spawning defenders so far from some objectives, BEHIND ENEMY LINES(spawning us in the direction of the attacker's only viable approach vector)? Zedek objective B immediately comes to mind.

    -Too many tanks for defenders on Pegasus. What's probably the smallest map in game doesn't need so many vehicles for defenders. Plus defenders have Quad guns WHY exactly on the smallest map in game? Quad guns PLUS so many tanks for defenders makes a potentially fun "infantry only" experience a total nightmare with so many turrets and tanks.

    -Spawn locations for defenders are still predictable and easily "campable" by opponents. Especially on Zedek and other chain link matches.

    -Steamrolling and zerging on chain link maps is a bit too easy when defenders are outnumbered or just not familiar with level design. We need more speed bumps in place when attackers are the first two points capping points that still have 30 to 45 lives for defenders. L2play is not a viable answer when often when some maps have most defenders that are literally learning to play the map and are learning match mechanics.

    -Zerging is too easy on some maps. I see attackers capping all 3 objectives the opening 5 minutes of the match. So at about the 5 minute mark, with 20 minutes left in the match, the match is practically over. L2play for defenders, again, not a plausible answer because we will always have new players that are indeed learning to play.

    If attackers gain such a lopsided advantage the opening minutes of the match defenders should feel compelled to stay in the match via knowing victory isn't a 99.9% improbability. Defenders will only feel compelled to do so if there are game mechanics in place that give them reason to not leave the match.

    -Defending is too easy on other maps. On Blackbolt for example attackers only have 2 transports. If those two transports are destroyed the opening 2 minutes of the match with attackers not capturing anything, the game is for the most part OVER and a mathematical impossibility for attackers to come out victorious. Playing solo as an attacker on these type maps.. at this point I'll just leave because victory is a 99.999% improbability. That needs to change.

    -Fortress. It's too easy for attackers to bypass the first line of defense, the initial outer wall. This is where most fighting should occur.

    -Fortressgates are too easy to take down, it's too easy to bypass defenses.

    -Fortress. It's totally ridiculous the objectives INSIDE the fort can be ninja'd without any outer wall defenses being breached, destroyed or captured. Before objectives INSIDE the fort can be contested attackers should have to capture, destroy, sabotage or neutralize multiple objectives AT THE OUTER WALL. Speed bumps are needed. Give attackers more lives accordingly for each new objective on the outer walls.
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  4. MaxDamage Recruit

    Please do one simple thing: reduce all "simple" weapons' penetration by 20 (bolters back to 80 pen basically) while leaving power/plasma untouched.

    This will increase ranged time to kill (TTK) for basic weapons and allow close combat classes close the distance more reliably. I have a feeling that TTKs have been reduced since the patch and this has tilted ranged vs melee balance in favor of ranged a bit over the top. We have a good nerf for jump assault already, but ground assault need better ability to win vs ranged. Still, plasma pistols are pretty good for ground assault.

    I think it used to be 60%vs 40% and now it is like 70% vs 30% in favor of ranged.
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  5. I'm wondering where our friends at BHVR feel the Chain Axe is supposed to be and what niche it's supposed to be filling.

    Personally I find the Chain Axe overall performance as abysmal. The damage is poor and it's too slow to be relevant with the current broken state of melee in general. Armor penetration is the same as the Chainsword and it's slower than the Chainsword with zero advantages or perks for equipping the Chain Axe while having Mark of Khorne equipped.

    Keep in mind Mark of Khorne life leech is a flat rate of 10%, so why in the world would we ever take a slower swinging Axe when the Chainsword swings 2x as fast and can leech life 2x as fast? All axes should leech 20% to 25% life when used with Mark of Khorne. Life leech damage mods should be based off DAMAGE DEALT per weapon class with slower swinging weapons leeching more life that faster swinging melee weapons. We've been over this over a year ago and our pleas have continually been ignored. Please guys step up sort this out once and for all.

    I'd actually prefer we just normalize Chain Axe damage and speed to mirror the Chain Sword. Consider the Chain Axe an alternate Chainsword skin. At least maybe then players will actually use the Chain Axe.

    I try to run the Chain Axe on my Khorne builds for the cool factor but the weapon is so painfully slow and awkward to use I feel like a floundering, flailing idiot mostly hitting air. That or mostly getting shot point blank by Bolters as the Chain Axe is winding up a fast attack. I cannot beat a bash spammer because the Strong Attack wind up for the Chain Axe is so slow and so telegraphed. My opponent can just roll out of the bash and catch me mid swing with their bolter as they see that strong attack haymaker coming from a mile away. Or they just spam fast attack with their knife and shut down the strong attack.

    Please either make the Chain Axe relevant and competitive or just throw in the towel and make it an alternate Chainsword skin. Please also consider giving Mark of Khorne users a special perk/buff while using the Chain Axe.
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  6. Mark of Khorne Raptors cannot equip the squad leader Khorne Back Banner(+6% melee damage). This makes absolutely no sense what so ever guys.

    Anyone bearing the Mark of Khorne should be able to equip any Khornate battle gear. That should be the same for all Marks and all Classes with the Sorc of course being excluded from bearing the Mark of Khorne or using any Khornate battle gear.
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  7. On vehicles. Specifically while we're attacking enemy vehicles with melee weapons, how is it crew or passengers inside that vehicle can materialize out of thin air behind us without any visual or audio cues? This is one of those rage inducing aspects of game play in EC that needs to be fixed.

    Will we ever properly hear players teleporting out of vehicles and will those player ever only exit vehicles at proper locations?

    When exiting a vehicle we should

    -Hear and see a hatch opening
    -Then exit vehicle after about 2 seconds
    -Exit vehicle ONLY Next to the rear hatch
    -Exit Next to the vehicle within about 3 feet, not 5 to 25 yards away.

    The fact that when exiting a vehicle we can materialize out of thin air while making no sounds what so ever BEHIND players attacking our vehicle is a really poor game mechanic.

    I feel it's worse that we dont have to actually use the exit ramp at the back fo the vehicle, that there's no proper audio and visual animations for entering and exiting vehicles.

    I played WWII online for eight wonderful years. We could only exit and enter Opels, Bedfords and the Sdkfz 251 from the rear troop hatch. We rarely, if EVER had problems entering and exiting vehicles. Brent's staunch opposition to this mechanic isn't warranted.

    We should only be able to enter and exit Transports from a specific point on the vehicle. Along with entering and exiting vehicles there should be proper visual and audio cues letting players outside the vehicle know someone is exiting that vehicle.
  8. @jbregg drink it in.

    I'll reference my long term progression thread.

    Basically we're missing out on a lot of potential content by not having the statistics guy or gal simply track for each character what's already being tracked in game. In addition to that adding INCENTIVES TO PLAY for years on end via our character's life time service record. This stuff doesn't require concepts and creating. This requires simply implementing the UI and system to track and reward player's character accomplishments.

    We do want EC to thrive for up to a decade as Nathan has stated, correct? Why this is our current progression system so short sighted?

    For our individual, squad and guild accomplishments we should be incentivizing and rewarding players with the following type items or status symbols. Some of these rewards and accomplishments should take YEARS to accomplish.

    1. Titles. Endless potential here. Titles for reviving, healing, driving vehicles, destroying vehicles, capturing objectives, resupplying allies, spotting, basically every aspect of game play. Faction as well as Chapter, Clan and Craftworld appropriate Titles. Guild titles unlocked via leveling up the guild, accomplishments while playing with guild mates, guild ranks, guild titles(for members).

    - 100 executions = Fanatic
    - 500 executions = Zealot
    - 1000 executions = Bearer of the Word
    - 5,000 executions = Executioner.
    -10,000 executions = Ender of Worlds
    -50,000 executions = Champion of Chaos(50,000 Executions wearing the Mark of Khorne = Champion of Khorne).
    -100,000 executions = ???

    2. Trophies, : aesthetic items for my armor or the wall in my guild hall or the wall in my living quarters. These items would have ZERO stats and would be 100% customizable, as in the players can put whatever trophy they want on their armor. Almost endless potential here.

    -Kill an enemy Warlord awards trophy 92834u8 and a title. --Participate in 1, 3, 5, 50 campaigns awards a progressive set of titles and for every 10 campaigns a themed trophy.
    -Serve your Chapter, Clan or Craftworld for X number of weeks, months, years, consecutively awards titles and trophies.
    -Grudges: kill X number of Orks awards title and trophy. 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000.

    -Trophy slots for Belt(left, right, and/or back)
    -Trophy slots for Shoulders. Front right/left, center of shoulders, back of shoulders L/R.
    -Max of 3 to 5 trophies per loadout?(To be determined)
    -Single human skull, bleached
    -Single human head, with hair, skin
    -Ork head, Ork skull
    -Bundle of heads or bundle of skulls
    -Aesthetic or Ceremonial Knives, Daggers, Gladius, hand axes, pistols. These items are simply strapped to belt, NOT usable.
    -Mechanicus wrench
    -Mechanicus Cog(various Cogs for the various Cults)
    -Relic boxes(See Grey Knights, the miniature coffin thingys on their gear)
    -Animal heads
    -Chains, Chaos 8 pointed star on a chain.
    -Chapter specific trophies
    -Trophies for Vehicles(various trophy slots for vehicles). Helmets on spikes, heads on spikes, giant heads, ogre heads, giant Aquilla, Holy Relics, Mechanicus icons

    3. Capes, loincloths, tabards, pelts, furs, animal heads attached to furs. Purely aesthetic items. Again, almost endless potential. Unlocked ONLY via milestones or purchased off the store(we have to make $$ to keep the game going!)

    -Slots for Back, waist/chest(tabard, cloak and/or loincloth), shoulder.
    -Capes. full back cape, cape over left shoulder, cape over right shoulder, fur over shoulders with cape, Fur over left shoulder + Animal head right shoulder + cape of fur. Tattered cape, regal cape, cape made of human skin.

    4. Guild banners, Guild Relics. Basically stealing from Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning's system. Leveling up our guild and leveling up our guild banners.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    -Guild banners would be "leveled up" by the guild as the guild levels up. Earn battle streamers and unlock buffs for the guild banner. Streamers may be earned for each campaign, and are purely aesthetic. Buffs are unlocked in an advancement tree. A guild may have dozens of various types and colors of campaign streamers added to their banner.

    -Guild banner may be fielded by ONE player per match for each guild, one banner per squad. Requires squad of at least 5 players. Banner buffs of course dont stack with OTHER banner buffs. Guild officers may designate banner bearers via the guild roster.

    -Banner may be deployed atop a vehicle while the bearer is riding inside or crewing vehicle.

    -The banner may be "slotted" with 3 buffs max. Buffs are AOE centered on banner. These buffs must be unlocked by each guild as the guild "levels up". + experience, + requisition, + wounds, + toughness, + mana regen, + armor, + armor regen, + runspeed, + vehicle self repair, + vehicle speed, + vehicle armor, - incoming explosive damage,resistance to fire damage, resistance to las damage, + healing, outgoing debuffs, 5% poison resist, 5% warp based damage resist, 5% Holy damage resist.

    -Buffs per banner may not overlap. One defensive buff per banner(+HP or +Toughness or +Armor), one offensive(ranged, magic or melee), one debuff or one experience/requisition buff, OR one support(+ stamina regen delay, + armor regen delay, +1 Stamina, + run speed)

    5. Character Service Record with background info on each Chapter, Clan and Craftworld. Immerse us in the 40K universe and immerse us in our character and Chapter's backstory. Tie the two together so our character has history and so that it feels like we are writing the history of our Chapter, Clan or Craftworld every day we log in.

    Each Character Service Record could include, but not be limited to:

    A character backstory similar to Eve Online character creation. Backstory may effect stats slightly, adding 3 minor stat changes. These stat changes would only like 2% accuracy, 2% toughness or wounds, 1% stamina regen or regen delay, 3% resist to fire, poison, or toxins, 3% faster respawn, +5% speed to all vehicles, +5% vehicle durability. Of course many more options would be available, with each element of the character's background effecting these very minor stat changes. The stat changes aren't the primary focus, rather the player writing their backstory is the focus and thus the player being tied more to their character and the 40k universe.

    -Backstory. Where your character comes from. Hiveworld, Deathworld, Craftworld. Racial traits, family traits, education, thief, orphaned, military academy, ect.
    -Day enlisted. Set in the 40K universe. M41.999. whatever whatever
    -Day training completed
    -Campaign participation(per campaign)
    -Accolades and Awards

    Immerse us in the 40K universe and give us milestones, achievements, and accomplishments to work towards for the next year and the next decade along with keeping track of all these milestones for each character. Think LONG TERM PROGRESSION guys! :)
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  9. On Tactical buffing their own damage via Servo Skull while also being able to capture objectives. Seems a bit OP IMO.

    Add a cost to the capping key and make the Skull only available if it's slotted in the Objective capping key slot?It's only fair to add a cost to their class mechanic. Supports have to pay LP in order to heal(their class mechanic), JPA has to pay for fuel/fuel regen(their class mechanic). Why don't Tacs have to pay LP to perform their class mechanic of capturing objectives?

    This way the Tac is finally on even ground as far as having to pay LP to perform their class mechanic and they have to choose whether they can capture objectives or use the Servo Skull.
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  10. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    There is a LOT of real cool stuff in there (Looking at Njords posts).
    And much of it "seems" to be rather easy to implement while giving a nice boost to replayability/balancing.

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