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Game Design Improvement Feedback

Discussion in 'Information' started by KharnVarus, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean with spotted, the red pointer on minimap or the romboid over the head?

    Cause pointer is auto for everybody when they reveal with shoots or reactors, im not sure if meleeing reveals you.

    I think eldar got the adavantage of invisible skorpions so this niche is full, i dont get your idea of Hawks being unspotable, cause they also have movility, and their spot is in 2D map, they use real 3D sceneario so is not instant location as someone could suggest. Obviously they use to be up in the air, but having 2 sigilous classes seems too much, we have to look twice the floor already and 360 looking for hawks, plus slim and fast, and hidding to a place that is imposible to get in time. cause you cant chase them.

    They can also shoot from windows in angles that nobody can use.

    ANd this, is hard to fight with one only Hawk, when 2 or 3 work together is a real nightmare.

    Cause nothing is more annoying than get shooted from several sides with eldar weapons, their FX are blinding by itself, they rlly dont need the sunrifle ( give more blindness) beacause with those lights on every shuriken bullet is enought to cause confussion, blindness and stress

    So enought blindness allready to have another sigil class is my conclussion.
    But Hawks spoting on shoot seems more legit.
  2. Destabilizator Destabilizator Nickname Change

    I'd suggest minor weapon sounds revisions, very easy one:
    Stormbolter and Heavy Bolter now uses the sound which is atm used when you have low HP (black-white vision). Especially the Stormbolter sounds terrible, but when low on HP, it sounds boss.
  3. 1) What specifically are the changes proposed here and what are they trying to fix (other than the fix to ceiling wing clipping)? I don't play jpa, so I don't know these things off hand. We need to keep in mind that there should still be 3 types of builds: mobility (maximum disruption), damage (assassination), and ?. I'm not entirely sure what the third option is supposed to be for jpa. It might be survivability with lifesteal. All 3 basic build types need to be viable.

    2) I think this is a bad idea. Getting 2-3 average jpa players you could permanently suppress a room. The slam is the way it is because of the year's worth of feedback. What are we trying to accomplish with this change? Let's approach the problem from another direction.

    3) I agree

    4) I'm neutral on this. If it solves the problems presented in then they are good ideas. I don't play as a reaper enough to know for sure.

    5) would damage reduction make more sense than doubling health? I'm not a banshee player, so I can't really comment on this either.

    6) this should also apply to JPA. JPA is currently believed to be a stealthy disruption unit. Being automatically spotted conflicts with this idea. I approve of it applying to hawks even if it isn't applied to JPA though.

    7) Interesting idea, but I think it would be too difficult to balance as a mod. e.g. damage increase for slaanesh: it would either be too powerful with standard weapon damage or it would be so weak that it wouldn't accomplish anything. Same with all of the other bonuses mentioned really. I think I vote against this idea. It's along the same lines as the subfaction bonuses idea that Noah questioned the viability of on the last twitch. I'd personally much rather have subfaction bonuses/differences.

    The patch before this last one was relatively balanced with a few loadouts/weapons that needed to be nerfed/buffed. If we get the baseline TTK back to where it was (and as a consequence making tanky build characters more tanky), I think we'd solve a lot more problems than trying to find all the little details that need fixing that would amount to the same thing.
  4. What on earth is "eternal battles moderator?"

    Also parry button and spess marine devastator mechanics? :----)
  5. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    A volunteer for eternal battles who fulfills one of several roles. We have the ability to mod the EB section of the forum.
  6. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    1) It's about trying to enforce a more "Jump in jump out" or shock troop gameplay that the devs want from JPA without nerfing their health.

    2) Not really pernament superssion as you would not be able to supress the same people more than once for a while, but it can present an issue. Maybe just decreasing the radius. But for now the slam is just lackluster.

    4) It's mainly for making the reaper launcher "useful" for both roles while not enforcing everyone to use the curent starshot which is designed for vehicles, against infantry.

    5) Well that's basically what it is in rough translation. Just damage reduction.
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  7. I can't really comment further on 1)

    On 2) if we remove the "wind up time" in the air, and removed the recover time on the ground, it would be a very fast/mobile attack that is basically unblockable (even if it does little damage; which I can't comment on because I don't use the class) and that can combo with other attacks. Would that be acceptable? The benefit of this is to not add effects that everyone hates having applied to them. I personally think it'd be more fun, but that's subjective. Losing control of your character is almost worse than getting killed. Suppression isn't as bad as a stagger, but it's close. Remember that suppression increases rather than the other way around, so spamming it would be encouraged, which would annoy the hell out of everyone and end up being removed due to all the complaining. I highly recommend that we find another way to make the slam attack good, even if it isn't my suggestion.
  8. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Yeah but you forget, with the fuel cell nerf combined, you wouldn't be able to do more than 1 and only 2 max ground slams in a period of a few seconds so that should prevent spamming aswell as the fact that the same people won't be affected by it for a long time.

    Also maybe I wasn't very clear on the supression it would cause. Really all it would do is cause enough supression for about 1-2 seconds for them to be unable to shoot the jump pack assault right away and kill him.

    I agree that there are other ways to make the ground slam work though. The supression idea will be scrapped if it gets more negative feedback.
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  9. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member


    Im tired of playing matches that are doomed at min 5. ``

    17 left.... only for anger and rage

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