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Galaxy of Horrors (Sci-Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 19, 2017.

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    As the lieutenants who decided to stand and fight did their best to hold off the coming horde of skeletal monsters they would find their firepower not enough to stop the advance completely. As while many fell many also took their place. Even Novi’s acid spray would barely slow them down as they moved to the sides of the hallway to avoid it. All did not seem to be going well until Shay’s grenades went off. Fire consumed the hallway quickly in the explosion engulfing the small horde that was running at them. Novi who was the closest to the entrance of the hallway was luck she had a thick exoskeleton as the flames reached out and went passed her. The screams of decayed and simply gone respiratory systems filling the air as the infected creatures were consumed in cleansing fire.

    Once the fire cleared there was nothing left of the infected or the bloodmoss but roasted bones and a foul smell. They could just walk through the hallway unimpeded now, granted Novi had some rather unflattering scorch marks on her exoskeleton now. Perhaps they could serve as something to remind her to be more cautious next time around. Meanwhile those that had decided to leave the rest of the group behind to fight the infected would find another hallway that lead in another direction fairly easily. The colony ship was massive after all and there was going to be more than one way to get to the same place.

    The Dragoon and Phantoms would remember their briefing before the mission that scans revealed there was biomass aboard the station. However when they looked through thermals they couldn’t find any signs of immediate life. Perhaps they were simply in an area of the station with thicker walls or perhaps there was something wrong with their equipment. Whatever the case though caution is always advised. This was proven to be something that one should certainly always keep in mind as a door was opened into the rest of the station causing a sudden burst of cold air flooded the room.

    It seems the door had been holding back the results of a burst coolant line for the super conductors in the walls. And walking near it caused a motion sensor to come to life sliding open the door forcefully. After a moment to calm themselves they could see that someone or something had been frozen solid on the other side.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Baron would spin his laser axe in his hands as he watched the fires go down keeping it raised as the fires died down. "Section clear, it looks safe to move for now, Though I suggest we move with more caution." Baron said. looking back he noticed parts of there group was gone, separating likely from the main group.

    "Section clear we can begin moving if we stay in separate teams I suggest Updates between teams to keep in contact at fifteen minute intervals." Baron said over there communications to all the lieutenants to hopefully keep some cohesion they had with there group.
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Being free to move, after using the powers of the mind to make her escape from the Auger before he dragged her into the fray, Jakora pressed onwards to the objective, silently fuming about the quality of fellows she had to work with (as evident by the snappy way her shoulder-tentacles moved, to and fro like they were searching for something to lash out at).
    It wasn't like she could have been with fellows, who at least understood that the mission was important before losses, risks were to not be taken unless needed, and so on, so forth. Oh well, the gene pool did at least clean itself, soon enough if things kept going the way they did.
  4. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    "Good idea.", Thitos said over the communication channel. " Both communication and a bit of group cohesion can be quite profitable in this craft, don't you think?"
    Bad enough that we have absolutely no chain of command, there is also this lack of communication that could very well kill us all. Just like in the good old times.
    Turning off the com-channel, he turned to the Trelvani that was probably congratulating herself on her killing spree.
    "Good call on those grenades. Though next time it'd be even better if you said something first, because," his head made a short movement towards the Sinthin upfront,"we now have a Sinthin that could have been a lot more than crispy if those 'nades had missed the target."
    Though it's not guaranteed that our colleague would have listened anyways.
    The thought amused him. Since when had he become so cynical?
    He took a step towards the Sinthin Queen.
    "Are you injured over there? Pardon me, I can't really tell to be honest."
  5. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    "Running cowards..." The Zarakon snarled under his breath. Granted a tactical retreat was not something to be frowned upon, but they had triumphed just the same, thanks to the Sithin.

    The warrior gave the queen a nod before continuing down the hallway, as stark and silent as ever.
  6. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    The Auger lowered his weapon and let out a grunt "Let it be known that I have great disappointed towards those who decided to, retreat." He said the last word in a slow, disgusted tone. "And also at those who decided to try and leave our associates to fight these things while others went and skulked away from us. We will converse after this mission Jakora. We must fight against these abominations as a team, not some band of mercenaries who individual members leave to do their own objectives."

    He smashed his fist to the back of his armour as it had been building up a buzzing noise throughout his speech. The sound immediately stopped. "...We must carry on with the main mission now."
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cero had a slow acknowledging nod toward the Auger and tossed a gunk of gore off his shoulder. "Yes, we should keep moving and avoid splitting up. I bet my cape it's going to get uglier the deeper we go." He spoke a moment after the Auger, patting the small flames out on the edge of his cape while walking on.
  8. Shay was a mixture of miffed and quite pleased with herself, it had worked and killed a lot of the abominations. beaming with pride she walked along after the group with a small spring in her step.
  9. Novi tilts her head, as she begins walking forwards. The scythelike claws at the ready while she can feel her acidsacks slowly fill up further. The scorched, and now slightly blackened front plates of her exoskeleton was a bit of a bummer, dulling the previously perfect shimmering red carpace... but she don't mind. It is all about adaption, nothing else. She can already feel her carapace adapting, thickening and growing stronger in the front. It is slow and will take a while before it completely finishes, and untill then will it be just as normal. But at the end of the day, maybe even earlier, will her carapace be improved and more recilliant.
  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Vaadh had - previously - been rather quiet and contemplative as she followed the bird-woman through the winding corridors, indeed a bit disappointed that she did not get to fight, but she bowed to Jakora's authority. She quietly observed the Starlen and her clear agitation with some interest, although she did not voice her thoughts.

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