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Galaxy of Horrors (Sci-Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 19, 2017.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Hostile contacts moving up the corridor, Suggestion suppression fire to slow them down, possible slow tactical relocation if this horde gets to big." Baron said to the others as he moved his halberd back up into a firing position. "Hey Baron you thinking what i think your thinking about that weird blood moss stuff?," Joris chimed in his voice inquisitive to what his partner was thinking. "Some type of detection possibly by the morphos maybe a different type of morpho that acts like a terra formed environment while also alerting the other morphos that are possibly doormen or away." Baron said to his partner as he looked into the horde and fired. His shots aiming met the first skeletal morphos aiming for those most at the front to keep them back from the team

    "Admiral We encountered a growth of blood moss down here and it seems with it a group of morphos, upon one of us disturbing it it seems to have alerted the morphos nearby." As he tried to hear the admiral he could hear him saying mass movements. "Watch our routes out of here we may need a retreating route if these things are waking up from the entire lower levels." Baron said to no one in particular As a wave of laser set on medium and low came out of his axe blasting several morphos down.

    OOC All five attacks on morphos cannon fodder horde.
  2. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Thitos felt a slight relief when he heard a reaction to his appearance. He sighed. "You'll not find me wanting. I'm an expert at haggling." A smile went over his lips.

    The horde appeared just as he wanted to ask about the situation. "Lieteunant Novi'trach!! Get back quickly!"
    When he had a clear line of sught, he pulled the trigger on his rifle. The air rippled a bit, as short bursts of concentrated radiation pierced through the horde. Meanwhile, he prepared to use his flamethrower, should the vermin come too close.
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Seeing what had been provoked, Jakora sighed at what had happened to herself, before she stepped out from where she had secluded herself. Only to see that apparently she had attracted some followers. Pleasantly surprised, she said to them ( @Wata , @Casavay , @SpaceHulk ) "Well, turns out Novi kicked the hornet's nest, even if the Morphos looks like Fodder, so I'd imagine that our fellows can keep the Morphos occupied without loss of life or limb. Meanwhile, we'll press on ahead and get the mission done."

    With that said, the Royal Guard pressed onwards with finding another way to their destination that didn't involve going too near Bloodmoss or falling back to the combat she was trying to leave behind. Failing that, hopefully the way she found would be easy to clear out.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The airlock opened itself, revealing over two dozen elite Phantom units - men and women in skintight power suits that augmented strength, agility and durability all without taking maneuverability. The vast majority were equipped with 'typical' mag-carbines - magnetically accelerated weapons in a carbine form - with underslung weapons of all sorts. Shotguns for the most part, though four of them had grenade launchers equipped instead.

    The first that came out of course, was The Dragoon himself. The Despair launcher was held in one arm - the weapon a flamethrower that sent off radioactive, ionic particles along with its superheated payload, causing not only true death but ensuring that life in general would be damaged, ensuring its effects would last a war's lifetime - with the other holding the massive kukri-like knife in its powered fist, a weapon that could be a shortsword by any normal person's hands.
    Their armour had been newly painted as well, bright azure covering the vast majority of it, with gleaming silver being the secondary colouration, a shining gold used as its trim and over the entirety of the knife hand's plating. The T-visored helm had a mixture of blue and gold mixed into it, its faceplate's glass-like surface giving off a bright veridian shine.

    "Lights," They announced - no, declared, such was their boldness and demanding nature, instinctively causing the Phantoms to (to some reluctance on a few of their minds) activate the lamps set on their shoulders and helms.

    In comparison, the Phantoms were far less glamorous but no less fascinating. The Faceplates themselves were partly plain, though numerous ones had been customized. One wielding a two-barreled carbine with an underslung, jagged blade being equipped with a vicious skull mask with bloody paint covering one side of his face, while another that had in her grasp a two-handed, scoped and sleek energy-powered rifle having a series of attachments over where her eyes would be, visual upgrades and rangefinders.
    Their armour was somewhat skintight, whilst simultaneously 'loose' - being more of an extension of their real body than actual armour comparatively speaking. Almost as though their entire figure was made of wire and metal, yet without the weakpoints and servo's of servo-armour or the gaps of true armour; it was a bodysuit of the highest quality.
    The sole addition was a sleek, metal backpack that was partly fused to their aug-suit, undoubtedly acting as both a power supply and a true backpack to carry whatever may be required.

    One male carried with him a thick, cabled weapon that had a blunt end, a fuel cell being set into the butt of the rifle - a flick of the safety and numerous vents opened along the end of the barrel, a blue-white glow coming through them; a plasma rifle.

    Another three carried shotguns with underslung blades, with a single one carrying a set of SMG's in either of her hands, a massive, cabled rifle being set on her back - a fabled Rail Rifle, capable of terrorizing Mechs. The sole anti-armour weapon that they had, as well; while the plasma rifle and the Despair launcher could be used in such roles, they were not as viable compared to this.

    All the same, they worked in a group, The Dragoon carrying the front and those with shotguns at either sides of him, the two rifle-users - marksmen, if anything - being kept in the center and the rest all covering their perimeter, carbines ready and emerald laser sights glowing in the dark.

    "Oxygen levels at maximum," one Phantom spoke, his head looking up towards the cieling. "if we're deprived, we'll have a few hours. Anyone picking something on Thermal?"

    Pips on the comm-feed were all that they gave as vocal cues (one for yes, two for no - the latter being used by everyone), before one shotgunner came over towards where there was condensation. A few looked his way, and it wouldn't take long for the Shotgunner to see to investigating, three to five of them covering his position whilst the rest briefly pushed on; they never went out of tossing distance or visual sight of one another, at the least so that nothing would catch them unawares.

    The Dragoon meanwhile, kept his Thermal vision activated, in hopes of any activity; anything living, hopefully, would pop up even through walls (relatively thin ones, at least).
    "Remember to be wary, any loss will be damaging; keep chatter to a minimum, and your guard high. We will not be alone upon this accursed ship."
  5. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Hearing the screams of the infected and what Jakora had just said, Habevi's eyes twitched slightly and he began to grit his teeth to what he was hearing, which to him seemed like madness. He grabbed Jakora's shoulder with a very firm grip that would hurt most weaker creatures. "Are you demented? You would leave us while we need support our associates with the culling of these creatures!" He began to forcefully pull her back towards the combat.

    "We cannot leave any of these things standing! There is still a chance for there to be a loss of life and i will not let that happen just because you believe it to be a good idea to leave us!" He got his weapon ready with the one free hand he still had and pulled the trigger, the weapon made a whirring noise for a second before a large red beam blasted forward and melted several Morphos.

    (OOC: 3 Morphos cannon fodder killed)
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "What a joyous prospect you make." Thunderhunter cocked his head a little curious to the newest lieutenant, a bit amused. @BlackNecron

    Cero was quick to turn around and face the beasts. His prowess was needed here to fend the horror off.
    "I strongly suggest a fighting retreat!" He shouted while delivering a crushing twist kick to a morpho's torso. He focused his efforts on culling anything that came too close to give those with more range breathing room. This quickly started to look like they'd get overwhelmed if they didn't play this proper.

    (5 attacks spent on the horde)
  7. What with the wave of incoming, Shay decided to plant her shield firmly into the ground and then throw a pair of incendiary grenades into the oncoming horde, attempting to spread them evenly so that they would have the maximum effect.
  8. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "Very well then", replied Vaadh curtly, sparing a glance over her shoulder to assure herself of the Morphos presence. But in spite of her desire to burn them, she moved forward quickly to follow the Starlen. There was a time and a place for battle, but now, she had to abide.
  9. Novi, that had noticed the moss reacting while spraying her acid... simply continued. She had quite a large storage of it before she would need to wait for her sacks to recharge, so she continued spraying acid towards the horde, the green, crude smelling mist covering any of the infected that came close, turning them into melted goop within a second, normally would most creatures atleast take a few seconds to melt, but these infected was a simple response, alot of them sure, but weak skeletons of bone and flesh.

    At the same time, would all four of novi's hands turn into scythelike claws, and extend in length, resulting in her gaining a terrifying meele range and lethal sweeping attacks, she was ready if any of the infected came her way, she would slice them in half with a simple swing... and she had 4 arms, making it 4 times as deadly.

    Tho she wasn't stupid. She had noticed the others words, if they began to leave would she move backwards while continuing her assault.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Acknowledge, Id suggest the fastest and best in melee near the rear in a formation, To help fend off morpho while the other team provides retreating support fire." Baron said his own voice sounding transmitting over there communications to help keep in touch Seeing already one or two wanting on sticking He focused on keeping up the fire and aiding those that would be in the back if they did move using the formation he suggested, Due to his own speed he calculated he could move faster then the morphos if they needed to turn it to a full on retreat and possibly if needed to perform such a action possibly send misses down the hall to help fin the heard more quickly.

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