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Galaxy of Horrors (Sci-Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 19, 2017.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cero scraped some of the moss off the wall with his spear.
    "It taints everything it comes across." He spoke his thoughts out loud and kept walking. The more he learned, more disgusted he got. He was rather comfortable in this environment despite the air, since the power armor he was wearing was sealed.
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "I think we're better off finding another way. If you want to try going through the moss, be my guest, you know what I said about your bodies." Jakora said to the group before heading off to find another way around (and avoid the smell, the only thing that she could sense through the armour thanks to her powers.)

    But rather than completely go off in search of another route (even if some reconnaissance was done), the Starlen instead stayed out of sight and instead psychically cast her eyesight back towards the bloodmoss, just in case anyone really did try going though the Bloodmoss consumed hallway, in morbid curiosity to see what happened if someone did step on it.
  3. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Finally Thitos saw the rest of the lieteunants. And just as he covered the last few meters, an emotionless voice of unspecified gender alerted him.
    "Unknown bio-hazard detected. Engaging survival modules."
    By the time the announcment was done, his Suit had already sealed itself. He couldn't hinder a small sigh from escaping his lips.
    Looking up to the group, he engaged the comm-link.
    "Greetings, lieutenants. Though it is a shame we have to meet on the field first, I guess it has its own charme after all." He raised his arm in a casual salute. "I am Oper-.... Lieutenant Thitos Fafnaar, from the Conglomerate. I am to join you as reinforcement from this Operation onward."
    Let's see if that Greenhorn really did inform them.
    He was of course referring to the adjutant-like character from the dropship call.
    "We can skip further introductions if you like. I am informed about the details."
    He looked after the Starlen operator that had headed off in another direction.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The large armoured figure gave little more than a hum now, one gauntlet coming up to the faceplate and rubbing at it - akin to stroking one's chin, with all this bulk - now staring ahead at... Nothing, for the most part.

    A few seconds went by, before he gave a nod, now speaking up. "I thank you then for this information, Ensign. I shall speak to my comrades and see to entering; I shall attempt to acquire proper equipment, for this endeavour; the Crimson Avenger shall be of little use inside a ship, after all."

    "May you live long and well."
    He then said, stepping back and - unless he was stopped for some reason - made his way out of the room back towards his ship; mostly to get certain belongings!
  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Vaadh looked at the bloodmoss with a frown behind the featurelessness opaque that was her helmet. She had heard of it, or overheard it, more precisely; but never before had she encountered it in person. A younger Adherent may have acted on the instinctual desire to touch it, but she made the wiser decision to follow the Starlen. "Fire purges it?", she asked, thinking back to the many things she had purged by fire in her life. Before she could ponder the beauty and simplicity of fire further, the newcomer caught up with them.

    The Letheian elite simply gave him a curt winged salute, electing not to speak ere she insult someone's cultural sensibilites.
  6. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    "For once i agree with the starlen." He moves in the direction Jakora is heading. "Better to not go through unnecessary pathways when there will be more beneficial routs."
    The suit begins to give out a low hum again but he refrain from striking at it so not to attract any unwanted attention from the things that might still stalk these halls. He doesn't even give a look towards the lieutenants that have just joined.
  7. Novi sighes and walks forwarsd. She looks around. Not finding any other path before she opens her mouth. With a hissing, a shower of acid spews out over the moss, covering it in a highly acidic and evaporating moisture. If the Moss is so based on water, will this acid make it quite dry... and disolved, quite quick. The acid has a icky, sweet smell to it, mixed with a form of old, rotting vegetation. Not a pleasant smell.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cero turned around to meet the newest arrival. He walked closer and thumped his swordspear to rest next to his foot.
    "Here you are at last. I expected one to be taller." He looked Thitos up and down. "Welcome to the fold, regardless. Looking forward to arguing with you." His sense of humor wasn't exactly a great one but he was referring to the dysfunctional nature of the meetings they have had so far midst lieutenants.

    Cero looked at the moss hall and Jakora leaving to find another route. While he was pleased to see her go away he wasn't very fond of trying his luck with the moss either.
    "She's gonna need help, her ego can't carry her everywhere." He murmured and went after her.
  9. @Casavay @The_Raven @Maleth @Vulpas @Wata @SpaceHulk @Wincent @Azathoth @BlackNecron
    The sudden agitation of the bloodmoss via Novi’s acid caused the plan like substance to suddenly lurch and quiver. A shriek composed of dozens of voices moved up the hallway as the lieutenant's comms suddenly sparked to life with Fleet Admiral Zall’s voice. “What did you do! We have readings of mass movements of biomass coming up from the lower levels of the ship!” The elder Wessari’s voice was drowned out in their minds as things began moving from under the bloodmoss. Clawed hands and sharpened limbs began ripping through the layers of moss revealing skeleton thin infected forms.

    These weren’t something recorded in the databanks of either the federation or former Starlen Imperium. But the group wouldn’t have time to contemplate this as they all began rushing their decrepit forms towards the offending insectoid who had decided to use their acid on the bloodmoss. There were easily over a hundred of them all rushing down the hallway, bits of their forms covered by bloodmoss and small tendrils coming out from them and extending to the walls or floor as if they were puppets being controlled by the moss itself.

    (Enemies: 118 Fodder)
    (Cero, Shay, Baron, Thitos, and Kirgon have five attacks, Everyone else has three.)

    Getting whatever they needed Dragoon would then board a dropship with a total of twenty five converted spec ops known as phantoms. The other two lieutenants seem to have been assigned as neither of them boarded the ship. With a schedule to keep the pilot lifted off and exited the hanger into the void of space. Quickly maneuvering passed other ships and having two fighters come by and escort them as they exited the bulk of the fleet. The small starlen space station coming into view after around ten minutes of travel. Once close enough the ship docked with the station. “This is where you get off.” The pilot said into the intercom as the docking port opened allowing them to move into the station. The first corridor would be relatively bare and bereft of decoration, with nothing but metal underfoot and small features such as air intakes and moisture traps, to maintain life support. However, towards one end of the corridor ice condensation would be present on some of the wall doodads and paneling.
  10. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    The Zarakon did not think agitating that moss was a good idea. It's suspicions were confirmed by the arrival of the enemy.
    It's eyes widening, the Zarakon readied it's guns and fired.

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