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Galaxy of Horrors (Sci-Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, May 19, 2017.

  1. Azunar, The Everchosen Azathoth Arkhona Vanguard

    The Zarakon did not bother to get the gore out from between his carapace plates, or off of his bladed limbs. No better warpaint that blood to show your skill at killing.

    Following after Cero, he kept his blades primed, ready and willing to prove himself to the others. There was bad blood between his kind and, well frankly, everyone else, but if a Zarakon could be trusted for one thing, it was loyalty to it's cause.

    Killing the Morphos and Converted and not dying was a cause one could trust.
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Jakora reciprocated the nod from Cero by nodding her thanks to the Ruk ( @Wata ) , welcoming the fact that she had received recognition from the Ruk that yes, she at least capable of using her powers to benefit others (even if the use of her powers was to benefit herself in the process such as improving the person who could help her survive the Morphos.)

    She then turned her head to face Farr and said "Thank goodness for turning up then. Take position behind us, we'll need you for fire support in case we get any big hordes coming our way. I'd also recommend something a little more precise than what standard doctrine would suggest as a suitable weapons configuration, given at least two of the... Others like to get up close with the Morphos, and I'd like to not have to treat friendly fire as well." Evidently, the Orrakar Tank Commander was not a slave to the Starlen, given her more polite tone of suggestions and orders.

    With that said, the Royal Guard then followed after the Ruk and Zarakon, ready to get moving into the rest of the ship. However, she saw that the Zarakon had left the Morphos blood on himself, and so she immediately went up behind him to jab him with a dose of Salvern-Theroal from her personal stockpile of the drug, purely to prevent him from risking contracting the infection from such a choice of.... Bodily decor.

    Once Ash'lima was done with that she moved to take a point position with the team, while sweeping her rifle as if it was 'scanning' the area around the team. Given the mental energy expended on enhancing Cero, as well as her feats of Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis during that battle to access the Ramp, she was not taxing her mind further and instead letting it rest for challenges to come.

    So Jakora was left to manually search for threats and opportunities in the area around the ship, relying on what her eyes, ears and other senses were telling her passively rather than actively expend her focus on information gathering.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    As the last morpho fell Baron made a nod to joris in his head being a semi statement of good work, Going up the ramp he followed before getting idea in his head. "Jakora suggestion would it be possible to patch into the security system of this colony ship and then try to use what running systems in the ship to both purge the morphos if any are running and search for living survivors?" Baron said taking up the middle of the group his axe back in his hands in its rifle form ready once more for combat.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Dragoon hadn't felt any sympathy in seeing the Morphos, and knowing what brief history of what they were - instead just whirling around acrobatically and giving off another strafing run.

    The Crimson Avenger flew surprisingly low as the Nova Cannons opened fire, sending blasts of explosive plasma through the mass - briefly causing empty lines through the horde, even if they were filled with more monsters in mere seconds as those behind them rushed forward.

    The vehicle turned upwards and using this time, The Dragoon glanced back over to the Federation troops, ready to give off another burst if needs be to keep the men and women there safe.​
  5. Novi tilt her head, as her biorifle dissapears, turning into smaller weaponry, a form of bone like strucutre on her wrists, akin to semi automatic rifles. She regains her hands, however these are more equipped with longer talons. This allowing her to work in a much tighet confinement while still being able to shoot at range. She walks with the others towards the inside of the ship.

    Her bodyguards lumbering beside her, their large fists making heavy thuds against the metallic ramp.
  6. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Habevi lowered his weapon and seeing as all the converted in the area were dead, turned the switch safety on his weapon on but soon after realized that, that could be a bad idea to do in such a hostile environment so he quickly turned the safety back off.

    Taking a moment to look at the vehicle that had just moved up to the group, he doubted that something this small of a tank could be effective at all, but he did not have much time to say anything before he realized he was falling behind the group. He then quickly made his way up the ramp to catch up with everyone.
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  7. @Maleth @Vulpas @Wata @SpaceHulk @Wincent @Azathoth
    As the team pressed onwards into the Starlen Colony Ship, moving from the cargo area into the smaller, yet still decently sized corridors that made up the passageways between the key areas of the ship, the size of which would be rather cramped for the larger members of the team and the Microtank, but thankfully not as cramped as it could be if it wasn’t designed to tolerate taller races.

    The dull grey flooring of the corridor would be contrasted from it’s drab coloration due to being laid down in a geometrical design, underlit by various coloured lights. Said coloured lights were not just for show, and were in fact meant to provide a physical means of guiding the ship’s inhabitants…. If, they were told which colour meant what, and the various ways of changing the colours so that slaves didn’t catch onto the colours beyond an attempt at art. Suffice to say, more convenient forms of getting directions on board the ship required either equipment designed to work with the onboard network, or psychic powers.

    Eventually, they would come to an intersection with a fair few blood stains strew about the place, the pattern consistent with small arms fire, surprisingly, and the blood trailed off deeper into the ship. There was a pedestal with a small touch-screen panel in front of what looked to be a Starlen hologram projector, a set of three tall poles with flaps studded at equal intervals along the poles, and a few seats that had been bolted into the structure of the room. Finally, there was a cargo elevator that could just about fit the Microtank, and a seemingly spacious elevator that, with a little effort could take the rest of the team, even if multiple trips would be needed for the droids following them.

    But suddenly, a whine would start up like something had power restored to it, but obviously not to the projector in the intersection. Soon after the whine had faded to a more background noise level, but with a different mechanical noise that seemed to be coming closer to the team.
    Farr quickly poked his head out of the Microtank, looking eager to tell the team something.
    Ergo, it should be no surprise he banged his head on the ceiling of the corridor in his haste to tell the team something, making a dull thud of his head on the metal. After shaking his head clear, he cleared his throat and said “Well, the network’s going crazy over the Defense Matrix coming online…. We’re going to have to shut the thing off, aren’t we?”

    As Farr stopped speaking, the elevator doors opened to show a row of weapons raised directly at them. A squad of Korin marines were staring at them for a few moments before lowering after realizing they were friendly. An awkward greeting and lowering of arms later they explained that their guide had been killed in the initial advance into the ship and they were wandering aimlessly for the past few minutes.
    Seeing that superior officers had just appeared in front of them they agreed to follow with the lieutenants and assist then with their own mission. It was about this time the Lieutenants also received direct news of the colony’s defense matrix being activated, if they hadn’t already guessed that it was the case from Farr’s commentary.
    (Objective: Deactivate the defence matrix)

    (Allies: 1 Starlen Microtank, 37 Standard Federation Combat Droids, 8 Korin Marines)

    Up in their air the Dragoon would see that the lines of the federation troops were holding against the onslaught. The horde had only collided with the droids with the living soldiers held up behind the barricades and firing into the melee. The basic droids could do little else than attempt to fire point blank into the horde but specially equipped droids that carried flame throwers and other short range weapons unleashed their payload onto the close enough targets. The heavy Federation droids which towered over the rest of the machines crushed morphos that got underfoot of the warmachines and cut them up with arm mounted frequency blades. However before he could watch the battle below anything further his systems detected incoming fire coming from the Colony Ship.

    It seems something had triggered the colony ship’s defence matrix. Small laser turrets on the ship’s exterior roared to life shooting at transports and forcing the dragoon into evasive maneuvers. Several bolts clipped his hull leaving superficial damage while several slower transports were too slow. Some of the transports lost control and fell into the hordes as they were riddled with holes while others managed to get out in varying condition. Over the communication network, reports of pilots being shot down by the newly activated defence matrix came in on all channels, something the Dragoon could witness from his ship, with bolts of red light punching holes into the Federation aircraft flying in the airspace around the ship. It went without saying that those turrets would need to be deactivated as quickly as possible, before the ground troops lose their air support and way back up into the fleet in orbit.
    (Objective: Survive the defence matrix)
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  8. Azunar, The Everchosen Azathoth Arkhona Vanguard

    Krigon, upon taking the jab of Salvern-Theroal from behind, was about to turn around and threaten whoever had done that, only to immediately realize he was drenched in infected materials.

    After several seconds of contemplation on the many ways that choice could go stupidly, obviously wrong, the Zarakon naturally allowed himself to the rear of the group as they moved, before 'accidentally' falling behind several paces. Once a safe distance away he unfurled his bionic wings to scatter most of the infected 'decor' he had so eagerly chosen.

    Combat drugs. He thought to himself. Cut a few of those. Bloodlust is not a thing you should have when facing the damned Morphos.

    Upon rejoining the group and hearing the defense matrix's activation, Krigon nodded to the Kroin newcomers, then turned to Farr.

    "And this Defense Matrix is where, in proximity to us?" He asked with the same cold, formal monotone the Zarakons were known for while in the line of duty.

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