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Galaxy of Horrors (Sci-Fi rp)

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  1. Since the beginning life has found comfort and safety in groups. From hunting in packs and moving in herds life always seemed to stick to itself. Even as the first life forms became sentient and went to the stars above they held together forming vast empires. Though this principle of life didn’t stop in fighting within groups and fighting between different groups. That was just the chaotic nature of life at play one will push and another will pull back at them. Balance would be restored eventually as it always had but when a force outside the circle enters. Unexpected things tend to happen.

    A standard decade ago a strange entity entered the galaxy from the galactic north, it could only be described as a massive blue cloud of stardust. Strange but harmless most thought at first as it approached their systems. As such not much word was given until it was too late. First Empires that stretched the galaxy would notice their northernmost colonies stopped communicating with them. Any ships or probes sent out to investigate would also cease all contact and seem to vanish off of long range scanners.

    It would take months before the cloud became visible to more developed worlds and researchers found that it disabled all forms of communication both long and short range. It is unknown what has happened to the scout ships and their respective crews to this day. The cloud was observed to be moving towards the galactic south at an alarming rate. Planets swallowed by the cloud are never heard from again do to it’s effects so many empires began evacuating their worlds. Billions of refugees being forced south as the cloud seemed unstoppable, though it would not go unchallenged forever.

    The Starlen Imperium was the first to present major efforts to fight back against what was now named the Visitors by the public. Major campaigns to retake worlds from within the cloud were met by horrifying sights. Once normal worlds with healthy ecosystems turned into something else. The cloud turned living and dead tissue and twisted it into different forms, plant mass is converted into something that resembles a red moss that covers the surface of the planet. Animals and Sentient creatures twisted into horrifying forms and made incredibly violent. Needless to say such development were demoralizing, the dead were transformed into the enemy.

    No matter how many fleets they sent the cloud’s movement never slowed or changed direction. An Empire of hundreds of systems and habitable was laid low as even their capital and Empress was taken from them. But before it could all be taken away a stroke of luck, scientists from various species and empires had come together and found a way to stop the cloud’s advance if only for a moment. Massive gravity well generators placed within the void of space pull the cloud into a furnace that would burn it as it was made up of mostly hydrogen. These “Grav Furnaces” as the would be dubbed halted the cloud’s advance. But at the cost of one third of the galaxy with many Empires and species becoming extinct and even the Starlens being broken down to all but five habitable planets at the southernmost tip of their territory.

    In a single decade the galaxy had been brought to its knees by blue cloud of stardust, but as the laws of nature have put it when in danger life sticks to itself for protection. The remaining empires, some left totally unaffected by the cloud banded together and formed the First Galactic Federation. Peoples who were once mortal enemies have been forced to become comrades when facing extinction. Races once considered primitive were brought into the galactic fold out of necessity and isolationists like the Synchronized Collective were forced onto the galactic stage as well. Soon a council of representatives from each member of the Federation chose a headquarters on the ancient Hyperion Facility surrounding a red giant built by a long forgotten empire eons ago.

    With the beginnings of a galactic standardized military in the works several officials from the empires were granted a new rank within the Federation. Lieutenant, their duties are designed to make them flexible to almost any scenario and be able to be assigned to practically any kind of mission. The individuals chosen for this role are heros to their people coming from positions of prestige or have shown extraordinary merit as to assure they are indeed qualified. Ones who were not truly qualified would likely not survive long in the coming years. Three separate fleets formed from the respective navies from the member empires. Each consisting of ten thousand ships of varying class and size with millions of crewmen supplemented by robotic labor with mobile Grav Furnaces to allow them to travel within the cloud safely and in theory hold the cloud at by until full sized furnaces can be moved up.

    Now we focus upon the story of the Lieutenants of Theta fleet, the one assigned to regain the former territory of the Starlen Imperium. They have all been shuttled from their home Empires to the Hyperion Facility that is now a fully functioning headquarters of the Federation. It’s halls are ancient and yet shiny using alloys that are no longer known by name. Robotic attendants walk the halls on various tasks and Federation Guards of various species stand at their posts weapons at ease. The Lieutenants have just gotten out of their various ships and are headed to a designated briefing room to be given the necessary information about the coming campaign.

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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Before the swift arrow of space that was the Ruk Council's vessel could properly open and lower their boarding ramp, a Prime Slayer was already walking out of the ship. His boot touched the hangar floor at the same time the ramp did. He ignored any greeting entourages or underlings, smoothly pushing one menial aside with the haft of his swordspear without stopping for a moment. instead heading straight for the briefing room.
    Thunderhunter's footsteps made heavy thumps when wearing his Prime Battlesuit, honorary cape trailing behind him in deep red and black color.

    Once at the briefing room, Cero walked over to the table, set his snarling predator imagery decorated helmet on the table and thud his spear once on the floor as a declaration that a Prime Slayer was present. He eyed everyone already present with red eyes.
    "Cero Thunderhunter, Four Wisdoms. Here to kill for the Federation, Visitors have outstayed their welcome."
    He slammed his chest with a fist in greeting. The various tribal charms and predator teeth wrapped around his arm clattered against his vambrace.
  3. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Her eyes darted from one corner of the room to the next, as milky-white crevaces that were her pupils, observed information that was stored in her brain.The digi-tatoo on her forhead shone with subtle exuberance as she drank in static energies around her.

    These were not some aeteric, dimmensional energy from lofty planes of the unknown. But a static energy of the vibrant and diverse lifeforms all around her. If Hyperion Station was a living being, she would implode from the amount of frantic activity within it. She, mere days from flesh-moulding caskets, has seen more of the galaxy the some of the oldest of denizies of the Synchronized Collective. Feeling their jealousy and ravenous hunger for things new and old, made her pleased with herself and honored. To be given existence in such time on such - almost sacred quest, it was humbling.
    Two hovering watch-eye drones, buzzed around, as the trillions of the Collective absorbed everything happening around her. They were designed after ancient orinthopters, flying on small wings.

    Nodding to the guards on watch duty, with palms slick with prespiration, she pushed opened the doors to the briefing room. Her body bio-synthetic like all of those within the Collective, yet of unique form. Form of a race long gone from the Collective, taken from them by a vile malady. In their honor does she stride, keeping them alive.

    Seeing one of the attendants already present, a Rukian, Cero if his obsidian skin and golden mohawk was any indicator, saluted. Following his salute, she softly inclined her head, returning in a melodic voice of a dead race:

    "Nazara of Ancient Earth. I am here to contribute my part in our war of survival."
  4. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    The red glowing sensors of his helmet took in all the information around him as the lumbering figure slowly made his way down the bright corridor. Dreading the fact that he had to meet with the arrivals of other species, he incomprehensibly mumbled to himself, while also ignoring all the strange, wonderful species around him.

    The armour which he had worn for the entire trip was starting to bare down on him even with the inbuilt exo-skeleton. But he finally made it to the briefing room door way and stepped inside. Taking a few seconds to examine the ones who had shown up, he then trudged his way to the other end of the table. The quiet humming of his suit was all that was heard.

    At the other end of the table he would then speak in a deep almost monotone "Habevi... Habevi Jhatka of the Auger Oligarchy." He then was quite. The sensors on his helmet continued to examine and identify the others in the room.
  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Jarkora Ash’lima was the first to step off from the boarding ramp that extended from the sleek form of a Starlen transporter to grant passage to the halls of the Hyperion Facility, only to pause for a moment as she surveyed the movement of people... A sight that threatened to back memories of events from the past decade, from battles fought and lost. But she banished those memories before she let her emotions take control, her mind reasserting itself.

    The Royal Guard then pressed on, striding past those who sought her attention given she had her own business to attend to at Hyperion with the briefing she needed to attend.
    Her attire was a patchwork suit which was what passed for Starlen Combat Armour in the present times with mismatched pieces of turquoises, white and black armour taken from otherwise useless suits, supplemented by crudely fashioned (by Starlen standards) metal to make a somewhat coherent set of armour.

    The Starlen nodded to the guards she passed as she walked into the briefing room. She removed her helmet, showing her black with white trimmed feathers, blue with hints of red eyes and her beak with its ribbed upper part, the pair of holes (one hole each side) within the upper part of her beak that acted as her nose and the sky-blue decorating she had done to commemorate the past.

    Looking upon the Ruk, Auger and the person she could only assume was from the Collective, Ash'lima stepped into crouching down onto one leg, and then she put her right arm diagonally across her chest towards her face, claw-arm snaking around to perform the same gesture. She then got up from her show of allegiance and said "Jarkora Ash'lima, Royal Guard. Ready for vengeance."
  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    A fifth figure entered the briefing room, nearing seven feet tall and broad in frame. The mammalian creature was covered in fur that ranged from dirty blonde to dark, with the only bare patch being his muzzle, which had a leathery, black texture. The Wessari commander had been equipped in the fashion of the Hegemony Marine Corps, with a dark powered armor bearing the orange, arrow-like symbol of the Hegemony on his right shoulder and a symbol of his rank on his left. The rank insignia had been replaced with that of the Federation lieutenant. He carried a combat knife and a laser pistol on his left and right hip respectively, and a laser rifle was slung over his back.

    "Lieutenant Daruk, reporting for duty," he announced, and stepped into the room. He took only a moment to look over the other arrivals, gaze lingering on each for only a heartbeat, before he joined the Ruk at the table. "The Council sends a Prime Slayer," he observed. "A good commitment," he offered genially.
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Once the Starlen had arrived, Cero had been glaring at her, four glimmering red eyes . His fingers flexed around his spear's shaft, as the only other emotion that showed from his countenance.
    After Daruk had introduced himself, Cero turned his head to look at the Wessari. "Ruk, Daruk." Thunderhunter greeted him as was the Rukian custom offering a slight nod.
    "Stomping on the Warpath once again, yes. Council wants to make sure this threat isn't underestimated, every Slayer is on the move."
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Looking at the Ruk that had glared at her, Jakora commented upon the conversation between him and the Wessari "Well, good thing you've actually got someone with hard-earned experience of the Morphos threat then rather than just having 'veterans' of simulations who fold five minutes into an actual engagement. Wouldn't want the rest of you dying due to not knowing the cardinal rule of fighting Morphos and so wasting all of your shots on the chest."
  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

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    "For sure," the Wessari lieutenant agreed, a note of approval in his deep baritone, before he turned to address the avian creature that had approached them. A glint of recognition in the dark Wessari eye, and he nodded his head. "Ah, yes, I have been briefed. I understand that the Starlen, too, have joined this effort, and that it is your embattled realm that serves as our staging ground," Daruk said. He regarded the Starlen. "Though, I trust your intelligence service has relayed all the necessary information to the Admirals, yes?" he suggested, with a humored glint in his eye. "In which case, I should only have to attend one briefing today. I look forward to seeing your kind's particular talents in the field."
  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate


    "Well, I'm sure they'll have gotten at least the basics to the Admirals despite all that they have on their plate with regards to the situation for the citizenry and their.... 'Servants'." Jakora replied, using more polite language to reference Starlen slaves given the current occupants of the room. She then looked towards the Wessari "And well, it will be an interesting sight to see the Wessari at war as well, even if the Starlens are perhaps not in the shape to fight a war fully."

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