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Full Discussion of Eldar and Eldar Balance

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Rheeva, May 4, 2018.

  1. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Very nice, interested to see how you'll handle the more 'juicy' topics. *thumbs up*
  2. I see a trend in video games, where "glass cannon" type characters always get called OP or UP because in the hands of a vet they'll kickass and with a noob they'll suck.
    More resilient choices are always more forgiving even if they do less damage.

    The problems with EC is the more resilient characters do too much damage for their ressilence compared.
    I for one find Eldar a lot more difficult to play with compared to the other factions but are equally effective, but I can achieve the same level of play much, much more easily with other factions.
    LSM/CSM especially just seem to work, they don't fight against me so to speak, they just work very well.
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  3. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    In a way, Eldar reward disciplined play where you manage your chances correctly (aka, engage at your advantage, disengage when it's not). Their whole setup in terms of classes, survivability and gear is in a sense streamlined towards that end.I would guess this style of play is what makes them so annoying to play against, makes them feel OP because people don't notice when they had the upper hand as it's denied capitalizing on. Instead you get this streak of draw->draw->loss (because the opponent now got to jump you or another Eldar came about). Until I really realized it happen to me, I didn't realize I did the same on my Eldar char. Hawks are the epitome of this way of playing, hence they also recieve the most hate. The other factions are much more standoff-ish when it comes to fights.

    I would guess this also attracts a certain type of player that likes this more methodological style of play. Once you get a high enough number of such players in a team (with game experience to boot), you can get a pretty brutal setup going. And that doesn't mean that Eldar are automatically more skilled players but what makes the faction tick might just attract a certain type of more focussed player to begin with.
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  4. I also think the problems with Eldar is people suffer from ptsd when they were first implemented apparently they were OP as hell I would not know I didn't play EC back then. I've seen this in other games were no matter how much you nerf a once powerfull character it'll always be called OP.

    Eldar overall have been hated,

    1: They're difficult to use.
    2: They are not fun to play against
    3: People like Space Marines winning not Xenos

    Edit: I can only Imagine the horror if they actually gave Eldar some of their good missing weapons.
  5. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Very unbiased and reasonable summary (if it deserves that name due to its length). As someone who plays against Eldar regularly (and occasionally as one), I do agree with all the points.

    At first, they were UP as hell, then - if I remember that correctly - got overcompensated, becoming rather OP. Things have definitely settled down since then.
  6. When Eldar were first put in they couldn't melee. They stunned themselves every hit. The way Eldar players countered this was we ran in packs. One of the biggest examples of this was when Eldar won a fortress map without the ability to melee vs marines by running what we called the seer counsel it was 6 warlocks running around each taking a turn to melee as they got stunned. The sons of dorn learned to fear the Eldar that day and the Eldar OP has not stopped since.
    Ps. Pinned and watching. Keep it civil and your post get to stay.
  7. Thana Thana Curator

    ohhh man, that game was gold! thanks for reminding me of the game Asheru :D

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