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Frosty Boyz Waaaaaagh-band!!!!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by ItzFitz, May 2, 2014.


Are you Frosty? Ready to spill blood with the cold touch of your axe/power klaw?

  1. Yes, The Blood shall stay frozen upon my blade(s)!

  2. Nope...

  1. ItzFitz ItzFitz Subordinate

    Orks meet the viking esk Space wolf clan!
    Axe heavy arsenal...
    Leather Hide and Fur on every Boy and Nob!
    Quick, Agile vehicles and maneuvers.
    A Very aggressive, Weathered, and Bloodthirsty Ork Clan!!!

    just imagine the bloodshed, the pure untainted bloodlust that is ork-dom!
    No Gork nor Mork, No false prophets, only the strongest shall survive.

    The harsh frozen wasteland worlds only create the strongest of beings.
    As in true historical events of our own world have depicted with the paganistic northmen that ravaged all of europe so shall the Frosty Boyz raze the galaxy in constant war!
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