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From the Ashes ((IG RP))`

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    After blasting through a couple of Kommandos, Aquillia begins taunting the greenskins, calling them many things with the most notable of the insults being; "Imbecilic green xenos" and "Primitive alien scavangers" as she zeros down on the Killa-Kans, letting off a couple of plasma bolts down the range to meet the Killa-Kans. Hopefully at least damaging some before they rip into the company's bulk.

    (OOC: Two standard attacks at the Killas)
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  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Roy whooped and shouted as the second rocket sent the fearsome xenos death machine running for the hills its frame most of the way to a burnt out husk. He turned with a hand raised to congratulate his louder as the cadian shoulder checked the Steel Legionnaire behind cover as a rain of whistling ork slugs crunched it to the ground around them ,gravel and small pieces of sharp stone causing the pair to cover their faces from the minscule barrage.

    There was little time for talk with those Ork Tankbusta's eyeing up the companies most valuable assets. "We got to put a dent into those bastards so ive got a plan, load the launcher and then hold onto my back straps , as soon as that missile clears the barrel pull me back alright ?" Roy said to Sina as she slotted a frag into the open bore of the weapon.

    Roy closed his eyes , offered a prayer to the Emperor and Omnissiah on holy Terra, asked Olianus Pius from his holy perch with the Emperor to spare this ramshackle regiment and this damned company and this damn fool of a guardsmen a moment of his time before he rushed to the Missile Launcher as Shots rained around them as aimed and fired the frag missile towards the Tankbustas. As Sina pulled him back behind the cover he could only hope the shot flew true and that these orks were as bad shots as the ones back home.
    ( OOC : Sina : Load , Defensive Action Roy : Fire , Defensive action . Frag aimed for the TankBustas )
  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    A loud chorus of 'bangs' came from the distance as the tankbustas fired their payload, soon followed by the telltale whistling as they swirved this way and that, corkscrewing around aimlessly and – somehow miraculously – hitting both nothing, and something directly. The first Chimera did a sudden hard-right, sending the autocannon fire off whilst simultaneously saving them from an engine shot, the missile exploding harmlessly into the dirt where they were going to be but a moment ago. The second chimera was not so lucky, even as they attempted to do a sudden turn to avoid a hit, it slammed into the side plating and destroyed all the lasgun arrays, sending sparks and flames everywhere -two Guardsmen came outside almost immediately, their Armageddon respirators saving them from the fumes while they tried to put it out with Extinguishers. A third followed as well, and a third and forth – all of the Guardsmen inside rushing out and wasting no time in getting into what cover they could find in the hilly surroundings.

    The still mobile Chimera's turret turned back towards the shootas, firing once more along with its wounded sibling – twin autocannons both firing in unison and sending gore this way and that, blowing up one stikkbomb and annihilating another half dozen with it.

    Siegfried's own driving had saved them from an even worse fate; seeing half a dozen of the missiles coming in their direction, he'd pulled off a set of maneuvers that could have been either impossible in a chimera, or flipped the vehicle had it been anything else – explosions rocked the vehicle this way and that as they narrowly missed, yet fortunately all that happened was the damage to the paint job.
    “Fraggin hell!” Korallia had shouted to nobody in particular, that grin on her face never leaving for a moment as she continued to scream and laugh – mostly adrenaline, and some humorous terror at the situation – her laspistol firing blindly.
    His luck wouldn't last however – another sudden rokkit coming from nowhere and slamming into the rear of the vehicle, almost toppling it this time and sending shrapnel bouncing about; if anyone had stayed inside, they would have been shredded under most circumstances. The heavily damaged Kan had fired its rokkit and, luckily, hit the Taurox. A small yelp of pain came from Korallia, her left forearm getting a few pieces stabbed into it; she couldn't do anything about it of course, still having to keep herself in the seat and doing little more than grit her teeth and bear the pain of the hot shrapnel.

    Zhara had managed to unjam the weapon relatively quickly – a small set of electronic noises from the cogitators almost sounded like an amused response to her attempt at a prayer – perhaps the Taurox had been amused enough to cooperate fairly well, and without much fuss, she had the weapon ready once more to cause death upon the Xenos.

    Garrul on the other hand, was less than lucky; missiles streaking up, one hit right into the side of the canopy, obliterating the metal that (somewhat) protected him from small arms fire and sending a lance of pain up his leg as shrapnel embedded itself. Nothing too serious, though it would've made walking too much of a pain to deal with; his shots at the Deff Dread had perhaps saved them from a new nemesis, the engine compartment getting penetrated by numerous lasblasts before erupting into a firey explosion that engulfed the dread entirely, leaving nothing but a smoking husk left; had the sounds of battle not drowned it out, they would've heard the death throes of the ork pilot inside before he fell to the flames.

    The Sixth Company worked wonders as they continued to fire into the greenskins; bit by bit their resistance lessened. Grenades were fired into their midst and with a bit of directing, some Tankbustas were focused on as well; their heads lowered to avoid any of the lasblasts coming their way, they had little in the way of knowing what was coming to mete their doom. Shootas fired back at them all the same, deafening racket flying overhead; another man lost his throat as an oversized slug tore his head clean off, spraying blood onto the grass, his frag grenade falling harmlessly out of his outstretched hand.

    Seras' work at aiding the wounded was a thankful one to have, the medic stabilizing two and managing to get another two back to their feet; it wasn't long before she'd found herself her own entourage, an entire other squad of Guardsmen coming to keep her protected from shoota fire; with only two in the entire company, she was a precious resource to be had, and they all knew it.

    The charge into the Kommando was a fortunate one; zig-zagging his way forward, the shoota in the beast's hand fired aimlessly and always missed Romanus by an inch, half a dozen shots 'hitting' him – one scraping his cheek and leaving little more than a red line, another just sliding off the side of his ribcage, another brushing his knee, yet none causing any true damage, not until the Kommando slid out a large, brutish 'knife' – a weapon that was so in his hands, yet in any human's it would have been able to be used as a shortsword. Here was where a real fight was to be had with the ork.

    Kallen on the other hand, fought against the regular boyz, thinning them out bit by bit with a knife in hand and a frag that left the other – a sudden howl of pain was followed after the explosion, a greenskin hand coming and landing elsewhere; necks were slit, faces were gouged and hearts were pierced, the Catachan wading into the fray as safe as could be done without risking himself being overrun; the entire Company that was behind him kept the majority of the horde's attention, fortunately keeping them from deciding to swarm the man and rip him to pieces; that wasn't to say they hadn't noticed him, of course.
    One ork he'd tried to ambush had seen his handiwork and was ready, raising his shoota and firing into him; a handful banging painfully into the flak vest before bashing him into the ground with the weapon; of course, the killing blow was slow and clumsy, something he could take advantage of in but a moment.

    Unit 7's own marksmanship was at least getting better – shot after shot aimed at one of the Kommando's, he'd managed to get a killshot, piercing the beast's thick throat and causing it to double over, clutching it- a second kill was almost in sight before sudden slugs came from the horde, one banging against his helmet and giving him a mighty headache, while another tore at his shoulder, sending fresh stinging pain into his nerves and allowing the other Kommando to get away.

    The Scion's shots sadly, had little effect; the Killa Kanz waddling forward. The nearest of them took a plasma blast to its plating, though to her frustration she found that to be little more than additional plating shoddily hooked on, taking the hit and leaving the real chassis underneath rather untouched aside from a slight blackening of its paint.
    The carnage here was where it truly began, shouts coming from many a guardsman - Klaws raised themselves and slashed down into the Company, cutting men apart with giant saws and other klaws smashing others into paste; there was no medical intervention here, merely the Emperor's peace if one was to survive long enough for that. Cries of pain and panic raised considerably, dozens being scythed down thanks to the machines - the Autocannon turned slowly and was followed by some of the heavy bolters, firing at the nearest of them all in an attempt to at least down one.

    Belinda had other ideas, looking to her men and raising her power sword. "FOR THE EMPEROR, MEN! HE SHALL NOT WAIT FOREVER FOR US! CHAAAAAARGE!" -- a loud warcry came from her and the squad that accompanied her, all now rushing forward past some of them towards the Rokkit Kan - most of the Squad ignored it and fired into the Horde behind it, whilst the others fired at its viewport in an attempt to blind the grot inside. The Commander however came forward like a blur, her power sword ready and without too much effort, she climbed upwards and hacked down at one of the klaws - an orkish, 'vox'-like scream came through soon after as the limb came down, sparks and all,
    "Nor without a brain," She had commented, now shoving her blade downwards into the viewport - a small spurt of blood was all that came through, the mech stiffening a bit. Yanking the weapon free, Belinda used the toppling vehicle to her advantage - letting it fall to the ground and hop forwards, landing harmlessly much to the terror and confusion of the horde. A mere humie had killed a Kan?! With nothing more than a Sword at that!

    780's firing had been more of the same, his lasgun readied at one particular kommando that rushed forward, a stikkbomb in hand; it was a bizarre moment that followed. Perhaps the ork knew that he was aiming, perhaps he saw him earlier, or perhaps it was dumb luck, but whatever it was, the Kommando had rushed forward cockily, and just as he had tried to pull the trigger, he lunged into some rubble, hiding and having little more than a graze from the laser; and disappointingly, he didn't even try to come out!

    Sina had little more than a frown on her face as Roy sought to raise himself, but she grabbed onto his belt anyway, ready to pull him back the instant he fired; the Big Shoota in the distance hadn't even waited for him to clear the cover, immediately opening fire and sending dozens of rounds his way, taking a few scrapes before shooting at the Tankbustas; it was as though his prayers were answered, the frag missile landing directly into the middle of the mob and killing a dozen, before one of their rokkits misfired and killed another half dozen - twenty all killed in a single second. The loader didn't wait for any orders of course, yanking him back and giving him a small, critical look.
    "Can't bloody wait for a lull, can ya?" She asked humorously yet grumpily - obviously not too pleased at the notion that he might have just died; a loader isn't a loader when the gun they load isn't used!

    Kommandos were starting to spread themselves out a bit more, partly out of some vague sense of fear – even if the true sense of the word was not known to them – as the Techpriest continued to chop through them viciously. One kommando tried to fight him headon instead of being charged, and he found himself slashed in half, his head them crushed for good measure. A second tried to ambush him and was met with the Volkite, a superheated beam hitting him dead centre and within but a moment his flesh disintegrated and his bones being set aflame, the remains of the corpse falling to the ground, giving off copious smoke; all that was left was the third just ahead, firing at him

    "Ma'am, communications from up high," a Vox-operator said to the Company Commander, raising his vox-caster for her - she took it with little hesitation, her squad using the wreck as cover to fire behind as they waited. It wasn't long before she gave a nod and switched to the company's own channel - everyone's own vox channel sputtering to life, the woman's voice coming loud and clear,
    "Company - attention! We need to deal with those damned Tankbustas. Reinforcements are coming from the air, and we don't want to lose those damn valkyries; we have two minutes left, so let's get to it! Ave Imperator - let's show them that Sixth Company isn't going to let anyone down!"

    Orkish Horde: 189, morale is dubious; heavy damage is not doing favours.
    Kommandos: 7; they're now far sturdier, having alot more room to work with and spreading themselves out: frags will take out at most, 2, if any.

    Tankbustas: 17- Gonna fire this round; whether alive or not, all vehicles will be fired at. Will reload for next round's firing. These shots are under penalty, from Company suppressive fire.
    Killa Kanz 2-4: (K:24) (K:23) (BS:20)

    The Mechs cannot be harmed by lasgun fire.

    Sixth Company: 133
    Heavy Weapon Teams: trying to damage any Killa Kan; they will do so until ordered otherwise. A player can roll to order them to shoot at something else: a player can only order ONE team.
    (1-HB: 15) (2-HB:15) (3-HB:15) (4-AC:15) (5-HB:15)
    Company Commander Belinda: 18/25
    Chimera 1: 50/50 Chimera 2: 33/50
    Taurox: 17/35; there's a rather big hole in the compartment in the back.

    Otto: 11/15 --Unit 7: 13/20 --Kallen: 19/24
    Dei: 20/30-- 780: 14/20 -- Commissar Siegfried: 20/20
    Romanus: 14/20 Garrul: 10/30 Zhara: 20/20
    Aquilia: 19/20 -- Roy: 17/20 -- Sina:20/20 Seras: 15/20 Korallia: 17/20

    Dei has a total of two incendiary spearheads for use: each use will require an action to replace.
    Otto, 780, Seras, Garrul, Dei, Siegfried, Zhara & Korallia all have grenades.

    @bossaroo -- Trait: Tankbustas #1, Mechs #2
    Zhara, Otto and Romanus have traits available for use

    • 780: Built to Die charges: 2
    • 780 and Seras may attempt to use their medicae skills to bring back incapacitated Guardsmen: a total of 3 are dying. One action must be set aside to heal them, to do so.
    • Zhara has unjammed the weapon, and the machine-spirit is amused: a small bonus to hit.
    • Dei has regained control, and the steed will remain so for the skirmish.

    • Kallen and Romanus may emote killing their respective greenskins, while taking minor damage. Otto may emote killing his own Kommando as normal.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Thank the machine spirits, Ominssiah? emporer? as the weapon beeped back at her now loaded back" Zhara said as she began aiming the gun suddenly feeling a rocking and her seatbelt holding her into her seat as her head went flying into the bulk of the metal protecting her head. "Holy emporer that hurt." She said rubbing her head looks like she was gonna have to work over time to get rid of those rokkit boys. Aiming the cannon she had at them she took aim. "Fires coming up boys time to purge some more xenos!" Zhara yelled out with a smile looking to cannon and now aiming down the sights back at the tankbustas

    OOC one attack and one spray attack on Rokkit boys
  5. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Unit 7 glanced down at his wounded shoulder after his head stopped ringing. While it was likely to get in his way and reduce combat efficiency, it was not debilitating. The fight would go on. He had neutralized one of Kommandos, but the rest had scattered further. With so few left, it was likely a waste of time hunting the rest. Moreover his rather reckless commander had issued a new order. Eliminate the Tankbustas. "Unit 7 is moving to engage."

    With that said, Unit7 left his position, moving through the chaotic battlefield as he fired upon the Orks. Once he reached an acceptable position he unleashed a torrent of volleys at the Tankbustas, looking to eliminate and suppress the beasts so friendly armor could enter the combat zone safely. "Ave Imperator."

    OOC: Fire and maneuver and spray attack on Tankbustas
  6. Noticing how the vehicle had a hole blown into it and that the Sergeant had shrapnel in her arm the Commissar did not flinch. The engine still roared as he continued to drive through the battlefield and that was all he needed for the moment. Granted hearing the gunner managing to fix the vehicle's main weapon was rather pleasant news, the more greenskinned xenos that died today the better. He would continue doing what he was doing which was driving in a matter that would be best to keep both himself and the remaining passengers of the Taurox alive.

    OOC: Both Defensive on Taurox
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "You're angry?!" Dei asked of his mount. "You think you're the only one?!"
    His steed once again was in control, he pointed a sabre at the tankbustas
    "Let us make that filth feel it firsthand!"
    He urged the charge yet again, to attack the anti armour orks.

    Charge and attack on tankbustas
  8. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Garrul accidentally bit his cheek when the explosion rocked his sentinel, blood flowing into his mouth. He spit it out through the hole the explosion had caused, jokingly shouting thanks at the greenskin horde. Not wanting anything like that happen again, maneuvered the walker into whqt cover he could find, and fired back at the Tankbustas.
    (OOC: Seeking cover and shooting at the Tankbustas)
  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Roy laughed loudly as his loader chided him the adrenaline flowing through his veins and bringing a bright and wide smile to his usually down-cast face. "Now that ! Was teamwork holy Terra that was great !" He was practically buzzing with energy though as he saw the deff dread finished off by the sentinel . He shouted up a barely heard thanks and a thumbs up to the driver of the machine.

    Putting on his respirator and taking a few breaths to calm himself he turned to Sina "well when it comes to breaks that conflicts with my normal philosphy of the enemy cant hurt you if they're blown to pieces. Those tank butsas seem to be following the same principle . How about we show them how its done ?"
    He grinned as he reset himself back up on the Missile Launcher as he gestured for two shots

    ( OOC : Two Frag Missiles into the Tankbustas )
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  10. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Falling painfully to the ground, Kallen looked up at the filth that was clumsily trying to finish him off. With a quick prayer to the emperor, Kallen painfully lurched upwards to pull the ork down on top of him. After a brief struggle, he managed to get the greenskin by the neck and used his strength to hold it. After a short time, he managed to raise his blade and push it through the neck of the foul creature, blood running down the metal. Kallen let the body crumple to the ground as he pulled is knife from the ork.

    He quickly looked around to get his bearings on the situation. Noticing the horde was still oncoming, he pushed through the pain from the shoots and jumped straight back into killing the horde, albeit with a bit more care for his own life.

    OOC: 1 attack on horde, 1 defends on Kallen
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