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From the Ashes ((IG RP))`

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    Seems like the Nob wasn't all that stupid, Aquillia thought as she hit her target. Before she could pull another shot at the Nob she was hit by a couple of scrap bullets and the entire parade of Kommandos and Rokkits showed up had Aquillia change up her priority. She now moved to her belt and grabbed a frag grenade, pulling the pin and chucking it towards the Kommandos to return the suppressive fire following with a shot of her Plasma gun towards a particularly flashy Kommando.

    (OOC: Throwing a grenade and normal attack at Kommandos)
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Dei's charge made his heart soar, he dropped the lance and pulled out his sabre. He started to do hit and run tactics to aid those in melee and keep the Taurox' vicinity clear. The wounds inflicted on his mount were concerning, he hated to lose a horse in battle, he liked animals more than people.

    OOC: Charge and attack
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  3. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Feeling that aiming was unnecessary, Garrul instead simply pointed his multilaser at the horde, set the gun to high-power and held down the trigger for as long as he could without overloading it. While he was shooting he screamed profanities insinuating the orks physical weakness, hoping to draw some fire from the men who lacked the luck of proper(ish) armour, particularily the madwoman on the transport.

    (OOC, firing two unaimed shots if that is a thing)
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Even as the new ork infantry came and advanced tacitly using cover seras was already moving forwards. Her initial planned to suppress the new orks which were called kommando’s if she recalled had to be aborted as soon as she heard the rokkits. Even as she ducked to avoid the suppressing fire from the kommando’s she saw the ork rokki’ts hit near a Chimera and heard the chatter over the coms.

    “Seras here, may I suggest having any sharpshooters in the company to aim against ork rokkit anti-armor while the rest focus on the ork mob and kommandos” she commented before moving to a sizable section of rubble from which she could aim and take cover.

    Once she reached the spot she took aim at the ork orkkit’s aiming at any exposed rokki’ts or if there were no exposed rokki’ts she could see or hit trough her scope then she would aim for their head’s.

    (OCC: Aim at ork rokki’ts exposed rokki’ts or heads)
  5. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    With concentrated firepower, the Ork Nob was cut down quite efficiently. As expected this caused the Ork assault to falter, though only momentarily. Greenskin armor had arrived, something their unit was ill equipped to contend with.

    Knowing his rifle would do nothing against the war engines, Unit 7 adjusted his focus to the Ork Kommandos, their fire suppressing nearby Imperial units. With the Rokkit Boys already well in hand by fellow squadmates. "Unit 7, moving to intercept Kommando units. Ave Imperator."

    Leaving the medics side, the Krieger dashed through the battlefield, weaving through debris and rubble before diving into suitable cover, Taking out his frag, he let it cook for just long enough that it would explode practically on impact before lobbing it at the Kommando's. He then proceeded to lay down fire on the Greenskins, looking to fell as many as possible.

    (OOC: Throwing grenade at Kommando's, firing with Lucius pattern Lasgun at Kommando's
  6. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Seeing what was going on from her perch (and staying low to avoid any bullets in her body), Saven sighed at the sight of more vehicles, anti-tank units and well, suppressing fire, as if the odds of the battle being turned in their favor were actually that high in the first place from shooting the Nob dead. If only she had a thruster pack, and some explosives for the Ork vehicles... No matter, she'd have to make do with what she had, as she threw out her frag grenade at the Kommandos, and redirected her lasgun towards the Orks with rockets.

    OOC: Attack on Rokkit Boyz, Grenade on Kommandos.
  7. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member

    The shots were not true, but it matters naught in the end. The Emperor's light will prevail over the foul xenos, and the filth of their ichor would stain the earth yet. Shootas. An annoyance. Rokkits. A threat. "COVER ME!" A ragged shout commanded the nearby men as 780 turned to face the newfound enemy and dropped to a crouch.

    OOC: Aimed attack at rokkits
  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard


    Kallen nodded in response. “Yes, let’s crush this filth!” Ignoring the pain, he continued to push his way into the horde of orks. Whilst aware of the scrap machines the Xenos use to fight battles, he was determined to keep on crushing the standard troops. He was equipped for fighting such opponents.

    Ooc: Two attack’s on the horde
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  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Roy eyeballed the missile he had sent crusing through the air and detonating in the greenskin swarm and he whooped loudly as he watched the green skin hide flying and in flames and he thanked Emperor and iron-god alike for his prosthetics that let him see his and Sina's handiwork. He turned briefly to smile at the Cadian with the Missile rack on her back. He patted her shoulder as they looked about for a higher concentration of Orks to blast to pieces when they heard the rumbling.

    Through buildings and ruins and rubble the Orkish vehicles burst through, leaving their thick oily smoke to trail them across the fields , Roy remembered home briefly before shaking his head as he took aim on the trukk. "Krak Missile, got to burst that thing to pieces" he said before even more ground shaking thunder began continuing and the orkish walkers took to the scene and he stared in wide eyed fear

    A Deff Dread, a Monstrous towering machine capable of Shredding Vehicles with ease , capable of even harming angels of death. Or so he had heard in fearful whispers from the Veterans in his hive. "Sina ready another Krak, we need to bring that thing down" he said through grit teeth as he fired the first Krak towards the towering Deff-Dread. Before the weapon had fully cooled the Violet eyed Cadian with a gifted respirator, a gift to keep the weapon smoke clear from ones lungs , had jammed another Missile into the weapon and soon another stream of flame arced towards the towering machine like its predecessor
    ( OOC : Firing Two Krak Missiles into the Deff-Dread )
  10. Leusis DeezNuts Subordinate

    A mechanical whine exited Otto's lips in a similar fashion to what a more organic being would consider a sigh. Frustration was clear in Otto's posture, even as he marked the metal wall of the vehicle with holy oils. Drawing a crude Aquila upon its frame he would press his hand against the machine one final time, uttering a prayer under his breath. What happened next, was an absolute burst of activity compared to anything the squad had seen Otto do up to this point.

    Bursting from the back of the Taurox with a loud thud as he exited the back hatch he would come to a firm stop, only kept from falling due to the slow pace of the vehicle as he exited due to it wading through waves of Greenskins. Looking at the carnage around him, his gaze focused on a singular group of Xenos scum. The Kommandos that had begun laying down suppressive fire had earned the ire of one of the Omnissiah's faithful.

    Slamming his axe on the ground with a thud, a shroud of electricity flashed from what was only assumed to be some kind of crescent gear before, revealed to be a blade. The skull idle behinds eyes glowing with a religious fervor and powerful electric menace that only began to show the rage building within Otto as he looked upon the mangled constructs of the Orks. The machine spirits of these vehicles cried out not in pain, but in rage to Otto, their twisted frames showing outwardly what Otto knew all too well. They must be cleansed.

    Rushing forward Otto would met head on with the Kommandos just after the grenades of his allies had erupted in fire and shrapnel. Following just seconds behind, likely as the Xenos were trying to make sense of what just happened and reorganize, Otto would leap into their ranks. Silently, and with mechanical efficiency as rage burned inside of him he would unleash blows only capable by a man who at this point, was more of a machine.

    (OOC: 1 Charge attack and 1 Smash attack on Kommandos)
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