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From the Ashes ((IG RP))`

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Saven merely sighed as she saw the Brontian make his charge out of the Taurox, mind briefly remembering how awful the Warp travel was on the way here, probably moreso than everyone else given she had to enjoy horrors focused on her. The joys of Psykerhood indeed. That also put the kibosh onto anything resembling normal entertainment, even accounting for her deviation from human norms.

    While fighting Orks was frankly not a concern for her as per the briefing, the fact that the Commissar was driving the vehicle was. So much so in fact that she took her leave from the interior of the vehicle and took position on the roof (naturally, on the turret itself so that she didn't end up as accidental cannon fodder if the turret arc put her in the line of fire).

    After all, up there she could not only ward off any Orks that got the bright idea of climbing onto the vehicle, and have relatively clear line of fire on her targets in return. As well as being relatively out of sight of everyone else in the vehicle should her powers be required. Like now, and with a Nob in need of shooting:

    OCC: Moved onto roof of Taroux turret, Invoking Enhance and an attack on the Nob.
  2. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    For Aquillia this entire ordeal was her daily routine from a young age, the officers and the priests giving speeches before battles and on how this battle would decide the fate of many a worlds in the system. She wasn't inhuman though, her heart was racing and her adrenaline levels were on the rise just before the gates opened and revealed the enemy. Though all of those worries were nullified after the gates crashed open. Furthermore Aquillia didn't clamber into the Taurox like the rest of her squad.

    Aquillia was a killing machine unleashed onto the field of battle, crude Ork bullets whizzed past her but it didn't make her flinch all that much as she found her target. Seemingly the ugliest of the nobs she could find with a mug so Orkish you could call him a true Nob, none of that mattered now as Aquillia zeroed her aim down onto his head and said her prayers before pulling the trigger and unleashing a bolt of concentrated plasma towards it's head.

    "Cut the head off the beast and the body dies!" she yelled to those around her.

    OOC: Aimed shot for Nob's head.
  3. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Garrul had much merriment during his journey, celebrarong the memories of the comrades who died in service of the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind. When the bullets started pattering off the transport’s hull, Garrul’s blood started pumping and he started his sentinel, awaiting the battle at hand.

    Once transport’s doors opened, the sentinel took a couple steps forward, then opened fire; volley after volley being sent into the midst of the great greenskin horde.
  4. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Kallen remained quiet for the journey, even down to the last moments before the door opened and they ran into battle. However, the silence came to swift end as the transport doors opened and he looked upon the orks that were in front of the group. Knowing where his skills lay, he didn’t waste time with shooting into the horde. Pulling out his knife, he charged straight towards the horde of orks with a roar, intent on crushing the Xenos filth.

    Ooc: charge and attack ork horde
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  5. Talvisota RuinaImperii Active Member

    Time passes in a blur when one's hands were not bloody.

    780 would be a rare sight to Squad Gamma until the for war returned. Drills. Drills. Mess hall. Drills. A Krieg does not rest until death claims their breath. But apparently, the new Squad do. Most unacceptable.

    The Quartermaster's signature scarcity would prove to be a familiar staple in battle, with 780 fading into the background of the assault not for cowardice (heresy!), but as a role. At the moment, 780's focus would be on the rest of the squad with a slight nod of approval for those who charged. Blessed are the minds too small for doubt--or in this case, fear.

    It was not yet 780's time to join them. That comes when first blood is drawn.

    OOC: Aimed attack at Nob
  6. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The first devastating hit was from the missile itself, a searing projectile surging forward and landing in the midst of the greenskin horde -the manic shouting was cut through with sudden yelps and howls of pain, blood and gore flying in the air this way and that. A dozen greenskins were slain in the first seconds of true combat. A half squad of Mordians broke formation to form their own to the side, kneeling and bringing their lasguns up – disciplined suppressive fire pummeled into greenskins. Alone, it would do little more than a handful of deaths if one was lucky, though with seven of them firing all together, the stench of burnt flesh was swift to come – not to mention the dozens of others that followed suite, many more Guardsmen shooting lasbolts into the xenos filth.
    “Next round!” The Cadian loader shouted, her bulky backpack being slid off to reach for a new round – frag, she expected, but any reason for Krak was something she wouldn't argue against.

    The Attilan found himself charging into the fray soon afterwards, crimson lines whizzing past his head and his steed yet not touching; deafening gunfire was sent in his direction and while many of the rounds missed, one had hit his steed upon the side, tearing a large gash and almost sending it into a panic; almost. The first handful of attempts to spear an ork were met with failure, only to suddenly feel as though his shoulder knocked back as the incendiary speartip exploded in front of him in an ork's shoulder. Horrified screaming came soon after as not only was this one dealt with but a dozen others all around him, many aflame and running wildly, trying to pat out the promethium in vain, only to spread it to even more. A glorious sight of carnage! So much so that Guardsmen behind Kiratai were heard cheering, their confidence soaring as the slaughter spread.

    Not far behind him were two other Guardsmen – Kallen the Catachan, and Romanus the Brontian. Two powerful men who with blades in their hands charged into the fray with nothing but their steel will and unbreakable faith to protect them. Unfortunately, the greenskins who saw them coming had opened fire, their massive stubbers spraying rounds wildly in their general direction; Kallen had been unscathed, though a handful of rounds punctured into the flak, cracking ribs and one tearing across his bicep – nothing fatal or crippling, but certainly things that would need to be checked.
    Fortunately, their vigour was well rewarded – Kallen finding himself three greenskins to be skewered, with Romanus doing more than double this in kills; some had put up a fight, one trying to swing down at the Catachan's skull, only to be impaled himself.

    The Chimeras trampled numerous sluggas in their path, their treads darkening with gore as did their front hull; rounds did little more than scratch its paintjob, the lasgun mounts on the sides firing until their battery packs were emptied and firing again as a new one was set in. Their autocannons continued to send massive rounds into the enemy, one by one as entire chunks were torn away from their previous owners' – arms, legs, ribcages, or even heads.

    The Platoon Commander had her power sword ready as a handful of slugga boyz had made it through the Company's lasfire, grenades exploding nearby – Belinda's skill with her blade was certainly a step up from what anyone would expect, cutting down three before they could bring their axes down, and decapitating a fourth.
    “ONWARDS, MEN! THE EMPEROR SMILES UPON US TODAY!” She shouted, bringing her laspistol up and firing upon the fifth, searing its muscled backside and shoulder.

    This had gotten unwanted attention, rather swiftly; the massive, banner-wearing greenskin had sprayed his shoota blindly at the Guardsmen only to see the sudden expertise at the Platoon-Commander's hand. Now THIS was to be a fight, he knew, and without even hesitating, he stomped towards her.

    The Taurox's engine seemed to howl now as Techpriest Otto spoke his blessings to its machine-spirit, his attempts to revitalize it clearly having an effect. The turret moved with wondrous speed and its treads cut into the dirt far better, its steering working marvelously. Commissar Skyruss' own driving had markedly improved thanks to it as he even ran over a half dozen orks – even one who suddenly exploded into flame. A burna boy, it seems!

    Sergeant Korallia, however, had other ideas compared to Zhara and Siegfried, sudden screaming of panic at the bumpy ride. One hand on the dash, another holding the door in a panic and her back firmly pressed against the uncomfortable seat, she certainly wasn't wanting to let go for even a moment. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'MANAGE' TO?!” She shrieked, looking at him with terror and – surprisingly – pure excitement, adrenaline obviously going through her at this point. Driving terribly fast was one thing, but driving terribly fast into a gunfight was something else altogether!

    Zhara found a great deal of joy in her usage of the gatling turret, even as the twin rotor weapons spun at blinding speeds, sending hundreds of rounds out – no, even just seconds in it was well over a thousand already – entire 'squads' of the Ork mob turning into a red mist, their pasty remains being spread across the ruined grass in mere moments.

    '780' on the other hand, had little luck, his lasgun being brought up to the shoulder and his gasmask pressed down on the butt, aiming down the sights against the massive brute that made its way towards the Platoon Commander; one, two shots fired, missing once and glancing against the thick plate that covered the beast. As the third shot was lined up perfectly came sudden gunfire, sending dust up around him and causing nearby Guardsmen to go to ground, two shoota boyz almost strolling towards them now, firing hundreds of rounds at them without a care for what they hit so long as they made noise.

    Garrul's exit was certainly less extravagant than most, though it mattered little as the multilaser gave off a whine, its power pack charging up for use – a dingy UI made into the console in front of him and an iron sight set in front of the plate instead of any holographic sight that more advanced systems would have. It didn't matter of course, searing lasers being sent downwind into the horde. Despite aiming however, the mob itself was manic and charging forward, haphazardly jumping to cover and other times ignoring it when they should, multilaser blasts skimming by them – some were burnt and sent down, only to get back up, no kills coming to the Scout's name yet.

    The Stormtrooper Aquilia had little problem without being in the Taurox, large carapace plating covering her every move with a plasma gun in hand – a holographic sight being made into the helm that while buggy, still gave the vague impression of where her plasma gun aimed without truly looking down the sights. Two slugga rounds crashed into her carapace with little effect, denting it and undoubtedly brusing the fighter underneath, but that was all. This was ignored all the same by the Scion, her weapon shouldered and with an exhale, she fired. A searing blast of blinding energy roared out, the plasma gun spitting its projectile at supersonic speeds. Almost immediately the Nob had a large hole in his shoulder, his sudden raising of the axe protecting him from the lethal shot that could have obliterated what could count as brains.

    It didn't stop him, of course – the Nob had gotten to his prey and he gave little warning other than the 'WAAAAGH!' that came from his lips the instant his axe came down. Belinda had barely moments to lose but she used it wisely, sidestepping the massive weapon and bringing her power weapon upwards, managing to send it to the side and batting away a second attempt, and a third; despite her skill, it was useless against raw power in such a way, the long-hafted axe having infinitely more reach than her own sword. To get in she would have to risk a blow.

    The Nob didn't care for her worries however, slamming the axe down after another failed chop and dropping his shoota, instead clenching the fist and ramming it forward. Even just a glancing hit had sent the woman flying a few meters, her left side cracking under the flak and her blade flying away from her grip. He hadn't time to celebrate, however.

    Unit 7 brought up his own lasgun to shoulder and fired off bursts from his Lucius-pattern lasgun; half a dozen rounds flying off harmlessly from the plate yet certainly irritating its wearer, only to get a sudden shot between the plates on the stomach and chest, 'ricocheting' it upwards and searing the beast. A howl later came another trio of shots that fired into the wounded shoulder, more pain coursing through his foe.

    Saven herself had easily jumped upon the Taurox's turret with her inhuman agility, the whispers of the Warp tapping into her mind – promises of untold power, hurtful words and threats of vengeance, all ignored by the psyker's will – as she opened just a bit for her usage of her 'gifts'. All seemed to suddenly 'slow' briefly even if in reality nothing had happened at all, aside from her sudden enhancement of her perception. Compared to before it was child's play to wield her lasgun in both hands now, firing a salvo at the screaming greenskin that she chose as her target; it was even easier to choose precisely where to land her shots, one landing directly in the eye and another two into the neck, the rest landing wherever else and sending the beast back from its desire to kill Belinda.

    With the Vostroyan firing soon afterwards and landing even more to stumble the Nob, it wasn't difficult for Zhara to turn the gatling cannons to the right and – despite the xenos bumpiness of the ride – land dozens of slugs into the monster. Its screams were cut short as its throat was pierced and its breath was pushed out, its lungs pierced with many shells cutting into its 'eavy armour and even more coming through the other side. Soon, so many slugs had hit it that the plate was now merely flakes and shrapnel, a massive crater in its chest that took off an arm and turned the head to paste, its gargantuan body falling to the floor in a heap.

    The Company as a whole was doing stupendously against the mob whose morale had plummeted the very instant that the nob had fallen – two dozen nearby suddenly running, screaming gutteral words in their language as others hunched back and tried to fire from cover. Grenades came flying down from grenade launchers, some sluggas kept back from flamers and a squad coming to the Platoon Commander's defense.

    The mob almost seemed as though it would break and flee, were it not for the sudden clanking that was heard from the east – loud, clanking, and worse, the sound of engines.

    A nearby chapel wall was smashed through, two trukks of ramshackle design with spikes jutting out zooming by and letting off their payload – things that Kallen and any other with orkish knowledge, knew were terrible foes. One trukk was filled with surprisingly tactical greenskins with shootas and burnas in hand, all with massive knives at their sides and headgear, most of which jumping directly into cover as though it was by instinct. The second, was those wielding large, awkward looking rifle-like weapons with three red-and-yellow protrusions at their ends; it was with the sudden shriek of one of them firing did one realize it was rokkit launchas, a trio of the rokkits spiralling in the air and landing dangerously close to one of the Chimeras.

    “BLAST! That was bloody close!” Skyruss had heard through the company Vox, the responsible chimera swirving around and trying to put distance between it and the new foes. “Somebody deal with those xenos! We ain't gonna be able to take many hits from those damned things!”

    Worse yet was the sight of what was behind the trukks, though. Four, large clanky machines that stumbled forward on stubby legs, all with numerous weapons; some had pincer arms and others with machine-guns for an arm, or rokkit launchas. The fifth was something else altogether; considerably larger than its can-like cousins, the other had equally stubby legs for its size, yet four emplacements and a thicker engine at its rear. Two arms were ending in massive pincers, a third emplacement being used for what looked to be a flamer-unit, the other being a big shoota of sorts; a twin-barreled machine-gun that rattled off more rounds.

    Establishing a beach head may be a bit harder than the squad thought.

    Orkish Horde: 310, morale is low and crits will be rerolled.
    Kommandos: 56; is laying suppressive fire. The Company gets a penalty to shooting attacks, until they are dealt with.
    Rokkit Boyz: 60- readyin them Rokkits, they will fire next turn.
    Killa Kanz 1-5: (RL: 25) (K:25) (K:25) (BS:25)
    Deff Dread: 40
    The Mechs cannot be harmed by lasgun fire.

    Sixth Company: 180; will focus on doing damage to the Horde, unless ordered otherwise.
    Platoon Commander Belinda: 18: stunned, cannot give orders.
    Chimera 1: 50 Chimera 2: 50
    Taurox: 35
    Otto: 15 --Unit 7: 20 --Kallen: 24 --Dei: 25-- 780: 20-- Commissar Siegfried: 20-- Romanus: 14-- Saven: 20--Garrul: 30-- Zhara: 20-- Aquilia: 19-- Roy: 20-- Sina:20 Korallia: 20
    Saven has a total of Three warp charges to use. Garrul may not stealth in this. Dei has a total of two incendiary spearheads for use: each use will require an action to replace.
    Everyone has ONE frag grenade.

    @bossaroo -- Trait: Rokkit Boyz #1, Mechs #2
    Zhara and Romanus have traits available for use
    780: Built to Die charges: 0

    @Wata @bossaroo @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Vulpas @DeezNuts @CupcaknHell @Maleth @Vanestus @ItsTime @Keidivh @Tamu @RuinaImperii @Taec
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Zhara was rocking out as she fired her the main gun hearing one of the guardsmen and noticing a pair of feat she looked to congratulated the crazy bastard who was up there taking shots at orks, @Maleth "Whoevers up there if you survive this I will defiantly buy you a drink on the house!" Zhara said hoping they would hear her over the sound of battle, Hearing reports from the chimera's she saw the things they were concerned about,

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla "Anti armor elements coming in commissar, Armored and infantry which one would you say we should take on?" Zhara asked down to the commissar shouting over the sound of battle and warning there driver of some potential rode bumps.
  8. Managing to run over a few greenskins made the Commissar smirk slightly, the small sign of happiness looking more than just a little sinister. His face was not used to this sort of contortion, his facial muscles stretched almost painfully. “Yes Sergeant, from my knowledge the greenskins are more than eager to attempt to grab onto a vehicle while in motion. So please do your best to shoot them before they attempt to shoot through the port holes and kill us all.” He then heard the gunner yelling down for instructions. “Please kill the anti armor Xenos before they kill us.” He said back up to them as he then proceeded to go into evasive maneuvers so that they won’t die horribly in a fiery inferno.
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  9. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    @Taec Looking over at the Catachan, Kallen he believed his name was, that had joined his charge against the Orks Romanus shouted,"You fight well friend, let us continue to show these misbegotten greenskins to their doom!"

    Looking over as the trukks roared onto the battlefield from a nearby chapel to deposit their deadly cargo on the battlefield, he realized that if nothing was done their armor elements would destroyed adn their mechs would be free to run rampant through their lines. Ripping his frag grenade from his belt, he tore out its pin using his teeth before tossing it as hard as he could towards the Ork Rokkit Boyz. Hoping that it would be enough to make an impact he turned back towards the orks before him swinging his blade around to rejoin the combat once more.

    OOC: Throwing Frag Grenade at the Rokkit Boyz and Normal Attack on the Horde.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Orders heard commissar, Dead anti armor coming right up." Zhara said moving the her cannon towards the rocketteers she began letting loose in bursts once more ready to unleash hell on the xenos, Her her first was aimed and targeted then went to spray and pret to let loose on the xenos to hopefully kill them or atleast slow them down.

    OOC Attack on Rokkit boyz, Spray on Rokkit boyz as well.

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