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From the Ashes ((IG RP))`

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Inhuman. Filth. @Keidivh “Fetch the Commissar.” 780 orders as Savan approaches. A custom. Regulation.

    780’s ridged frame would be a stark contrast to Savan’s own dismissing stance. Order opposed to recklessness. A mistake. A misstep. A moment passes. The voice crackles again, dusty, underused, as gleaming eyes bore into her from behind the tinted glass within a metal skull’s sunken iron sockets. “Mutant.” Accusation? Statement? Noun. @Maleth
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    The Sergeant raised her brows for a moment, giving him a long, quiet look as she weighed his words about. "...Well, you're a pleasant one, at least- last Commissar I knew made sure we never had much 'f a chance to rest, always keepin our asses vigilant and wary of everythin' in damned sight. 'll apologize right now for any badmouthing I may do; I've seen good Commissars, but the bad ones are the ones that are more common than not. You have my respect, at least, Commissar Skyruss."

    A few moments of silence went by before she nodded now, eventually moving over and offering a handshake. "Promise you won't blow my brains out? 'll try stayin extra loyal, if it helps any - moreso than any Cadian manages."

    Sina shrugged her shoulders for a moment, patting at her flak vest in thought. "Well; 'll try draggin myself behind with ya, see if Command doesn't get a hissy fit and send me back. As good as any duty I can find, not many heavy weapons're in need of loaders. Jus' hope you decide to take somethin a bit more oomf-y than a missile launcher, 'n all."
    -- and with that, it seems that he had gained a loader!


    The Quartermaster's face almost broke its monotony at the question, his shoulders tensing up a bit. "You will take the Taurox; its name has been designated Swift Vengeance; if you may, Tempestus, we would very much like it returned as more than a wreck."

    That was about as good as a 'no' as she would get, it seemed; carapace armour was a rarity in the first place. To think they could have spares was ludicrous!

    The duties as a Quartermaster were fortunately, a (relatively) prosperous job; his search found more and more grenades, eventually needing duffle bags to carry such numbers. Of course, many would be sent to the proper storage facilities for distribution, however it was easy enough to keep a few for himself and Gamma Squad; the vast majority were fragmentation grenades, though 780 was pleased to find that there were a fair few smoke grenades and flashbangs amongst the bodies - the majority of them would be sent back of course. However there was nothing to deem Gamma Squadron unworthy of having a few of their own!

    ((Gamma Squad gains a total of five smoke grenades and three flashbang grenades))

    It hadn't been too long before Gamma Squadron had been re-assembled together, getting brought onto a Valkyrie for transport to the ships above; with Aquilia's aid, they were even able to get a Taurox to get attached to its underside, for future use! Garrul's own Sentinel was also set onto its undercarriage and while it was a tight fit for both vehicles, the Valkyrie itself had no problem in carrying the two.
    The next hour was little more than a silent fly towards one of the cruisers overhead; perhaps even ending on its own somber note as their trip to dormitories revealed sights of old soldiers' mementos and trinkets, lockers with personal belongings and some bits of graffiti here and there from different cultures both famous and otherwise. So many of which now never to be seen again by their owners or friends.

    The living quarters for the regiments - temporary as they were - were eerily quiet at this point. Over a million proud souls rested here within the Cruiser, now not even two thousand resided within. Worse yet were the Quartermasters' works - both Krieger and not - rummaging through such things. Personal mementos that were of little use, were 'thrown' aside, meant to be buried with those officers and sergeants whom they belonged to, or incinerated - or better yet, launched out into the vastness of space - with those normal men and women.

    For the next week, such honourary services were done throughout each day; the three Priests all taking their hours to commemorating the names of these Guardsmen, sent out squads at a time, each now worthy to live at the Emperor's side, fighting the enemies of Man in his name in more than just body.

    Finally, so came the warp travel itself; deafening klaxons blared for half an hour as the navy crewmen got themselves ready, the sensation - not the sound, but merely the feel - of a massive shockwave coming from somewhere outside the ship as it tore through the veil of reality, then being followed with a faint, icy sensation that was replaced with an offputting replication of 'normalcy'. A disturbing sensation that would continue day in and day out for the following month - whether in bed resting, wandering the halls or being in the mess hall, such a mocking feeling of normalcy would haunt them. Horrid dreams would forever plague their minds at times they rested - and within the warp, such things always came, even with the Gellar fields themselves keeping the ship safe - along with some.... Strange, occurrences. Items vanishing and appearing someplace else, doors locking or opening with nobody near them, sightings of 'figures' at the end of hallways.
    Nothing malevolent. Nothing at all.

    The first sign of their return to realspace was the long, loud groaning that came from the underside of the ship as well as coming from the engines themselves, before suddenly the mocking feelings from before vanished - now feeling absolutely nothing. real normality now came over them all, even as such offputting activities also ceased happening.
    The next week was one of constant drilling and strict schedules, though their sergeant, Korallia, was rarely sighted as she was briefed on future objectives for her squadron.


    Enginseer Otto Rothberg would have gained himself a glorious honour alongside his fellow Techpriests Farina and Garius Lexanos, the three of them being brought over via transport ship upon the newly arrived cruiser - many Chimeras, Leman Russes and more all needing their guidance and aid in repairs. The materials were there, all that was required now is the Techpriests' knowledge and servitors' manpower. An hour later, they had arrived within the hangar, greeted with the sights of many fighters and bombers lining their walls and cielings, catwalks criss-crossing each other to let pilots get to their respective ships.

    The most awe-inspiring of sights however, was the five vehicles that had been rescued from the recent pyyrrhic victory, all coming from the 72nd Cadian superheavy company.

    Two mighty Baneblades rested in the massive secondary hangar - meant precisely for use for such marvelous machines of Man - each with notable hull damage; The first, named Emperor's Ferocity,had its left sponsons damaged or torn off entirely along with numerous shears in its frontal plating, whilst the other - Cadia's Pride - had its turret missing the entire right portion of its armour plate along with its demolisher cannon, the frontal heavy bolter turret being a wreck in its own right.

    Thirdly was the sight of a Hellhammer named Gloria Clypeus; its smaller turret was almost comical on the top of a baneblade chassis, though all knew of the destructive power of the Hellhammer siege cannon; with a sub-atomic charge in its core and shells that weighed 180 kilograms, the shortness of its barrel was made with exhaust vents on either side in order for the shell to not accidentally tear the turret apart - or in worse cases, the entire upper portion of the tank - as it fired. Most of its battle damage had come from the front, with three puncturing hits near the driver's slit and one thick slug underneath the demolisher cannon that needed to be cut out and removed for the repairs to be done to the cannon itself; its turret and upper casemate had dents and tears in its plating, though no penetrations. A lucky fighter, even if reports had made it clear that the crew themselves had made sure to keep the mighty machine out of harm's way, firing all but three of their shells to keep foes from getting near it, their heavy bolter sponsons all coming to a total of four percent ammo capacity.

    The fourth vehicle was a Stormlord, known as Xenos' Bane its name was rightly given, the vast majority of its own rounds - both for the main Vulcan Megabolter and the sponson heavy bolters - being almost entirely expended and would need replenishing from the Mechanicum fleet. Its tracks were damaged and had a penetrating shot going through both sides of the engine, only saving it from becoming a proper wreck thanks to ancient, sophisticated fire control systems. The upper part of the casemate was damaged and would need replacing, as well as a single, massive puncturing shot through the lower glacis that destroyed its transmission; this would take the longest to repair undoubtedly, though more assistance was certain to be called from the fleet with news of this. These mighty machines could not be left in such a condition for long.

    Lastly, was a Stormblade, Sol Irae, which was perhaps the one that would require the most effort.
    Its gun had its outer casing cracked and was stuck at a downwards angle, its targeter was gone entirely and its engine was destroyed; numerous frontal penetrations had made a mockery of its armour; its crew was unfortunately killed off, and even though it could be repaired, Sol Irae's machine spirit seemed to mourn for the loss of its comrades, the crew having served it faithfully for over forty years.

    "A horrible day, this seems to be." Said Farina, her voice a bit low and somber as she looked upon the wrecked machines; most of them had missing crewmen and those that remained had bags under their eyes. "Garius; send word back to the others that we shall need additional manpower on this. Their machine-spirits need tending to, as do their bodies." The other techpriest bowed his head from underneath the hood, soon stepping out to make way towards the shuttle they arrived in.
    It was to be a long few days.

    Green as Grass

    Sergeant Korallia soon gathered Gamma Squadron and made her way over towards the main hangar where they, along with the majority of Sixth Company, were entering a Troop Transport; Kriegers, Cadians, Praetorians, Armageddoneers and more, all working as one now in the new Regiment.

    A Platoon commander made her way towards the front now as everyone strapped themselves into their seats, looking upon the men and women expectantly; scars lined the left side of her face that had a month before, rendered her in a critical condition. Now, she seemed to be faring quite well.

    "Today, Men and Women of the Astra Militarum, we make our way to a new battlefield; an ork waaagh had sought out our kind, xenos filth known as the Orks starting their rampage across this sector. Here is the first true world that is being attacked," she brought her hand up and a vid-screen popped up from behind her, showing the sight of a beautiful civilized world - patches of land were filled with both green and grey, the former being lush forests and the other being large cities, big enough to see from space.
    "This, is Garak. A civilized world; though more concerning is what lays behind it. If the orks are to conquer this world and move outwards, four more worlds will be in their sights: two mining worlds, one hive world and an agri-world. As you all can see, this has to be stopped here and now. Two other planets have already been attacked and there are few survivors; all that we know, is that this warboss that leads the Greenskins, is a mighty one like all others; we will be working alongside three other regiments. The Armageddon 110th, the Valhallan 94th Infantry regiment, and the Cadian 208th; officially, they are our infantry support. Numerous others will be joining us as well. At the minimum we appear to be getting two armoured regiments, three artillery regiments, and a Skitarii force. They see the damage this can cause as well, so do not be concerned with the, ah... Guest, we have."
    Her hand gestured forward now, towards Otto; the Enginseer had been assigned to the company to aid its vehicles; chimeras and Tauroxes resided in the Sixth company, as well as a sentinel. For the time being, they would have to be monitored.

    "Our job, as the Sixth Company, will be to go towards one of the cities in the north, and fortify it; there are already reports of the Orks attacking, so we'll have our hands full. Fortunately an armoured company will be alongside us and the two other companies, so we won't have as much to worry about. While your Guardsman's Primer may say to conserve ammo, personally; to hell with that. These green bastards'll take every one of your shots you can give, so don't be afraid to let loose. Flamers should be used to delay; cover chokepoints and if they funnel in, empty it onto as many of them as you can. Thus far our ships seem to outnumber theirs from what reports have given us, those that are of concern being further away. For now, we have full superiority and aid; resupplies will be adequate for this. Let's hope it stays that way."

    A sudden jerking and 'cough' had indicated the engines came online, a smile coming to the Platoon Commander's face. "Well then; let's get cracking, shall we? For the Emperor, men!"
    The ship and many others were now making their way downwards towards Garak's atmosphere, vox chatter being directed from officials; course corrections, warnings, casual banter and so forth. The transport rocked briefly in a quick 'pitter-patter' manner along the starboard side, clearly from automatic fire of some description, though the hull held.
    "Sorry; a bit crowded out here." The pilot said through the vox into the troop compartment. "Basdacks seem to be everywhere, though our navy mates're makin sure you get down there mostly untouched. Be sure to give yer neighbourhood fighter pilot a kiss once you live through this, eh?"

    A small chuckle had come through the Company, though aside from that it was a mostly quiet trip; some jokes thrown here and there as men or women tried to lighten the mood. It was partly successful, though the future was clear; they were being thrown right into the middle of it all. Bangs and thuds were felt against the undercarriage, indicating something along the lines of anti-air fire; explosions came all around the transport, though none fortunately hitting the ship itself.

    "Gamma Squadron; into the Taurox, let's show the bastard's what for once those doors open!" Shouted Korallia,bringing her chainsword up and gesturing to the Taurox itself; once inside, the majority would be able to see to getting into their seats, however two would be the 'luckier' ones - one would find themselves a ble to man the gatling cannon set on the roof, with one more driving it.

    "Landing, in. Ten, seconds." A loud, monotonous yet feminine voice said through the loudspeakers, many infantry now getting ready - two chimeras at either side of the Taurox being filled up as well, both equipped with autocannon turrets and heavy flamers in their front.


    Loud, sudden banging was heard on the front, clearly from automatic gunfire of the Orks, hammering away harmlessly.


    The rocking got more violent briefly, sending the ship frontwards before slowing - one could hear the landing gear extending.





    A sudden drop and the ship had properly landed; seals along the front doors unsealed themselves, infantry now getting unbuckled and ready.







    "Zero. Gates opening. The Emperor protects."

    A massive 'crack' came soon afterwards, the doors falling downwards - one guardsmen was killed by a stray round ricocheting off the wall and hitting him in the upper chest. The three transports' engines roared excitedly, their machine-spirits feeling vengeful and bloodthirsty for the deaths of their enemies. Well over three or four hundred greenskins were outside now in the urban area; they had landed themselves in what looked to be a park, the orks themselves spread all over the place and through a few ruins.

    The two chimeras now gunned forwards, autocannons firing into the horde, soon being followed by the hundred lasguns from the rear coming from the rest of the company; lasgun emplacements set into the sides of the chimeras blazed into the xenos as well, searing thick flesh and burning holes. Orks fell with massive tears in their bodies, autocannon rounds effortlessly exploding inside their skin with high explosive. Grenade launchers threw frags into their midst, screams of pain and shock from the sudden viciousness of their new attackers.
    However, this was a double-edged sword now; such ferocity had made them panic for a moment, though it now got the foes excited. Many were shouting back now with anger and joy, firing their shootas and readying their choppas, massive brutes slamming weapons into the ground in a dull, repetitive motion; one could feel in the ground the force of their thumps, almost as though counting down.
    The sight of a large, Green Nob in thick plating had caused the orks themselves to cheer now, suddenly charging upon his 'word' - a big axe in one hand and a shoota in the other, he had himself a banner upon his backside.


    OOC: The Imperials have the advantage. Everyone gets a bonus to rolls for attacking in the initial blitz,
    Orkish Horde: 430 - will attack at random, dealing damage to the Company as well as a random player or two. Ork Nob: 40. Armoured, big, green and mean.

    Sixth Company: 180; will focus on doing damage to the Horde. The more that remains alive, the more firepower you will have for future battles.
    Platoon Commander Belinda: 25
    Chimera 1: 50 Chimera 2: 50
    Taurox: 35
    Otto: 15 --Unit 7: 20 --Kallen: 24 --Dei: 30-- 780: 20-- Commissar Siegfried: 20-- Romanus: 20-- Saven: 20--Garrul: 30-- Zhara: 20-- Aquilia: 20-- Roy: 20-- Sina:20
    Saven has a total of six warp charges to use. Garrul may not stealth in this. Dei has a total of three incendiary spearheads for use: each use will require an action to replace.
    Everyone has ONE frag grenade.
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    Zhara licked her lips as the battle to come, Glory to the emporer and preatorian. She though hearing her orders for getting mounted up she moved to the gunner postioned quickly. "I am on the turret, I'll show the greenskins the might of Preatroia and good old imperial STEEL!" She said getting in the turret, mounting up she said a prayer to the emporer, and put her hands on the main weapon. "Emporer guide my shots, Lets show them your might boy."

    Zhara said already taking aim in the door ready to get the enemy in her sights spotting the enemy in her sights of the green skin she knew what must be done to purge the unholy xenos that offended all of there sights she moved the cannon into position to attack and hit the green skin horde and then began letting out bursts of holy lead.

    It was at that momment Zhara spotted two things that caught her eye in the taurox, The first being A Leman russ not any leman russ but a cadian 1st leman russ, a common leman russ toy on cadia but on praetoria and the rest of the worlds it was a rare item to come by, that cause a sparkle in her eyes and a plan in mind to obtain this item, The secound was a Holodisk player by the radio compartment putting a hand in her pocket she knew one thing that would be perfect for this drive. Though first she needed a driver to pass it off to, Then she needed to break the green skin horde, Then obtain the leman russ that hung on its rear view mirrior.

    OOC One spray attack on green skin horde one attacck on ork nob
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  4. Somehow Siegfried had ended up in the driver's seat in the Taurox, his large hat set aside where there was a bit of room next to the wheel. He had learned basic vehicle controls when he was a child so this wasn't a terrible situation, only a slightly annoying one. Once they hit ground and the doors opened he waited for the right opportunity and proceeded to floor the break to send the vehicles rolling out of the transport and into combat. The Commissar keeping a straight face as he looked and saw the horde of greenskins in front of them. "I may say this is certainly the first time I am driving myself into battle." He said under his breath.

    "Gunner! Aim for the larger of the aliens, these creatures look to the largest of their ilk for leadership." He yelled up to whoever had managed to get the seat in the turret. This battle was nothing terribly special really, he just needed to keep the vehicle from being blown into bits. Not to mention running over greenskins which he did admit gave him some sense of excitement. He looked over to the sergeant who was seated next to him. "Sergeant if you would be so kind as to listen to me as well. I know this may be obvious but if any of the xenos manage to grab onto the vehicle was we drive please shoot them before they rip the door off." He said hoping she would understand over the sounds of battle.

    OOC driving forward into the battle
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  5. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    Listening to the Sergeant Korallia's shouted order Romanus rushed over to the Taurox, quickly claiming one of the seats closest to the back door of the vehicle. Hearing the countdown begin he muttered a quick prayer to the Emperor, before bracing himself as the transport roared out of the dropship. As they raced towards the enemy lines he listened to small arms fire from the Orks pinging off of the Taurox's armor, as though they had just entered a ferocious downpour.

    As they neared the enemies front lines he finally heard a lull in their constant firing, which he took as his cue to rip open the back door of the vehicle and roll out of it. Quickly rising to his feet he oriented himself towards the ork 'lines' and drew his Combat Blade before engaging in a ferocious charge. Closing the distance at a rapid pace he let loose a mighty battle cry before clashing with the first ork to enter his sight.

    OOC: A charge and then a standard attack with the Combat Blade.
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Kiratai had been riding near the Taurox. He was even more angry now that they had been taken to a new front. His revenge went unpaid. These soldiers he was with now weren't the same. He longed for charging with his clansmen into battle. This whole situation was undesirable. He felt like he shouldn't be here, like his true battle was elsewhere.

    The foul rider's mood turned to explosive aggression when the orks came into view and the charge began. The Attilan kicked his horse in the side and shouted obscenities at the xeno. He saw the Brontian charge, so he joined his squadmember in the attack. He rode hard and fast past the man, screaming;"ATTILAAA!" as he was about to clash with the enemy.

    OOC: Charge and attack
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    Travelling through the Warp petrified Teclin, days on end with some horrors wishing ill upon them all. He spent many days on the transport sorting through equipment, tinkering with jammed locks, maintaining his weapons or chatting with Sina to know the Cadian better. You had to trust the person behind your back with your life and with the lives of the people around you.

    When they had reached Orbit and he heard which foes of the Emperor they would vanquish today and his blood boiled and he thought of home. Greenskin Scum , he readied himself for fighting the filth that had ravaged countless worlds. As they mounted into the landing craft he saw his squad climb into a taurox and he shook his head "Cant provide fire support in that thing , looks like we're foot slogging it Sina" he said to his loader already sounding tired as his prosthetics clicked blinking.

    He was all nerves and smiles as they began counting down , he always got like this before battle but soon itd be a bloodbath and he knew it. Two left and he kneeled down "Sina load a Frag, just in case" as She loaded the doors open it all kicked off , vehicles driving ahead and troopers running forward into guns and blades, did this ever change ?

    When he spotted a clear shot over the guardsmen and into the awaiting green tide he let loose the Missile streaming throigh the air a broad smile across his face. Part of him would have it no other way

    OOC : Aiming and firing Frag Missile into Ork boyz
  8. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Seras got out of the transport and dashed to the nearest bit of cover. Through the dust, smoke and occasional mists of blood whenever someone got hit by the ork’s she could roughly make out the big blob of green and the armored nob leading this mob of xenos. Seras took a quick glance around her to note any locations the wounded might be and not seeing any wounded nearby nor hearing any calls for medic’s she turned her focus back to the battle.

    Seras moved once more to the best piece of cover she could find and after a quick prayer to the emperor and the machine spirits peaked out with her lasgun at the ready. She took aim at the ork nob’s head to blind the blasted thing so that it could not aim or direct the mob of orks and fired a few shots.

    (OCC: aim shots at ork nob head)
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    After the encounter with Unit 780, it wasn't long before Unit 7 was brought in to its new squadron. Designation Gamma. Composition, concerning. 780 and itself were the only Kriegers in the squadron, the rest being of regiments that had already proven themselves ineffectual, weak in both mind and body. The only one that wasn't a cause for immediate concern was the Commissar. Being an enforcer of the Emperor's Will and a Mordian, one of the few to stand besides the Krieg and hold the line in the last battle, Unit 7 expected him to perform to optimal levels.

    Upon boarding the ship, Unit 7 continued to assist the quartermaster with gathering supplies and disposing of unneeded items, which the other regiments kept in abundance. Why so many useless objects were allowed to clutter the ship was beyond it. And when Unit 7 attempted to remove and dispose of these objects through incineration he was met with opposition, apparent squad mates saying it should be buried with its owner. Waste. Waste of time. Waste of effort. Waste of space. Waste. Were it not for direct orders from its new Watch Master and the severe lack of manpower Unit 7 would have eliminated these Guardsmen who displayed such lack of discipline.

    Then there was the travel through the Warp. Many displayed signs of discomfort or paranoia during this journey, though none could be seen from Unit 7, aside from it spending slightly more time in the Chapel than was usually allowed. It was an unacceptable lack of discipline, and Unit 7 immediately brought it to the attention of the watch master so proper disciplinary action could be dispensed. Instead of this, she made a strange comment. A 'joke' she called it and proceeded to make a strange coughing sound. It was unnerving. Unit 7 ensured to adhere to his discipline all the more closely so as to not grow lax and mentally unsound like the rest of his squadron.

    Finally after so much time spent aboard the ship, Unit 7 and it's new company was returning to combat to serve the glorious God-Emperor. Watch Master Korallia briefed them of their mission. Defend Gravalax from xenos invasion. Xenos type: Orks. Standard attrition warfare ineffective. Most advisable strategy, establish strong defensive positions, overwhelm horde with firepower. Preferably backed with artillery. Elimination of Ork leaders and Warboss of tantamount import. All in all this seemed to be the general strategy, though the Watch Masters callous remark on the Primer was duly noted. The Commissar would have to be notified, as he didn't seem to notice. Odd.

    Regardless, the time for holy battle was at hand. Moving into the Taurox, Unit 7 took one of the front seats where others tried to crowd into the back, displaying their usual fear of death. Intolerable. Only the unit Romanus seemed eager to take a seat near the door. While usually such a thing was expected, in the midst of such fear, it was commendable.

    Upon landing, one casualty was immediately taken. The body was quickly pushed aside by Unit 7 as to not clog the ramp. Never wavering, the Kriegsman steadily advanced surveying the battlefield with its cold glass lens. the Brontian and Attillan had already charge into combat. Not the optimal strategy at this time. Meanwhile the Commissar and Praetorian were using the Taurox.

    Roy Teclin and Seras Victoria were the only ones of his squad currently laying down fire. After assessing the situation, Unit 7 took up position aside Seras, not uttering a word as he began laying down withering fire against the Ork Nob, aiming for any spot not covered in armor. The medic was an essential part of the squad, it was her duty to ensure Guardsmen remain combat effective for as long as possible. It would ensure her survival so that task could be completed.

    OOC: Firing on Ork Nob, aiming for unarmored parts.
    @Vlayden @Tamu
  10. Leusis DeezNuts Subordinate

    Otto paced back and forth, the grinding of gears being heard as his servo arms worked tirelessly, to hold the large sections of the super heavies aloft, allowing him to get to work. Not even bothering to speak with his compatriots he began, if the Omnissiah did not rest, neither would he, and the other Tech Priests who came with him should have done the same. Instead one was sent to run home looking for aid when machine spirits were clearly in torment and in desperate need of aid. The smoke of his incense was deliberately wafted towards the vehicles as it swung on its chain like a pendulum. Marking the Sol Irae with holy oils he would begin, using as many spare parts as it took to slowly soothe the spirit of this magnificent machine, as it cried out to him first and loudest.

    "Ease your heart Iron Warrior" he spoke delicately to it "Your keepers meet with the Omnissiah as we all must, take pride in their work, and fight on. For the Omnissiah, for the Emperor, for mankind!" he spoke, as if a preacher in his place of worship. It would go like this for days, Otto working tirelessly while his allies did far less than exceed his expectations of them. They were weak after all, flesh was only capable of so much.

    Taking his seat as close to the door of the Taurox as possible, Otto would scan over the forces present. They weren't optimal, this was clear, likely even to the other members. Such a varying bunch could not likely find cohesion in battle, all of them having different approaches and thus leadership was difficult to say the least. However, these were the survivors of a long and hard fought war, and because of this, it was clear not a single one was anything less than a hardened veteran. This reassured Otto to some degree, though he still doubted their ability to face the Ork menace up close without the support of heavier units. Those would come later, he though, after all, it had been up to him and the other Priests of the Omnissiah to assure the Super Heavies were running as well as they could in their limited time frame of repair.

    Slamming the pole of his axe on the metal floor of the vehicle as it surged forward. He knew not what was to come, or what they were facing. What he did know however, was that it needed more encouragement than it had now, its reluctance to fight with all its mechanical power almost palpable in the air. "With the steel that keeps our enemies at bay. with the tracks that surge you forth into battle, with unbridled and righteous might, purge this Xeno threat!" he yelled to the spirit of the Taurox, hoping to motivate it to a higher level of function.

    OOC: Fixing the Stormblade and Stormlord, upgrading the weapons systems of the Stormblade to allow it righteous fury for the loss of its entire crew. Rousing the machine spirit of the squads Taurox as Otto rides in the back.
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