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From the Ashes ((IG RP))`

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vlayden, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Siegfried returned with a bag that housed his personally effects within, it was not a very large bad. More of a satchel really but Siegfried didn’t much care about the proper name for the bag he was simply using it to carry his few personal belongings. A spare uniform, his journal, his original commissar cap, a holy tome, and a few cases of lho-sticks. Everything that actually belonged to him besides what he was currently wearing. He immediately went to the area designated by the sergeant and waited. There was little else to do really.
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  2. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member


    His work as a 'grease monkey' as one Bombardier had called him was something well treasured by those who saw what he was doing - and at least, seeing he was doing it competently - the trio who acted as the Chimera's crew looked up from their card game and gave a bit of a wave, the Catachans offering their thanks briefly.
    For the most part, none had interacted past brief compliments regarding his capability with actually dealing with more than the basics -most knew little more than a prayer and the replacement of simple parts.
    A faint grumbling came from within the Chimera itself, almost as though a 'purr' - the machine-spirit showing its gratitude to a simple man such as Roy. He may not be a Tech Priest nor have many tools and as such, could not perform the more serious of repairs that some vehicles needed, but it was all the same, thankful for his aid.

    "Seems to like ya, that one." A voice said from behind him, from where he saw a Cadian standing. She casually walked over and leaned against the tracks of the vehicle, patting it comfortingly with a smile on her face; her flak was damaged and her helmet was missing entirely, showing off her short black hair. "Poor things're all mopin' without proper maintenance and repairs, or somethin'. My old squad's Chimera definitely's grumpy, I know that. Engine and tracks are wrecked, even if the rest of it is in decent condition. They'll all be happy to have at least somebody lookin' out, eh?"
    "-- Sorry, call me Sina," she introduced herself, offering a gloved hand with the other carrying her lasgun by its barrel, "everyone else does."

    @RuinaImperii @Keidivh

    The Officer gave a sigh at this, murmuring something about 'typical' or 'medical requirements' - at the sight of 780 he was both disheartened and relieved.
    "You. Quartermaster; take this soldier and have him help you in your duties. If you're requiring more manpower, take him to your sergeant. " With that, he turned and left, a slow shake of his head as he looked over the data-slate as well as his surroundings, looking for any slackers or insubordination.


    As the priest's sermon ended, it was fairly quick that most were moving to their units - the Priest himself may have considered such before seeing her, his face brightening a bit as he stepped forward.

    "Ah~, a servant of the Emperor - I see that your lack of pure humanity does not stop you from worshipping the Holy Emperor, child. Have you come seeking words of wisdom, or simply taking a moment for prayers??" He asked. Despite her differences, the Priest at the least did not seem to care; in his eyes - a brown-ish black, even if they seemed to be alive with friendliness - she was but another Guardsman, he cared not for her race.
    "Hate not the Guardsmen; they dislike what they do not know, as do we all. The Mutant, the Xenos, the Witch - all these are hated by us, but that should not allow them to hate each other. You yourself are a Guardsman, first and foremost. Let this be in your mind, my child, should you face doubts; the Emperor's hand rests upon you, and shall guide you through what shall aid you, be it harsh or sweet."

    @ItsTime @Wata

    The Quartermaster himself was a Mordian, a stubble thick enough to hide some of his face. His eyes looked up to their coming and he stiffened, stepping forward and bringing his hands behind his back as he awaited their questions.

    "Scion; we currently have very little vehicles that are available. Many chimeras are either inoperable, requiring repairs to the plate, or taken already - the sole choice I may have is to give one of the two remaining Tauroxes. Do you wish for the Battle cannon variant, or the Gatling cannons?"
    His head turned over to the Attilan, looking him over. "Requiring new lance heads? We are running low on them; however, in your fortune, there are just as few Attilans left, so resupply shall leave us plentiful, Take as you wish, the others have done so as well. Upon resupply, I shall see to issuing notices to you and your kin."


    The Sergeant had been there with him, at least making the waiting not as alone as one expected. She looked him over a few times, her violet eyes squinting upwards to his face. At the least, she seemed to have questions, but wasn't too sure on how to ask them.
    "...Not off to go see if people need, slapping or somethin' for insubordination? No executions, nothin'??" She asked. Not quite meant to be insulting from how her face scrunched up, but more... Dumb naivety.
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    Roy had started visibly at the comments from the crew who he only now realized were present, giving a half hearted smile he nodded to the card-playing Catachans while saying absentmindedly something along the lines of "just doing my part". He kept working on the Chimera to the best of his ability while the comments complimented his admitedly mediocre skill at working machinery, more than most can manage he supposed. When the Chimera's engine began rumbling again he muttered a half remembered pray to the omnissiah, the cog boys back at Tempestora always said that guy and the Emperor were the same and they never got hunted so he figured it was a safe bet . He was pretty damn proud of himself at the moment that he hadnt lost this skill from getting flung about by blue-skin artilery, he winced as he stretched his shoulder lightly remembering that he had.

    ( @Vlayden )
    Roy was once again startled from his internal monolouges by a voice from behind him. Turning he saw the friendly Cadian. He nodded as she spoke, these Chimera's had seen much better days and last he saw of the tech priest, well he remembered her charging a Blue-Skin warmachine raving about abominable intelligence before vanishing into smoke from a beam of light from one of its cannons. "Yeah , feel bad for them abit, and nice to meet you Sina, name's Roy" he said as he climbed down from atop the Chimera and shook her hand. "I might be able to see about patching up he Chimera as well as i can, we might be able to tow it until we get some actual help" he said off-handedly as he thanked one of the Catachans as they helped him get the rest of his kit down. Part Shouldering the Missile launcher and the rest of his life in a bags. "You wouldnt happen to know anyone without an assigment who can help with this damn thing ?" he asked the joke in his voice as he gestured for her to lead the way
  4. Siegfried raised an eye brow at the sergeants question. "No sergeant, in case you were not paying attention this regiment has a total of eleven Commissars. I trust my fellows fully in their ability to do their duty and keep things organized. Not to mention many of the soldiers are weary from the battle, they require hope and rest as we are reorganized and deployed to the next war. A strange Commissar from a regiment they possibly hadn't even heard of before screaming at them for menial things is rather counter productive wouldn't you say?" His voice was stern and yet still conversational, he was clearly relaxed at the moment. Or at least as relaxed as a Commissar could allow himself to be.
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    Zhara after being dismissed would gather her things and would find she had the opportunity to pick up some extra praetorian uniforms as well as get a gas mask from some Armageddon troopers that were distributing extra supplies from there regiments either recovered from the dead or the wounded who could no longer serve she took what she could get, Hiding her most personal things in her back she would gear up and meet up with everyone to leave. lighting up her half spent litho stick she began her smoke before arriving at there meet up area.
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  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Dei grunted an acknowledgment and snatched two lance heads, sparing a quick glance at his new squad member. He quickly left the quartermaster and armoury be to be with his mount again. This better not be another meat grinder they were going to.
  7. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    Seeing his new squadmates all walk away at their own pace, Romanus decided to go check in with one of the medics to make sure his few remaining wounds were healing alright. After a bit of walking around he soon found one who had just finished tending to the minor wounds of a small group of soldiers. Walking over to him Romanus asked him to take a look at his wounds, agreeing to it the medic quickly got to work and soon after gave him a clean bill of health. With that done and already having all of his meaningful possessions on his person, he made his way over to the transport where the Commissar and Sergeant were waiting.
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    Strength in numbers. An extra set of helping hands. A boon from the God-Emperor. The voice came, dry, muffled, from under a war-weary skull mask, "Follow." There are more arms to take yet. Within minutes, Unit 7 would find himself wordlessly recruited into the Quartermaster's gruesome work, though none of it should be a shocking sight for a fellow Kriegsman. 780 would bring him back to Sargent Linnis, when it was time, but for the moment Unit 7 would be tasked with the role of Quartermaster's Assistant. 780 would not prove to be much of a conversationalist, either--most Kriegers were not, but the silence would prove a bit thick, even among two Korpsman.


    780's deliberate steps would falter for a moment, however, at the familiar sounds of a Sermon. Worship. Praise. A worthy use of a busy soldier's time. The Task would be momentarily abandoned for a detour to the priest. A moment of serenity. A welcomed respite. The sight of a squadmate would give 780 pause, however, and a second later Saven would be treated to yet another set of eyes boring into the back of her head.

  9. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    Aquillia wondered at the destructive might of both options before giving her answer, "The Gatling Cannon version should do the job. I suppose we'll be tearing through lightly armored foes rather than vehicles, granted my squad has not been given a vehicle-hunting classification."

    Aquillia proceeded to point at her damaged carapace armour, "Do you have a spare?"

  10. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "One can say peace and quiet, but well.... Those words are appreciated and certainly kinder words than what I'm used to." Saven said, slightly taken aback at how... Friendly, the Priest was to her (Even if she knew she was likely one away from completing the trifecta of hatred, ). She even looked around, giving a quizzical glance at why one of the Krigers ( @RuinaImperii ) was looking at her. Her eyes then returned to the Priest as she said. "Alas, I seem to be the subject of curiosity."

    With that said she got up from her position, with a departing smile to the priest and headed towards the Krieger. She said to him, slightly irate at being interrupted by his appearance. "And you need me for....?" She folded her arms, slightly unimpressed at how he just used eyes, rather than words.

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