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Freelance Freebooters

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kaptain-Johnson, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Soz, whatz this all about, ey? Fun, datz whatz iz about! And fun fer everyone, regardless of faction (though ah do 'ave a preference fer orkz, youz might not, and I'z dun't mind playin' dah other ladz). I'z mainly set this up as a thing to get people who wanted to play together, but weren't wholly interested in the competitive side of things, and don't want to do stuff like sign up to some website, fill in some form like your applying for a damn job, buy their mandatory mixtape, and all that other stuff.

    So, yeah. Main focus is havin' a good time. So if your interested in playing with other people, Dah Freelance Freebooterz are fer you lad! Just send me a PM and I'll give you a link to the Discord server.
  2. Maybe put it in the Ork EC Steam group I made? For the Orks to gather, though I forget to advertise it in-game sometimes. :p
    Boyz of Arkhona - EC

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