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Founder's Program Philosophy - Answers Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Houman, May 12, 2014.

  1. You can swap items as many times as you like using the RTP points until release. Then its kind of unwritten what exactly will happen at release, but something will happen.... what that something is isnt written in stone yet.
  2. Malakain Malakain New Member


    Sorry if already mentioned before, we are a group of friends who want to buy the game but can not find the option to purchase a group package. Someone could explain how it works?

  3. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    As far as we know, the guild option will start in August. And when it do, you and your friends have to join the same guild. Basicly you will get bonuses by that, no group package afaik.
  4. WARDUKE WARDUKE Prefectus

    I bought the Heresy pack, but none of the Heresy Limited Edition items are showing as available to distribute to my characters. They are showing available for purchase in the Rogue Trader store with RT points. Is that happening to anyone else?
  5. Grrbrr404 Grrbrr Menial

    I recruited 3 friends with my code - They already made an account. But I have not get any rewards yet. How much time does it need until I get those points? :) THanks
  6. flip flip Preacher

    Pretty sure that's working as they intended.
  7. WARDUKE WARDUKE Prefectus

    How do you mean? The Heresy items shouldn't currently show up to assign to characters?
  8. flip flip Preacher

    When you purchase a Heresy item, you unlock the item in the store and are given enough RTP to equip the item to a single character.
  9. Kick Kick Subordinate

    Not sure if it was mentioned already before, but do I have a possibility to upgrade my founder pack? For example, I purchase a Warrior pack, can I upgrade it to Sergeant pack or above later on?

    EDIT: Found the answer in another thread. Everything is explained.
  10. Kell Kell Well-Known Member

    if you buy the game - so minimum 40 bucks - you will get access to 4 character slots. As it seems you can purchase extra character slots.
    With 4 slots you can create one char on each faction.

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