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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by tallymanbanana, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. tallon tallymanbanana Subordinate

    I hope this gets your attention.
    hey guys I was going through the forums and I have seen some really cool ideas to put in the game and I was just thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a category that features nothing else but possible ideas for the game? I mean this in an orderly way where you guys put up a topic of your choice ( such as how the loot system should work or something more simple such as how much gore we want in the game) for us, the fanbase, to put up ideas of our own. it may seam like a chaotic idea at first but given enough attenchion and thought, I think it would be perfect for what you guys are looking for which is almost direct communication with the fanbase and what they want to see.

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE FORUM MEMBERS, READ THIS: I gave my idea on what can be done to improve or add to the forums but what about you guys? what do you think this forum here needs to add a bit more BOOM! to its wide arsenal of epicness.
  2. What if we were able to make petition boards that would require a certain number of likes or replies and it would be put up for consideration for being included in the game. Say someone wants loves playing as the orks, but he feels something is missing and wants the foot of mork (or is it gork?) as an accessible battlefield ability. If the dev team didn't think of this, the petition board could be an orderly way to get it up the proverbial flag pole to get there attention.

    Also, if the person with the most trophies could get in game swag, that would be cool too!
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  3. Carnage Carnage Deacon

    I just want to see a Thread view increase in the forums, 10 is too low...
  4. BigBoss Member

    I just want a 'hot topic' button that will take you to the most commented thread. I feel like it'd be a great way for us to see what's going on and what people are thinking about. and private messaging. private messaging is the shit.
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  5. tallon tallymanbanana Subordinate

    I wouldn't mind it if they added music to the forums especially if its a lot like if not the exact same kind of music they have on the home websight. Listening to that music brings chills down my spine and helps instill a sense of EPICNESS!!!!!!!! for this game.
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  6. Anshar Anshar Master

    "ITT: Like all the posts above yours for gear!" everywhere.
  7. Bukulu1 Bukulu1 Subordinate

    I have one more detail for the forum you could maybe change: I have some problems to see which forum has new posts in it. If I am in the sub-forum it's easy, threads with new posts have a little bubble in their title. But in the overview, a forum with new content is marked with bold text, and thats quite hard to make out.
    Best solution in my opinion would be a little symbol next to the forum name.

    And... no. Please don't add music to the forum, I hate it if I open my browser and one of my many tabs starts playing.

    And something that just comes into my mind (just a minor thing): I would love to have the option to mark all threads in a single forum (the forum I am currently in) as read.
    At the moment, you can only mark all threads and forums as read, or you click a thread and this single thread will be marked.
  8. BigBoss Member

    I like the idea of music quite a bit. And if other users don't, well they can add a mute button. It's really not a giant inconvenience to turn off music.
  9. Anshar Anshar Master

    Opening a tab to youtube and playing the DoW OST isn't hard either, besides it'd probably reset whenever you load a new page which would be annoying.
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  10. BigBoss Member

    You've got me with the reset.....

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