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Fortress maps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Harkus is best map
  2. Until fortresses are totally overhauled and completely altered into being a more plausible, immersive and enjoyable Warhammer 40,000 type of experience, players are better off with this match mode coming up in our queue less often(as they are now).

    Prior to the changes a few months back it was "all fortress all the time" sucking the players and draining the life out of the game because none of the smaller maps had enough players to run and we'd have 2 or 3 fortresses running simultaneously, each fort only being one half to three quarters full.
  3. I would love to give agnathio another try as attacker, now that they reworked the left flank. No chance so far. I think the main reason fortress matches don't come up that much is that most players have it turned off.
  4. Yeah there were too many, now there are too few...
    I think that it should be max of 1 match for every 100 players in a faction (so 0-100 is max 1, 101-200 is max 2, etc...)
    And we should have no option to turn them off.
  5. :( Why is there even an option to stop queueing for them?
  6. Trashed Recruit

    It was honestly miserable to be stuck in a game for 40min or whatever with lowered FPS and brainless running into camped heavy weps. Not to mention they sucked up so many players for multiple fortress games that didn't fill up.

    I probably wouldn't have kept playing if turning it off wasn't an option.
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  7. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    There are many backdoor routes in fortress map and it doesnt make it feel like fortress siege map.
    But Most importantly. It causes ridiculous amount of lag
    I recently find out simple bastion like build uses 30k polycount faces. Imagine how many buildings outthere in fortress. Obviously it needs rework.
    also its 30 vs 30. not 60vs 60.
    we can barely play 15vs 15 smoothly as skirmish points capturing.
  8. I dont get where everyone gets this FPS issue from, I get constant 60fps on the fortress maps and virtually every setting is either High or Ultra, dread to think what you would all be like on really populated game that uses something like a 40-60k polycount.
  9. Trashed Recruit

    Yeah, probably just lower end systems I guess.. but if so many people have voiced that issue, it just adds to the skill/gameplay gap between "good" and "bad" players. tracking is obviously harder, hit scan is off, buncha other stuff.

    I'm not going to speak for everyone else, but I know I have a lower end machine so having the 15v15 works for me to enjoy the game.
  10. Thats fair enough, in which case you can turn off the fortress maps and not do them, or do them occasionally, the choice is yours entirely. I agree the hit scan markers are off, not by much, but over a distance thats a heck of a gap. I played one last night and trying to find the sniper was a nightmare, because I just didn't know where he was firing from, but knew he was there.

    Tracking can be sorted by slowing your mouse response down in the main PC settings, the likes of Leroy and a few others do this, which probably is why they are damn near impossible to dodge. It doesnt affect your turning etc, but it makes a lot of difference in tracking and involuntary movements.

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