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Forsake The Slaughter, Vote Corsair

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by The_Dokta, May 18, 2015.


Will You Vote Red Corsair for 5th?

  1. Yes

  2. No for I am Alpharius

  3. No, Let's Slaughter the Warband Vote

  4. No, I'm a Loyalist/Xeno/Heretical Heretic

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  1. The concept is simple, if there is to be any chance of surpassing the Alpha Legion, Warband Votes must be Unified. And I ask you, which of the newbloods serves Chaos better? I'd say the one that implements a tactical approach, the one with whose numbers are Legion, not limited to what a tainted gene-seed stock can produce.

    The Crimson Slaughter has their place, they have some interesting backstory, but when it comes down to it their gimmick is "We kill to drown out the voices" (sounds familiar) and their focus would be close in assault. Well that's all well and good, but we've been assured the stretch goal is to implement the Cult Legions, thus the Beserker Army is inbound regardless of the vote, and quite frankly, our dear friends the World Eaters shall have their time in the sun. As it stands, they just don't offer us as a faction what we need.

    Red Corsairs on the other hand do. We've got real potential here with an army with an intelligible approach to warfare, one who gathers fallen scions of the False Emperor like carrion to the slaughterfields. Think of it Brothers, the Red Corsairs is made up of the recently fallen and they're not in to the whole Uniformity aspect, so that means potential for defaced Chapter Skins, drawing in more representation possiblities of lesser known Chapters for Chaos. Now I know, Black Library has yet to give our piratical friends much, but that's a reason in of itself to vote Corsairs, t0 hoist them into the spotlight. What we do know is they know how to fight the Long War even if they're new to it. They raid for years in preparation, are smart enough to engage in special operations aimed at drawing the enemy away from the intended target, Huron is able to expand his numbers by both conversion and captured gene-seed, and most of all they're able to coordinate a proper assault.

    Come on Brothers, Who do you want serving besides you, the loyalist clones that are like to backstab you, gibbering madmen, or valuable assets that implement proper tactics but you still get to thumb your nose at since they're ramshackle alliance of newbloods.

    Red Corsairs, the Best Choice for Chaos.
  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Aye!Hands all off,and bear away!Stave on ahead to Arkhonas bay!
  3. Our only chance for Alpha Legion to not win the vote is if the Red Corsairs and Crimson Slaughter voters to come together and vote for one or the other. Honestly it would make more sense to work together to get Red Corsairs in cause they have more voters for them so less people would have to change from CS to RC for a win then if people were changing from RC to CS.

    At this point really if you are voting for Crimson Slaughter you may as well have voted for Alpha Legion
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  4. I'm voting for Crimson Slaughter, but I'd rather have Alpha Legion in the game than Red Corsairs. If the vote goes AL, I'll live with it.
  5. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    I'm voting for Corsair, because they seem like the most logical choice. Crimson Slaughter should come with Khorne-specific stuff, and Alpha Legion seems to unique to be a launch faction. Corsairs seem to be a lot like Black legion, but with Word Bearers colors. What more could you need?
  6. Only thing is they wont be coming with Khorne specific stuff cause they are Undivided.

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