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Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Forj, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    I've posted a few videos here and there, but they're a bit scattered, so I'm aggregating the links here. I'll keep this updated as I add new ones.

    My videos focus on the Heavy Bolter, and include Guides, feedback, and hype. I'll mostly be linking to Guides and hype.


    Eternal Crusade 101: Basic Mechanics: This video talks through the basic combat mechanics of Eternal Crusade. It has an accompanying Steam Guide

    Heavy Bolter Introductory Guide: This video talks through the various mechanics of the Heavy Bolter, such as loadout, fire modes, and movement. It has an accompanying Steam Guide.

    Accuracy Factors and 4 ranges: This pair of videos is aimed at Heavy Bolter users, but the principles apply to other weapons too. They are intended to be watched as part of this Steam Guide

    Cover Interactions: This is a brief and unpolished video about the different options you have for interacting with cover, for both Devastators and other classes. It has a Steam Guide too.

    Cover Review: This video talks about what to avoid when you have the luxury of choosing where to brace. It was initially intended to give feedback on brace node design.

    Things Heavy Support wishes you knew, and vice versa: A non-video guide collated from suggestions solicited from other players.

    Heavy Bolter Aiming Guide: a short guide about the different types of aiming and their uses

    Weekly Crusade

    Weekly Crusade #1
    Weekly Crusade #2
    Weekly Crusade #3
    Weekly Crusade #4
    Weekly Crusade #5
    Weekly Crusade #6


    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #1: Kill, Kill, Kill!
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #2: Player kills, vehicle kills, supporting fire, and area control.
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #3: Support only
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #4: Patience
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #5: Overheat
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #6: Killing Spree
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #7: Close Range
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #8: Glitter and Grenades
    Heavy Bolter Overhype Supercut #9
    Eternal Crusade Overhype Supercut #10
    Eternal Crusade Overhype Supercut #11: Braggart
    Eternal Crusade Overhype Supercut #12
    Eternal Crusade Overhype Supercut #13
    Eternal Crusade Overhype Supercut #14: Orky Groove
    First Impressions

    Patch #19
    Patch #20


    Patch 13 Experience Summary: clips from several matches, edited together to summarise what my experience was at the time. Corroborated by several other Heavy Bolter users. As of Patch #14, getting kills is quite a bit easier, but the general experience remains otherwise similar.
  2. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    New Hype video added: Support Only. Showing off how the Heavy Bolter can support your team.

  3. Leaker Leaker Recruit

    Ah, patch #14. Those were da' days!

    Great reminder of where the HB's strength lies though, and the importance of teamwork.
  4. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    You're a masochist Forj but I like you for that ;) .
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  5. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    New Hype Video up. It's been a while, I haven't gotten a lot of good material recently. This one is about having patience.
  6. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    The last kill was the best :) .
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  7. Leaker Leaker Recruit

    Great video. It really highlights the "fishing" elements of HB play. Hurry up and get your line in the water, then wait. Wait. And Wait. Hopefully you get a nice catch (and hopefully a melee doesn't sneak up and shank you).
  8. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    That's why I love when another HB joins me and actually covers my flank. Had a rare situation where another HB realized I bunkered down to defend a cap point so he took a position opposite of me and covered the other direction (was Pegasus A point). I sat at the supply box and covered the direction from the stairs and side entrance from the elevator, he took position opposite covering the stairs from the hall and the entrance towards the attacker spawn. What was amazing was that he totally trusted me in keeping the opponents at bay, even when I had 3 locked down at the stairs, he never flinched and kept the guard to the opposite, only firing when someone rolled into the room or came up to flank me. Was a bloody killing field and I bet he was as proud of our defensive work as I was.
  9. Leaker Leaker Recruit

    That sounds amazing, especially from a random person. With a clan playing, it is a little easier to have someone guard your back, but easy for them to get distracted, and if that happens, even for a moment, chainsword dentistry.
  10. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    On a bit of a roll recently, here's another hype video. This time I'm showing off bottlenecks, overwatch, overheating, and running out of ammo.

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