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Forge World: Horus Hersey

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by GreyLegion34, Jul 9, 2014.

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    That would explain so much.......
  2. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    Ish spoilers from Angels of Caliban:

    Actually, if you read the book, Luther LAUGHED at Abaddon when Abaddon suggested the Warrior Lodges. Luther's downfall was pride and jealousy plan and simple. Zahariel does get corrupted by Chaos, just not by the Word Bearer's but by the Lord of Change in the heart of Caliban.
  3. That last bit needs a Spoiler tag around it as not everyone is that far along in the novels. Me included.
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  5. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    I added it but that last part was already in the lore, thats how Luther got the power to mortally wound the Lion.
  6. First I've heard about it, and I have quite a few old DA Codexes, plus many HH novels.
  7. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    I'll try to find the original, but I know in Pandorax, The Lord of Change talks about how he was the one that corrupted half of the Legion and watched a Primarch die, content that he had made it happen.
  8. Pandorax is not a HH novel, and I haven't been buying the Space Marine Battles novels.
    But until this happens in a HH novel or rulebook, it's not HH Canon. Sorry.
  9. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    So you mean The Emperor doesn't kill Horus and Sanguinius doesn't die because it hasn't been written in the HH novels yet? Some things are fairly obvious timeline points, the HH novels for the most part just show how we got there.

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