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Forge World: Horus Hersey

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by GreyLegion34, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Sidenote: This art looks beautiful!

  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Apparently someone confused 30k Magnus with 40k Dark Angels ....whatever Magnus and Perturabo together it will be fun!
  3. How 40K Dark Angel secrets link up with the 30K DA.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Todays release from FW Mechanicum Ursarax, £30 for 3.




    There is also the Ursarax Cohort, £90 for 9.

    And the Mechanicum Shock Assault Force, £108.

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  5. The Mechanicum has some..... interesting protocols!
  6. FW have produced a PDF guide to the Blackshield Transfer Sheet.

    So now all I need to do is get the pertinent rulebook and find out what the Gerasene Host, Ashen Claws, The Foresworn, the Third Covenant, and Dark Brotherhood Factions are!

    The Blackshield traitors and Loyalists are obvious, but there are Blackshield Corsairs?

    Plus the BaC sprues are rumoured to be coming to store as boxed kits this month with Pre-orders appearing this coming Saturday, the 9th of July.

    But I do have a problem with this rumour.
    Well, its actually two problems.

    The Contemptor Kit, and the Space Marine Heroes Kit(s).
    Because as it stands, this rumour is saying they are the BaC kits.

    But isn't the Contemptor kit from BaC too simple?
    And aren't such hero kits usually re-done for Clampacks?

    What do you guys (and gals) think?
  7. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    My only issue is with the characters. If you look at the sprues, the MkIV and Terminators both have generic GW markings for mass production and sale where as the rest of them have limited run marking on them.
  8. It looks like one of the reasons why the HH release rumour is saying what it is saying has been revealed.
    The cover of this Saturday's White Dwarf.

    Now both Faeit212 and BoLS seem to be assuming that because this has rules for Contemptor and Cataphractii that these kits are becoming available for purchase and they are the BaC versions.

    I honestly think they might be reading too much into this, and it is just the rules for these, so you can play your BaC models in a 40K force.

    I do think they will do HH kits, but the Contemptor needs re-working for that and they need a couple more kits besides the BaC ones.
  9. Well looks like I was wrong.

    There are leaks photo's from the forthcoming WD, and yes it contains all the BaC kits with prices and rules for 40K.

    Mk IV armour will be £30.

    Cataphractii will be £40.

    BaC Contemptor will be £35.

    And the BaC heroes will be £30.

    Now I am just going to go and quietly sit in the corner, chewing the scenery and generally fuming over GW's releasing the BaC heroes unaltered.

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